SEDONA Pro Plus PEMF System

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The SEDONA Pro Plus is the Rolls Royce of PEMF Mat systems. Featuring the a custom program that allows you to choose special frequencies between 0.01hz and 15,000hz for optimum results. Our Sedona Pro PEMF mat has 17 strategically placed Tesla coils for full body coverage. Sedona Pro PEMF pulsed electromagnetic field therapy helps the body recover from chronic health issues by giving it the frequencies needed for healing. Chronic conditions will improve and soreness diminishes. It is a supportive therapy that aids with detoxification, pain relief, cell rejuvenation, chronic fatigue and many more.


Sedona Wellness PEMF System

Sedona Wellness PEMF System was designed to address many day to day health issues that we are challenged with. Today people of all ages in seemingly good health are suffering from symptoms of unknown origins. Some of these include Burning Sensations,  Headaches, Anxiety, Depression, Digestive inflammation, Insomnia and Sleep Disorders to name a few. Your body is trying to tell you something. The first thing you do is go to the doctor and they have no answer other than put you on an elixir of medications that have side effects making things worse.

SEDONA Pro PEMF System's

The Sedona Wellness PEMF System and Pro Plus are a combination of 25+ years of research and modern technology. The full functioning touch screen allows for easy and very comprehensive use. This is the simplest but most advanced full body PEMF therapy device on the market. We highly recommend it!

With the control unit, we include one connector mat (for full body use) and also one connector pillow (for local use). The unit plugs into a regular wall plug and uses less power than lamp!

One of the most profound aspects of this amazing Sedona Wellness PEMF system is that it will go as low in intensity as other units on the market, but also can be set for higher more powerful frequencies than most any other device, from 1 to 100 gauss magnetic field strength! The frequency range of the Sedona Wellness PEMF System far surpasses the competition offering a range between 0.01hz and 15,000hz. The lower range allows us to address cellular and neurological issues while the higher frequencies can address parasitic and virus issues. The final icing on the cake is the range of Pulse Waves featuring the Sinusoidal, Rectangular, Sawtooth, Impulse and Multi Resonance. Other PEMF systems on the market only offer one or two waves, while they may offer some therapeutic effect they are far inferior to the Sedona Wellness PEMF system.

From the touch screen controls, to numerous preset programs for most health issues, as well as being able to power two applicators at the same time, this is a state-of-the-art PEMF system.

The Sedona Wellness PEMF System comes from combining many different frequencies, wave forms and intensities into one easy to operate unit. The wide array of therapy options gives the SEDONA Pro and SEDONA Pro Plus a comprehensive ability to be used for any PEMF therapy. This makes the Sedona Wellness PEMF a great option for home or professional clinicians. There is really no other device with this many options for PEMF therapy.

Technical Data for the Sedona Wellness PEMF System

Frequency: 0.01hz – 15,000 Hz
Intensity: 1 – 100 Gauss
Number of Programs: 3 with 12 settings in each ( Pro Plus ) includes Custom Program which allows 12 more custom settings.
Program Duration: 1 minute – indefinite
Input Power: 110 – 240 V AC
Control Unit: 9″ x 10.5″ x 4″, Weight 3.6 lbs
Mat Applicator: 68″ x 23″ x 1.5″, Leatherette fabric, Weight 12.6 lbs
Pillow Applicator: 8″ x 10″ x 2.5″, Leatherette fabric, Weight 8.6 lbs


While our competitors offer 1 or 2 magnetic waveforms our Sedona Wellness PEMF systems offer 5 proprietary pure waveforms

Multi Resonance 


How the Sedona Wellness PEMF System Can Help

When the cells of the body have been injured, by toxin overload, they may lose their ability to generate proper energy levels to maintain their health. When this occurs they will swell and heal slowly or not at all. The result may be chronic swelling, chronic pain(inflammation) or poor bone healing.

We use Sedona Pro PEMF pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to help the body recover from this by giving it the frequencies needed for healing. Chronic conditions will improve and soreness diminishes.

It is a supportive therapy that aids with detoxification, pain relief, cell rejuvenation, chronic fatigue and many more.

