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** Special Price Reduction till Dec 28th **  Due to Russian Sanctions and Limited Supplies, The PCM 6’s Price is due to increase 20% over next 30 days.
Includes Protective Case, Duracell Batteries, 6 months Electro Therapy Pad Kit, Personalized One on One Support and Lifetime Training Webinars $2,800 Value

PCM Carrying Pouch

Specially designed carrying case for DENAS PCM 6. Made from Neoprene with rugged canvas secured ring that features a spring-loaded carabiner to hook on your belt, belt loop or lanyard. The protective carrying case has an opening in the bottom for your electrode cable to connect to your PCM 6. The case is large enough to hold extra electrode pads and cable. The PCM Carrying Case has a protective flap that encloses your PCM 6 and secures to the front with velcro. With your new PCM 6 Carrying case you don’t need to worry about damaging your PCM 6  by falling out of your pockets anymore.
** Note ** Pictures are shown for illustration only, The PCM 6, Electrode Pads and Cable are not included!!!

PCM 6 Carrying Case
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The Denas PCM 6 SCENAR  sensation in the world of portable physiotherapy devices for Professional, Clinical and Home use to address chronic pain and other health issues.

The leading interests of today’s consumers is proven natural, non-invasive, drug free alternative methods with healing capabilities. The ability to help themselves and their loved ones to solve health problems. Here, our customers will find a pleasant surprise the expansion of these opportunities. The DENAS PCM 6th Generation unit retained all the programs, frequencies and modes involved in previous generations, but after intense proven clinical test have added two new frequencies. A frequency of 125 Hz and modulation mode 77Hz / 20Hz. The Denas PCM 6 SCENAR device works with  all attachments including Micro Current Therapy Garments, Denas Glasses, Reflexo, Massage Electrodes,Acu Point Probe, Dens Applicators, Electro Pads and other Neuro Garments listed on our website. Feel free to call Coach Jimmy K directly at 503-395-4142 if you have any questions on what attachments would suit you best.

New Feature Research Mode 77 / 20(a combination of two frequencies – 77Hz and 20 Hz), Developed by the DENAS medical department and through clinical test have shown that it achieves an anti-stress effect providing elimination of a nervous state of anxiety and fear, depression, etc. In addition, the frequency modulation of “77 20” gives a pronounced vascular (regulates vascular tone), anti-lympho drainage and effects.

New frequency of 125 Hz.This selected frequency in the DENS devices existed in the DENAS Osteo Device program – “Headache” and “relaxation”.The frequency of 125 Hz has a mild sedative effect. Thanks to this mechanism of enhanced frequency of pain relief through the blockade of nerve impulses.

The Multilingual DENAS PCM 6 SCENAR device provides another important difference and advantage. As the proud owner of the DENAS PCM 6 SCENAR  you will be able to choose one of the five languages: Russian, English, German, French and Italian.The state of the art chip inside will change all the inscriptions and names of programs to your chosen native language. The language on the box and the operators manual are presented in two languages Russian and English. DENAS Corporation continues to lead the worlds technology by offering the device in five languages.

New Express Mode Electronic Instruction. Another very important innovation included in the Denas PCM 6 SCENAR that will be appreciated by both novice and experienced users. Until now colored application of therapy programs were available in the paper operators Atlas Zone manual only. The DENAS PCM 6 now offers electronic instructions for application programs in the “Express-Therapy“. Mode. When you select a desired program from the menu in the Express-Therapy a color picture appears showing the zone area to place the DENAS PCM 6. At the end of the session there will be a beeping sound and then an image of another zone will appear for suggested therapy application.

New Longer Streamlined Design.With focus on ergonomics, significant changes in the appearance and design of the device have been implemented through the collective work of industrial designers.. Thanks to its ergonomic design there are special recesses for the fingers on the rear panel, conveniently located buttons and a streamlined slightly elongated body shape. The DENAS-PCM 6 SCENAR fits well in the hand and it is very comfortable to use even on long procedures.

New Colorful Glass LCD Screen.The DENAS PCM 6 features beautiful new changes with the display including a new color LCD screen with polycarbonate glass, durable and absolutely transparent. The Space Age DENAS PCM 6 allows you to choose from four colorful highlight options for the word display ( “Night”, “Turquoise”, “Bronze” and “Winter”) for visual comfort.

DENAS PCM 6 has significantly improved the “Baby Doctor” function. After great success with young parents it was decided to expand the capabilities and refine the application of “Children’s Doctor”.

The advanced program in the DENAS PCM 6 offers a children’s therapy intensity gradation for ages from 0 to 1 year; from 1 to 3 years; 4 to 7 years and 8 to 12 years of age. Depending on the age the stimulation is automatically changed when you set the mode dial to “Express-therapy”: for each age group.

