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Country of Origin: Made in USA
Ingredients: Vanadium, Chromium, Zinc, Reverse Osmosis Water
Taste: Mild Mineral water taste.
60ppm Vanadium
100 ppm Chromium
80 ppm Zinc

ppm Conversion:
60ppm = 0.3 mg per tsp
100 ppm = .5 mg per tsp
80 ppm = 0.4 mg per tsp

Manufacturers Suggested Dosage: 1/2 – 1tsp twice daily

Vanadium was shown to be an essential trace mineral in 1971. Vanadium inhibits cholesterol synthesis followed by decreased plasma levels of cholesterol. The body needs vanadium for proper regulation of the circulatory system.

Vanadium functions in the body:  Inhibits cholesterol synthesis, Mimics insulin, Stimulates glucose oxidation, Regulates the circulatory system.

In 1971 vanadium was proven to be an essential trace mineral.  It is not easily absorbed in the intestinal tract; therefore, the form in which we ingest vanadium is crucial.  About 90 percent of vanadium ingested is excreted through the kidneys.  It is a non-platinum metal and dietary micronutrient.  Vanadium stimulates blood sugar (glucose) oxidation and beneficial for glucose tolerance problems like hypoglycemia, diabetes, and hyperinsulinemia.  A large body of research has been devoted to diabetes mellitus that suggests that vanadium could be therapeutic due to its activity on insulin secretion and insulin mimicking properties.  “Vanadium appears to function like insulin by altering cell membrane function for ion transport processes, therefore vanadium has a very beneficial effect for humans with glucose tolerance problems.” 65

Vanadium inhibits cholesterol synthesis followed by decreased plasma levels of cholesterol.  It is also known for its anti-carcinogenic properties and is now being studied in depth by pharmaceutical companies for use as the base of many new drugs designed to fight cancer.  One study conducted by Parker Hughes Institute on testicular cancer shows that the new vanadium based drug called vanadocenes has the ability to induce selective cytotoxicity and cell death of testicular germ cells.  Dr. Osmond D’Cruz, director and lead author on the study said, “We are very excited about the potential of vanadocenes to target germ cells.”

The body needs vanadium for proper regulation of the circulatory system.  When vanadium is present in the body it prevents excessive cholesterol deposits in blood vessels.  Build up of cholesterol in the central nervous system can be combated by vanadium.

Chromium is referred to as the master regulator of insulin, a potent metabolic hormone involved in protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Chromium levels decrease with age and it is important to replace it on a daily basis.

Chromium functions in the body:  Metabolism of glucose (sugar), Neurotransmitters, Brain function, Insulin performance, Thyroid function, Hormonal balance.

Chromium is an essential mineral that is required for the maintenance of our health.  Chromium is a trace element essential to the metabolism of lipids (cholesterol), glucose, and insulin regulation. Chromium is involved in the production of insulin and the release of glucose’s energy from cells. “Enzymes that are implicated in the metabolism of glucose, for energy and for the formation of fatty acid and cholesterol compounds, are stimulated by chromium. The performance of insulin is enhanced by chromium, enabling more efficient transfer of glucose to cells.” 39 Chromium is referred to as the master regulator of insulin, a potent metabolic hormone involved in protein, carbohydrates and fat metabolism.

Weight loss is promoted when chromium is taken; the insulin regulation promotes T3, the thyroid hormone that increases the rate of the body’s ability to burn calories. It also promotes serotonin, a neurotransmitter that controls the appetite and curbs cravings for sugar.

Chromium deficiencies are characterized by a wide variety of clinical diseases and shortened life span. Currently, the average American diet does not contain sufficient amounts of chromium because of the depletion of vital minerals in our soil. Chromium deficient diseases are aggravated by vanadium deficiency.

Scientists estimate that 90% of Americans don’t get enough chromium and 60% are diabetic or hypoglycemic.  “Since chromium helps insulin work better, it may also raise the blood sugar, levels in people with low blood sugar, as shown is studies by researchers with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.” 40

Chromium is excreted in urine and sugar loads increase the rate of chromium loss by 300% in 24 hours. Therefore, it is necessary that we replace chromium daily. Engaging in strenuous exercise can also deplete chromium levels.  Chromium is an essential nutrient in bringing balance to the body.  Chromium works best if taken before meals to help stabilize blood sugar levels.  Chromium drastically effects body fat by activating insulin.

Chromium levels decrease with age and it is important to replace chromium on a daily basis.  One of chromium’s main functions is to regulate sugar metabolism. Even if sugar is absent from your diet, chromium is necessary because foods are eventually reduced to simple glucose. The widespread tendency to consume high glycemic foods, sugar and refined carbohydrates results in chromium loss and depletion of chromium stores. “Chromium deficiency has a pronounced effect on the body. Soil of American farms is deficient in chromium. Other countries are rarely found to have chromium-deficient soils. The refining of starches and carbohydrates also robs food of its chromium supply.”

Choose a liquid zinc supplement for best absorption. Not some flavored supplement filled with artificial flavors and other garbage your body has to strip off first! Choose a supplement that is 99.9% absorbed Like Angstrom Mineral’s Zinc supplement .

Zinc is needed for metabolism of nucleic acids and the synthesis of proteins.  It is an integral part of the human DNA for cell division and synthesis.  Zinc is found in all the body fluids, including the moisture in the eyes, lungs, nose, urine, and saliva.

Zinc functions in the body:  Element in mucous linings in the body, Necessary for hormone production, Essential for the prostate gland, Found in the bodily fluids, Vital part of the immune system.

Zinc has been used for centuries.  In the 1800’s surgeons used zinc as an antiseptic/antibiotic after surgery and were noted for its amazing healing properties. Wounds would heal, at times, as quickly as 24 hours after an operation, without swelling, and scarring was barely noticeable after a short period of time.  “Doctors Pories and Strain use zinc salts preoperatively and postoperatively to promote wound healing and to correct zinc deficiency.” 66

Proper zinc levels offer a defense against the entrance of pathogens.  “Dr. Phillips of San Antonio, Texas, has noted that zinc transferring is normally bound to lymphocytes and that this zinc transport system may be a vital beginning in immune reactions.  Dr. Robert S. Pecarek of the Trace Metal Laboratory, following the lead that the thymus is always small in zinc-deficient animals, has found that T-cell immunity is impaired.” 67

Lack of Zinc Without enough zinc, your skin is the first to show. Acne is the warning light that you are low on zinc. At puberty, the sexual organs steal all of the zinc in the development stages and that is why so many youth get acne.

Because zinc is found in the body fluids, proper levels of zinc tend to stop body odor, including foot odor, and protect the throat with every swallow.  Deficiency of zinc can lead to a wide variety of degenerative diseases and illnesses.  Heavy losses of zinc occur in sweating, therefore, athletes are particularly susceptible to zinc deficiency.  Zinc is very effective for proper brain function.

Zinc is effective in hormone production, improves sex drive and has been proven to reduce the size of the prostrate gland, helps prevent prostate cancer and is important for the proper maintenance of the male reproductive system.  “Zinc is involved in the production and function of several sex hormones.  Severe zinc deficiency has been shown to cause male sterility.”

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