Pain is a message from our body. The tissue cries out for energy flow, in the form of magnetic fields. The reason that Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy programs in the Sedona Pro and Sedona Pro Plus works so effectively is because it supports the metabolism and increases the blood flow throughout the whole body. Red blood cells pass through capillaries supplying oxygen to the surrounding tissues. Blood flow is increased through the pulsating electromagnetic field. The exchange of oxygen is extremely fast in the basic tissues. Here the oxygen partial pressure rises by 400 – 800% therefore all cells breath and function better and better.

Magnetic field therapy works in the cell and supports the functioning of inner regulation mechanisms while enhancing the self-healing capacity. The action of magnetic field therapy may be summarized in three main effects:

1) The Sedona Wellness PEMF offers Increased blood circulation
Thermo-graphic measuring charts show the increase of circulation under a magnetic field. This leads to a better nutrition and rejuvenation of cells.

2) Sedona Wellness PEMF Improves oxygen supply to the cells
The PEMF ensures increased oxygen extraction (de-oxygenation) and enriches the tissue with oxygen.

3) Enhance your metabolism with the Sedona Wellness PEMF
PEMF enhances both anabolism and catabolism.

Protecting Your Investment with Proper Training and Support!

When you purchase your

from Coach Jimmy K you will receive lifetime support and training from our staff. We provide Private Weekly PEMF Training webinars with Coach Jimmy K.

Coach Jimmy K works closely weekly with the Franz Zach inventor of the Sedona Pro PEMF system to bring you the most up to date applications and protocols from Sedona World Headquarters in Austria.

After all your overall success comes from having the knowledge in how to use the Sedona Pro PEMF properly and effectively to achieve maximum results that you deserve.

Franz has been a leading proponent on educating people around the world as to the unlimited potential values of this science. To that end, he and his company created a new generation of high-value frequency therapy products which offer a wide range of application possibilities. The increasing public demand for alternative and complimentary health therapies provided him with enthusiasm to incorporate the latest discoveries in energy medicine and technical innovations into these products.

Long before NASA, the Soviet space program provided their citizens with many medical breakthroughs that were used to keep the cosmonauts healthy in space. Franz and his engineers at Sedona decided to expand upon this early Soviet research to create a scientific medical device that was not only capable of creating a high intensity magnetic field using a 7.83 Hertz  frequency (called the Schumann Frequency), but also had the versatility  to generate a wide range of frequencies and waveforms from a very low intensity of 0,35 Gauss up to a strong intensity of 100 Gauss.

Years of scientific study reveal that our internal organs, muscles, nervous and circulatory systems respond quite differently to the complexities and combinations of frequencies, wave-forms and intensities of magnetic field therapy.


Sedona Pro PEMF Comparison to BEMER or iMRS




Protecting Your Investment with Proper Training and Support from Coach Jimmy K

Coach Jimmy June 2019

When you purchase your Sedona Pro or Pro Plus from our online store you will receive Free Lifetime Support and Training from our staff. We provide Private Weekly PEMF Training webinars to educate our customers in how to achieve maximum results and provide answers to your questions during our Q & A session of the webinar. Coach Jimmy K works closely with the Franz Zach inventor of the Sedona Pro PEMF system to bring you the most up to date applications and protocols from Sedona World Headquarters in Austria.

Franz has been a leading proponent on educating people around the world as to the unlimited potential and values of this science. To that end, he and his team created a new generation of Cutting Edge frequency therapy products which offer a wide range of application possibilities for the practitioner and end user. The increasing public demand for alternative and complimentary health therapies provided him with enthusiasm to incorporate the latest discoveries in energy medicine and technical innovations into Sedona Pro PEMF Wellness System.

In comparison of the brands listed above, the BEMER and iMRS companies are MLM ( Multi Level Marketing ) companies that are more focused in making a sale than learning how PEMF truly works and how it can help the end user. After all, your overall success comes from having the knowledge in how to use the Sedona Pro PEMF properly and effectively to achieve maximum results that you deserve. This is an investment in achieving optimum health and a brighter future for you and your family. If you have any questions please call us at 503-395-4142


Positive Effects of Sedona Pro PEMF Therapy


  1. Strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  2. Improves blood circulation and micro-circulation – reduces blood platelet adhesion (stickiness).
  3. Positive influence on secondary disorders, such as migraine, tinnitus.
  4. Prevents Thrombosis (blood clots) – patients using blood thinners must consult with physician before using PEMF therapy.
  5. Regulates high and low blood pressure – stimulates natural release of Nitric Oxide to relax and expand blood vessels.
  6. Improves blood vessels: improves the cholesterol level, increases the oxygen partial pressure.