Denas-PCM 6’s Space Age SCENAR features include:

  • “NEW” 24 Preset Automated Programs now offers Color Zone Electronic Instructions for:allergy, pain, severe pain, bloating, neuro-circulatory dystonia, gynecologic pain, gynecology, hypertension, hypotonia, head, throat, diarrhea, gastro-intestinal pain, constipation, cough, muscles, cold, potency, kidneys, back, joints, nausea, trauma, asthma;
  • Therapy 1.0 – 9.9 HZ – Ultra-low frequencies for individual selection of specific health issues. 100 designated frequencies including 7.8 Hz for earthing therapy.
  • Therapy 10 HZ – Universal therapy for correction of psycho-emotional state and for prolonged effect of Pain relief and internal restoration, The frequency 10Hz develops a lasting regulatory therapeutic effect. 10Hz is a brain frequency.
  • Therapy 20 HZ – It’s a basic treatment frequency of biologically active points on hands (Su Jok), feet and ear. Endocrine pathology. Infertility. The frequency 20Hz develops a lasting regulatory therapeutic effect within 20-60 minutes and is observed for several hours. It is also used to prolong the therapeutic effects of other frequencies in internal organs.
  • Therapy 60Hz and 77Hz – Frequencies 60 and 77 Hz are universal, widely applied with symptomatic local complaints for correction disorders of internal organs. Recommended for pain relief, improvement of local and regional blood flow, for the treatment of inflammatory processes and so on in acute period and period of rehabilitation.
  • “NEW” Therapy 125 Hz – DENAS Osteo Device program – “Headache” and “relaxation”.The frequency of 125 Hz has a mild sedative effect. Thanks to this mechanism of enhanced frequency of pain relief through the blockade of nerve impulses.
  • Therapy 140 Hz – Special program for therapy of pain, edema, inflammation, rehabilitation in case of spinal and joint diseases.
  • Therapy 200 Hz – Applied in order to relieve VERY INTENSE pain, in cases of lesions of the musculoskeletal system, pathologies of the peripheral nervous system, traumas and emergency care, plus in cases of acute inflammation, pain, acute illness, severe itching (insect bite, allergies), has pronounced decongestant effect, as well as relieving effect. Lasts from several minutes to one hour. In order to increase the therapeutic efficacy, subsequently an individual may apply lower or ultra low frequencies.
  • Therapy 77 / 10 – Recharging alternating pulses of 77 Hz and 10 Hz, relaxes, reduces blood pressure, helps to fall asleep, causes a sedated relaxing effect.
  • “NEW” Therapy 77 / 20 – Achieves an anti-stress effect providing elimination of a nervous state of anxiety and fear, depression, etc. In addition, the frequency modulation of “77 20” gives a pronounced vascular (regulates vascular tone), anti-lympho drainage and effects.
  • Therapy 77AMits use provides effects opposite to those that occur when using the “7710”. This frequency tones, raises blood pressure, relieves drowsiness. Suggested use for toning and cosmetic facial therapy.
  • Screeningis applied for zonal diagnostics. You can find with its help the pathological zones on your body. While you move the unit over a skin, it gives the signal when it is in contact with them. The pathological zones should be treated in Therapy mode.
  • Program MED (Minimal Effective DoseAn automated program, which applied for rehabilitation and prophylaxis in cases of physical and mental overexertion, syndrome of chronic fatigue and diseases of internal organs, including prophylaxis of colds during epidemics. It is recommended to apply as course treatment: 8-12 procedures, not less than once a day.

Our DENAS Pain Relief Store Customers Recieve:

  •  A Guaranteed New Genuine DENAS PCM 6 Device . Beware of other online Sellers that sell at cheaper prices but take a month or more to deliver, if you need service or support in the future unfortunately those sellers may no longer exist or have gone out of business. Purchase from someone you can Trust, someone who Cares about you and someone that is Commited to you achieving Results. People choose Denas Pain Relief Store for our Support, Service and Free Lifetime Webinar Training.

  • English  Operators Manual. ( 8.5 x 11 )  Some dealers photocopied the smaller manual and will email you a copy, but we provide a full size illustrated English Operators Manual.

  •  Bonus : Custom Carrying Case for protection of your DENAS PCM 6
  • Bonus : 2 AA Duracell Batteries ( Russian Sellers Do Not provide batteries! )
  • Bonus : Lifetime Training & Support and Free Lifetime Access to Coach Jimmy’s Weekly Training Webinars. Coach Jimmy K was Trained and Certified by the Denas Medical Team at Denas Medical Center. Proper Training provides optimum results.

  • ( Priceless ) 24 / 7 Customer Service (503) 395-4142 US Based English Speaking Staff. We handle our customers service and repair issues, and provide a loaner while your PCM 6 is being repaired. 

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