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Magnesium is known for its calming nature as it works on the nerves in a cathartic manner, the soothing properties of magnesium help induce restful sleep.

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Magnesium is known for its calming nature as it works on the nerves in a cathartic manner, the soothing properties of magnesium help induce restful sleep. In addition, it calms nerves, makes the body more flexible – especially in muscles, nerves, ligaments, tissues, joints and tendons. It’s a mineral that bathes the cell and seems to stabilize it, calming your body at a metabolic level, a microscopic level. ( If there is a tendency) – whether in the cells of your heart or lungs, your muscles, or your blood vessels – to overreact, magnesium soothes and relaxes the body.muscles, nerves, ligaments, tissues, joints and tendons.

Potassium plays a vital role in nerve function and cellular integrity by regulating the transfer of nutrients into the cell. Also a natural diuretic, helping your body excrete water and sodium, thus possibly lowering blood pressure. In fact, there is evidence that salt sensitivity may be caused by too little potassium in the diet. Not only is the effect of potassium on blood pressure quite remarkable, it is also necessary for good muscle contraction. Potassium also produces healthy electrical activity in the heart and rapid transmission of nerve impulses throughout the body. Heartbeat irregularities are commonly considered a classic sign of potassium deficiency. “Magnesium and potassium are absolutely essential to the proper functioning of the entire cardiovascular system. By combining the two in our RELAX – Magnesium, Potassium blend it gives your body just what it needs to Relax and Repair.

An Angstrom is a unit of length equal to one hundred-millionth (10 -10 ) of a meter. It was once used to measure wavelengths of light and the diameters of atoms, but has now been mostly replaced by the nanometer. Our Angstrom products are unique because of the Mono-Atomic Bio Availability which means that our minerals are Instantly Bio-Available, providing maximum assimilation.Due to this nature the minerals bypass the digestion process and are absorbed instantly by the cells. This provides 99.9 % absorption with no waste.

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8 reviews for Relax Supplement

  1. Art B

    Awesome product

  2. Tazz

    My husband does not like to take the hard tablets for magnesium. So you can imagine this is quite a hit at our household. Magnesium is great at keeping his BP within normal range for him.

  3. Harolyn Quinn

    I use this product twice a day. It helps open up vessels and keeps my blood pressure down. Wonderful product and can not live with out it!

  4. Elaine Stevens

    This product eased tennis elbow pain and trigger finger muscle problems. Great delivery system = spray on, that’s it! Nanos for good!

  5. Dina Wiedman

    I was a bit skeptical at first for a topical absorption. Once I began using this stuff, it really works! I have a neck issue and when it begins to tighten up or bother me in any way, I spray this on and the tightness is gone within minutes.
    I am not only a believer, but if you have even occasional aches and pains, this stuff is wonderful.

  6. Melanie K

    Wow! That is all I can say about the way this product halts leg cramps in the middle of the night! I am finally able to sleep without interruption from painful cramping. It is worth every penny!

  7. Claire Muzal

    This stuff is great! It does what it says – makes your muscles RELAX.

  8. Melanie K

    This is wonderful for stiffness in the neck. I used it with the MyoBuddy Pro2 and all pain went away quickly. I would definitely recommend this supplement!

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