  1. Increases oxygen uptake and reduces respiratory problems and asthma attacks.


  1. Enhances the healing of muscle injuries from strains, sprains, tendonitis, bursitis;
  2. Osteoporosis – measurable increases in bone density (20 to 30 percent) after only six months of daily use;
  3. Arthritis – reduces pain and inflammation, improves circulation and oxygenation.


  1. Enhances the healing of muscle injuries from strains, sprains, tendonitis, bursitis;
  2. Positive effects on Fibromyalgia – not a cure but relieves symptoms with continued use;
  3. Speeds post – operative healing of tissues, scars, etc.


  1. Improves metabolism functions;
  2. Stimulates ATP production to provide more energy for the cells;
  3. Moves waste products and toxins out of the cells;
  4. Provides positive effects in: elderly diabetic, rheumatic disorders, allergies, menopausal complaints.


  1. Reduces stress;
  2. Positive effects in: Nervousness, Burnout syndrome, Sleeping disorders.

  Sedona Pro PEMF can help Energize our Trillions of Cells

From 1000’s of clinical experiments, we know that PEMF can reduce pain sensations almost immediately! When cells are toxic, degenerated, or damaged, the cell membrane gets thick and stiff; therefore, the electrical and chemical receptors don’t function properly.

During a PEMF session when the pulsating field reaches the cells, the cell membranes are exercised and they become more flexible and more vital, like they were when they were younger and healthier. The cells expand; fresh nutrients and oxygen rush into the cells. The cells then contract and push toxins out. As a result, the cells are cleansed and refreshed.

We can also think of PEMF as a battery recharger for the human cell. Looking at the chart below, we now know that the voltage of a healthy cell is above 70 millivolts and when we get sick that voltage can drop. When the cells voltage is in the range of 40 to 65 millivolts inflammation and chronic diseases will start to manifest within our cells and organs. When the energy drops to as low as 30 millivolts or lower it will open the door to cancer. Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) act like a catalyst and battery recharger for the human cells and these PEMF’s are critical for human metabolism.

All types of cells respond: muscle cells, blood cells, brain cells, bone cells. Why? The magnetic field “permeates” all cells in the body simultaneously, down to the last molecular level –reaching parts of the body that cannot be influenced efficiently with other methods to enhance ion exchange, cell voltage, normalize circulation, and increase the oxygen utilization of the cell. Acute and even chronic conditions may disappear completely.

How the Sedona Pro Plus can address Health Conditions


By using the Sedona Pro Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy fitness experts report a ten percent increase in your strength. Weight lifting and stomach exercises capabilities also experience similar progress. Tests have shown up to 20 percent increase in strength stamina in athletes within 30 days.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has also known to have a positive effect on regenerating the optic nerve and regenerating nerves in general. Proper frequency and amplitude of PEMF ensure faster recovery from injuries, and rapidly and effectively repair irreparable joint damage.


Asthma patients can find tremendous relief by using PEMF therapy devices. It well established that PEMF has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on it’s user. Of course, for Asthma treatment with PEMF therapy to be effective, the PEMF device in use, has to have the correct frequency and waveforms to ensure that such effects occur. Our Sedona Pro PEMF devices have a preregistered setting that will reduce inflammation in the lungs over time.


When cell death occurs, it is difficult to heal, but when Sedona Pro PEMF therapy is applied soon after the injury, the chances are significantly better that neuronal cell death can be either slowed down or even stopped. A study published by Elsevier showed some promise in a study that was performed with rats, where Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) was duplicated through two types of injuries to the head. This study was designed to address that primary concern; getting PEMF therapy to the subjects soon after the injury occurred and also using a sham group in which conventional treatment was the only treatment given.

Where physicians do their work is to find out how PEMF therapy can aid in healing what has been altered in the molecular, cellular, and vascular responses. Neuronal death and cognitive impairment are critical, and that is why reducing inflammation in the tissue in the brain, as well as the healing of the necrosis of tissue is important.

