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Myobuddy Pro 2 Massager

(6 customer reviews)


Myobuddy Pro 2 Massager ( Super Low Price )

Great Gift for Student Athlete or Spouse

New Myobuddy® Massager Pro 2 is an upgraded version of the massager that made us famous. It features frictional heat + vibration + percussion, providing a professional grade deep tissue massage that helps relieve aches, myofascial pain and stiffness. It’s designed with 3 different levels of massage intensity. Whether you want a mild or medium or intense massage it will adjust to your body’s changing needs. It feels amazing. Perfect for everyday use!

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Myobuddy Pro 2’s Design

The Myobuddy Pro 2 massager is designed with 3 different levels of massage intensity. Whether you want a mild or medium or intense massage you can adjust to your body’s changing needs. It feels amazing. Perfect for everyday use! Variable massage strength levels: For mild to relaxing to intense massages 12 foot long cord: Allows for ease of use around massage table, couch, bed, chairs Multi-layered foam massage pad. 

Myobuddy Pro 2 Benefits

Take your recovery and relief to a whole new level! This massager is the personal massager for optimizing athletic performance, relieving pain and reducing stress with a combination of vibration therapy, frictional heat therapy and percussion. More versatile than jigsaw massagers that are only able to provide percussion (up and down motion). With the Myobuddy Pro 2 massager you’ll feel a lingering warmth to the treated area as a result of the increased circulation.

Myobuddy Pro 2 massager offers Results

Athletes can use this massager to warm up and activate muscles. Combine treatment with actively stretching to perform better during and recover quicker after workouts, shorten your window between training sessions, and optimize muscle recovery. Helpful for reducing muscle spasms from chronic back pain. Able to be used directly over joints and bony surfaces. Switches easily between softer and deep tissue penetration by changing from using it flat to tipping it on its side.


Great foot massager for plantar fasciitis. The Myobuddy Pro 2 massager helps with leg pain in multiple sclerosis patients. Strong enough for athletes. Gentle enough to help improve circulation in eldercare. You can use the Myobuddy for pets also to help relieve hip pain in dogs and makes them feel good all over.

Size of the Myobuddy Pro 2
Myobuddy Pro 2 Massager

The Myobuddy Pro 2 massager helps relieve aches, pains, soreness, tightness, headaches, and IT band issues. Resulting in a reduction of inflammation, muscle spasms, rigidity and restless leg syndrome. The Myobuddy Pro 2 massager increases circulation and muscle performance, improves range of motion and speeds healing. You can enjoy a full body massage in just 4 minutes and can also be used as a pre-workout warm up.

The percussive massage aids in restoring muscle function and speeds up post workout recovery, while the massage vibration from this percussive massager on stomach can enhance digestion and bowel movements. The Myobuddy Pro 2 Massager has 3 Levels of Massage Intensity, low, medium and high making it perfect for those tender spots or dense muscle tissue.

Combining Frictional Heat, Vibration and Percussion massage makes this truly unique to competitive brands. The Myobuddy Pro 2 Massager Includes White Bonnet for Dry Use and 1 Blue Bonnet for Oil or Lotion. You will also recieve a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Power button of Myobuddy
Myobuddy Pro 2 Massager
Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6.5 × 6.5 in

6 reviews for Myobuddy Pro 2 Massager

  1. Ana

    Received the Myobuddy yesterday, already seeing results. I have been a licensed massage therapist for over 20 years, I understand the benefits of body work. After using it for the first time, I noticed my posture felt different. That might sound crazy, but its true. Thirty years ago when I found myself eating soap bubbles when doing the dishes one night, I knew something had to change. So, now I am very aware of my posture. The first thing I noticed after one session, my shoulders and neck felt more relaxed and I could feel myself standing up straighter. I also noticed I could put my arm behind my back and move my hand further up towards my shoulder blades. And if anyone loves a foot massage -you are in for a treat. I could have kept this thing going forever.

    Nothing can replace the human touch, but the Myobuddy is a great alternative for those who would like massage but getting one is not always an option due to factors such as time or a tight budget. The Myobuddy is available whenever you want to use it and how many times you want to use it. It will pay for itself in no time. Glad I have it – wish I had it years ago!

  2. Melanie K

    My whole family loves this amazing massaging device. For deep penetrating action this handles as none other! We love the ease of use and the three levels of strength so that you can use it on different areas with amazing results! Awesome product!
    Thanks and much love and appreciation!
    Coach Jimmy

  3. Linda

    I received my Myobuddy in the mail today, and opened the package at work. My boss wanted me to try it out on the sore, crampy muscles in her back. She oohed and aahed the whole time, and said it felt so good that she didn’t want me to stop and go back to work.

    This little machine is light and easy to handle, yet powerful and versatile. I love the multiple modes of action (percussion, vibration, rotation), the heat that can be produced, and the different speed levels. I used it on my forearms this afternoon. I found areas of tightness and soreness that I hadn’t realized were there. It helped release the fascia, and increased the circulation in that area. My forearms felt really good and more flexible the rest of the day. I’m looking forward to trying it out on my family members.

  4. Dina Wiedman

    Only had mine a couple of days but wow! This will really loosen up tight muscles and fascia. I found myself using it almost everywhere I could reach. This is a go-to for “unkinking” areas that are tight as well as tightening up areas that are saggy. What else can do that??

  5. Melanie K

    This is wonderful for stiffness in the neck and for relieving all neck tension! I used it for 2 minutes and all pain and stiffness are gone. I could not be happier!

  6. Melanie K

    I used this on my sons after they had worked hard helping a friend build and upstairs addition to his home. Both were so impressed with the immediate sense of joint stress reduction. We are so pleased and amazed with how much this small device can deliver. I can see it being used EVERY day! Thank you Coach Jimmy K for offering it.

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