Sedona Concussion
Sleep Disorder

Sleep Disorder

Research has also shown that Pulsing magnetic fields (especially the Schumann and geomagnetic frequency) stimulate the production of Melatonin in the pineal gland. Melatonin is one of the most important hormones for sleep and anti-aging. It is a powerful antioxidant that has been research proven to be oncostatic, which means it protects the body from cancer. PEMF therapy also helps with the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in the pituitary gland. HGH is another vitally important hormone for sleep, rejuvenation and longevity.

Depression and Anxiety

Using specific programs available in the Sedona Pro, the PEMF therapy emits gentle pulses that stimulate the nerves and awaken them. Those who have experienced the feeling that their “wires are crossed”, have most likely experienced an altered function of the nerves. Some research on “nerve excitability” has shown that nerve impairments occur when nerve ischemia is present. The nerves themselves are critical regarding function, when they impact the part of the brain that controls mood. Depression may be healed through the gentle vibration of the electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted from the earth.

PEMF stimulates the body to produce and repair the natural neuro-chemicals – the “feel good” chemicals we all have, and need. Then the body will use the energy to repair other disturbances experienced elsewhere in the body. With the increased stimulation provided through a few regular PEMF treatments using our Sedona Pro Plus the body is able to produce sufficient neuro-chemicals to sustain the level to maintain a healthy attitude.

Sedona Depression
Sedona Diabetes Dr


The use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is scientifically proven to increase blood circulation, cellular response, tissue oxygenation, cellular detoxification, nitrification and regeneration of bone and soft tissue.  In short, PEMFs accelerate the natural recovery of diabetic tissues.

This therapy improves arthritis, helps the cellular function of liver cells, pancreatic cell function, improves the cells ability to better handle high levels of circulating insulin thereby reducing insulin resistance.

PEMFs are an excellent solution to help prevent the progression and heal the underlying damage across the whole body that is caused by diabetes.

Sports Injuries

Both professional and amateur athletes love the Sedona Pro PEMF for its rapid results. Healing from sports injuries can take several months, which is very problematic for athletes who are used to exercising on a regular basis. The body needs to increase its blood flow to the injured areas in order to carry nutrients to the affected areas. Using Sedona Pro’s PEMF therapy is ideal for sports injuries as it boosts the body’s own healing process by increasing blood flow and stimulating the body to repair damaged tissue.

If used before exercise, it can reduce injury from tissue damage and improve recovery time. In every sport a good warm up is the prerequisite for top performance and reduces risk for injuries. At the same time though, it costs the athlete valuable energy. PEMF Therapy warms the muscle tissue and activates metabolism.

Lyme Disease

Sedona Lymes DiseaseLyme disease can affect multiple body systems and produce a broad range of symptoms. Not all patients with Lyme disease have all ms, and many of the symptoms are not specific to Lyme disease, but can occur with other diseases, as well. The incubation period from infection to the onset of symptoms is usually one to two weeks, but can be much shorter (days), or much longer (months to years). Early localized infection can occur when the infection has not yet spread throughout the body. Only the site where the infection has first come into contact with the skin is affected. Affected individuals can also experience flu-like symptoms, such as headache, muscle soreness and fever, but it also can affect the rain, the lungs, heart, intestine tract, and much more. Most of the time it is treated early with antibiotics.

Some people need long-term IV antibiotics to handle the infection. Unfortunately Lyme disease often becomes chronic. This is when antibiotics by themselves won’t help anymore. In the acute phase of the Lyme infection, antibiotics will usually suffice. In the chronic phases, it is very difficult to completely eradicate the infection or its consequences. This is where PEMFs come in. Because PEMFs help with reducing inflammation, improving circulation, reducing pain and in general improving the value of other treatments, they should be part of any treatment, even long term IV antibiotics.

A very common problem with Lyme disease is chronic pain. Unfortunately, narcotics may in the long run be more harmful to the individual, besides the risk of addiction. PEMFs not only help with pain but also help to address the underlying causes of the pain. Even Dr Oz mentioned it on the Dr Oz show, that PEMF therapy used at home on a daily basis is necessary to manage the pain of Lyme disease. One of the most important aspects of the use of PEMFs for Lyme disease management is to be able to expose the forms of the Lyme organism that hideout in the cell, hidden from detection by the natural immune system. Antibiotics have not been found very useful for attacking these hidden forms.

The Wellness Program in the Sedona Pro PEMF helps to open the cell membrane channels, allowing oxygen and nutrients better access to the inside of the cell and also helping the cell to eliminate waste products better. By balancing the energy of the cell membrane (the positive and negative ion concentration), and improving the functionality of the sodium potassium pump, the cell will be more resistant to the hidden forms of the Lyme disease. Lyme disease in the brain, called neuro-borreliosis, is especially challenging to treat. Many medical treatments and nutritional approaches do not access the hidden Lyme organisms in brain tissue, due to not be able to get through the blood brain barrier.

PEMFs have been shown to increase the diffuse-ability of the blood brain barrier, allowing better access of treatments, oxygen, supplements and nutrients into the interior of the brain’s nerve cells. Because of the damage done by Lyme infection, we recommend daily home use of your Sedona Pro PEMF device, in order to see fast results. Using PEMFs along with antibiotics can make a big difference, in making them even more effective. PEMFs can be dramatically helpful for many people who suffer from Lyme Disease.

Cell Repair

Our Sedona Pro PEMF addresses impaired chemistry and thus the function of cells – which in turn, improves health. PEMFs deliver beneficial, health-enhancing frequencies to the cells. Low frequency PEMFs of even the weakest strengths pass right through the body, penetrating every cell, tissue, organ and even bone. As they pass through, they stimulate most of the electrical and chemical processes in the tissues. Therapeutic PEMFs are designed to positively support cellular energy, resulting in better cellular health and function.

Sedona Inflammation


PEMF therapy programs in the Sedona Pro Plus treats the cellular source of swelling by recharging the cells with a mild electromagnetic current. This stops the release of pain and inflammatory mediators, reduces inflammatory fluids and allows an increase in blood flow, therefore increased oxygen intake, to help the cells heal faster with less swelling, pain and bruising. By inducing a mild electrical current into damaged cells, PEMF therapy slows or stops the release of pain and inflammatory mediators, increases blood flow, and re-establishes normal cell interaction.

Physiological Reactions that may surface during PEMF Therapy

Herxheimer – Reactions Electromagnetic Field Therapy can return vitality to a damaged organ after many years of malfunction. This healing process could express itself as exhaustion and severe sleep to allow the body to heal itself. Sleep is good. Frequency therapy not only relieves the pain symptoms but aids to remove the root cause of the illness which is often from environmental toxins. In the cleaning detox phase, various accompanying symptoms might occur temporarily. Sometimes feeling bad is good! It shows that the magnetic field therapy is working. The most common reactions are:

Diarrhea – As a way of getting rid of body poison quickly. Drink much clean, pure, spring water!

Skin Reactions- Are an indication of high perspiration and detoxification. The circulatory system might choose to bypass the liver and intestinal excretory organs and use the skin as the “third kidney”.

Blood Pressure Fluctuation- Can occur due to the search for a desired resting target state, based on the current disordered state. Blood pressure medication should be continued as prescribed and consult your doctor often.

Headaches – Can occur as a result of detoxing and the symptoms are among the most common first reactions of aggravation.

Increase in Pain – This is as a result of the pain-conducting fibers experiencing sensory overload or saturation.

Taste Sensation – More and less taste sensitivity is a sign of positive influence of the sensory fibre parts in the brain.

Visual Disturbance – As a result of toxins moving throughout the body.

Vomiting – Can also be observed as a reaction of the organism that is experiencing a high toxic load.

Odorous Excretions – By stimulating the secretion through the intestine, kidney, skin, lung, vaginal fluid and saliva.

Menstrual Changes – During normalization of the biorhythms, it can lead to changes in the duration and timing of the menstruation. It eventually will lead towards a restoration of the cycle.

Sedona Pro PEMF Specialized Programs

Sedona Pro Wellness Programs
Sedona Pro Wellness Programs
Sedona Pro Relax Programs
Sedona Pro Relax Programs
Sedona Pro Sport Programs
Sedona Pro Sport Programs


Waveform: Sinusoidal, Rectangular, Multi Resonance, Impulse, Sawtooth
Maximum Intensity: Full body Mat: 30 gauss (3,000 microTesla)
Maximum Intensity: Pillow: 101 gauss (10,000 microTesla)
Frequency Range: 1 – 15,000 Hz
Number of Programs: 3 Programs in the Pro with 36 Settings / Pro Plus has the Custom Program that allows 12 more custom settings
Program Duration: 1 minute – indefinite
Input Power: 110 – 240 V AC
Control Unit: 9″ x 10.5″ x 4″, Weight 3.6 lbs
Mat Applicator: 68″ x 23 x 1.5″, Leatherette fabric, Weight 12.6 lbs
Pad Applicator: 8″ x 10 x 2.5 ″, Leatherette fabric, Weight 8.6 lbs
Warranty Period: control unit: 3 years


The information on this website is for reference purposes only and is not intended to recommend our pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device system as a drug or as a diagnosis for any illness or disease condition; nor as a product to eliminate disease or other medical condition. The information has not been evaluated by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Worldwide, there are no governmental health agencies that recognize a need to supplement natural magnetic fields using pulsed electromagnetic fields. Also, the website, company, employees, practitioners or its distributors make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied with regard to the Information or how you use it. Denas Pain Relief Store, Coach Jimmy K and Sedona Wellness USA Ltd makes no medical claims, real or implied, as to benefit of our device and methods. Our product is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals relating to their health and well-being. Readers accept all responsibility for self-experimentation.


The SEDONA Pro PEMF Systems are a high end Alternative Wellness Modality for Practitioners and Individuals. Our world class training and support team is committed to your success in addressing the health issues that led you to our product. To achieve the amazing results that this technology can offer will require dedication from you in communication with our team through phone, email and attending our training webinars when your schedule permits. Customers with Chronic conditions must understand that the body and cell structure must recharge, restore and reset and this takes time but through proper use, dedication and persistence you will achieve results. This may take 7 days, 30 days or 90 days but please remember that your Chronic conditions took years to manifest. The purchase of the SEDONA Pro PEMF System is an Investment in your Future of Better Health and will be the best purchase that you will ever make for you and your family.Please call Coach Jimmy K or any team members with any questions before purchasing.  All sales of the SEDONA Pro PEMF Systems are final.


We are located in Portland Oregon USA  and ship locally to the USA and also ship worldwide from SEDONA World Headquarters in Austria. All orders will be shipped out within 48 hours of purchase. Because of the size and value of the systems, Shipping cost is a flat $260.00 USD to anywhere in the world. Delivery of the goods will take between 3-5 business days or in some cases 7 – 10 days depending on Customs, Weekends and Holidays.

10 reviews for SEDONA Pro Plus PEMF System

  1. Ana

    Would give it ( 10 STARS ) if I could. Have been using the Sedona PEMF for about 3 months. I originally purchased it to help with insomnia. Little did I know what else this amazing frequency device can do. My sleep has improved exponentially and am noticing an overall general feeling of well being. My joints aren’t as cranky when I get up in the morning and because of a deeper sleep, I feel recharged and have more energy to spare during the day. I also treat my water with frequencies and can definitely feel an energy boost with that as well.
    I had no clue what PEMF could do for the mind/body. But tune into Coach’s webinars and you will find out! The man is a machine…his webinars are packed with high end, detailed information. Will not disappoint. The ProPlus has the advantage of personalizing frequencies to fit your needs. This is a great feature and well worth the investment. Highly recommend this product-

  2. Dina Wiedman

    I can’t say enough about this product. This is the absolutely most AMAZING thing on the planet for improving the human body, mind, and soul since our Lord, Jesus. (That I know of) Seriously, the first day I used this, I felt “turbo charged”. Not from a drug-induced jitteriness, but just GOOD and ENERGIZED. I am 67 years old, and age was beginning to cause unknown and unexpected aches and pains. I no longer have those, my allergies and asthma are little to none, my heart and blood pressure are great. My stamina is triple what it was before using this. My sleep is like being in a coma! The training from Coach Jimmy is unsurpassed. Also, he is available to his customers on a one on one basis. I have had my Sedona for 2+ months and I want to tell everyone to get this!

  3. Ramona Lee

    I use the relax mode at night and I fall asleep easier. In the morning when I wake up I do a wellness treatment and I have more energy to start my day.

  4. Cathy Jones

    The Sedona Pro Plus is amazing. Have been using several months for some medical issues and have seen great improvement. While I do not have sleep issues, I find that sleeping with the mat is even a more restful sleep. Highly recommend the product.

  5. Caterina McElwain

    I am a 46 yr old woman and I have severe asthma and was sick with COVID in early March. In May I was still struggling to take a full deep breath and was becoming out of breath just walking a block. My parents use this mat and purchased one for me. Doing two 30 minute treatments a day within a week I was breathing normal again. I could finally take a deep breath. My headaches that I had been experiencing since I got sick have almost disappeared as well. I highly recommend this mat as I would not be feeling as good as I feel now without it.
    Thank you Jimmy!

  6. Ralph R. Stephens, LMT

    This is a professional level therapy device for a consumer level price. The PRO Plus will do more than any other PEMF device in its price range. It is well worth the price. The controller is quick to learn and easy to operate – very logical and intuitive. I am 72, a Medical Massage Therapist for 33 years. This system is a God-Send. It has dramatically improved quantity and quality of sleep for both myself and my wife. (We have 2 mats on our bed.) I use one mat under all my patients and the pillow on problem spots. Patients love it. The support and training from Franz and Coach Jimmy is invaluable, professional, and helps you get the most benefit from the device – free with purchase. I am personally regenerating my right hip with the pillow, and my overall health has greatly improved. I used to go to the Chiropractor every week or two for back and neck issues. Now I only need to go every month or two. I highly recommend the Sedona Pro Plus and make sure you purchase from Coach Jimmy K so you can take advantage of the weekly training webinars and one on one coaching that he provides to his customers.

  7. Melanie K

    Amazing! This PEMF system is simply amazing. With the Pro Plus, you are able to personalize your own wellness program to enjoy better rest, increased vitality, and cellular health. The controller is user friendly and the training you get with the product is unequaled anywhere. Coach Jimmy K and Franz Zach the designer owner and creator provides weekly webinars to train on how to get the most benefits out of the system and allows customers to speak up and ask questions at the end of each session.
    We could not be more pleased with the purchase of this system! I had been feeling more and more run down with less and less energy to handle each day’s cares -but I can honestly say that after using the mat and pillow for just over a month now, I feel I am getting my old “self” back! I look forward to each week’s training to learn more and more about the ways this can help not only myself but my whole family, friends, and others we know!

  8. Melanie K

    We have been assisting an elderly cousin of my husband to help him reduce his blood pressure and dependency on pharmaceuticals for diabetes. Using the system two to three times a day, along with adding daily walking and changing his diet, he has been able to completely come off all of his diabetes drugs and we are very hopeful with regard to getting good results for his high blood pressure. Amazing! We love this system and just wish we had two units so that we could allow him to use it EVERY night, instead of having to share time with me and other members of our family.

  9. Ariel Cadogan

    The sedona pemf has helped my brother glaucoma almost literally blind, it has restore back his sight completely.This device is a blessing to get inflammation and toxins out of the cells and recharge them, When that happens every and any disease has to vanish, you will see improvement in all area using the sedona with the oxygenation that it supplies the cells.It is also helped my daughter with chronic constipation for over 20 years and her thyroid issues, hypothyroidism .It is also helping my mom with her speech problem she is 91 and her back problem of 70 years, it has strengthened her joints and better flexibility. Another modality that we learn different protocols attending the webinars with coach jimmy and franz zach the founder, they are always available to answer any questions and give you the right protocol that you need, what a blessing that is, it is worth every penny thumbs up.

  10. Roahn K

    A hefty investment but worth every penny, not to mention the world class live support and training from Coach Jimmy. Purchased my unit a few months ago and now I’m sleeping deeper at nights with little or no interruptions. I wake up energized whole and well. Being that I haven’t been to the doctor in a while, I don’t really know how healthy I am from a tested/biological standpoint but I just “Feel Healthy” every day and that’s a good state to be in my book. The live training sessions are a godsend as they cover an array of ailments and the tested therapies that should be applied to achieve results. Don’t think you’ll be able to get this kind of informative live training anywhere else (without shelling out additional “beaucoup” dollars and attending seminars in Vegas or something). I’m totally happy with my purchase, well worth it…….. and then some.

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