Zoo Dens 2 Bundle

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Scenar for Veterinarian application includes Russian PCM 3 (Russian Menu ) with Massage Electrode Brush, 2 pairs of Electro Therapy Pads and cable.


1 review for Zoo Dens 2 Bundle

  1. Melanie K

    When our goat guard dog, Nettles, a Great Pyrenees, found herself stung by a wasp, her snout became enormous, with the swelling reaching back to her ears and the lower side of her head. We were concerned about what we should do for her as this occurred on a weekend – when I remembered that we had the Massage Electrode Brush which, along with using some Signa Gel, allowed us to gently brush her face using energy enhancement therapy that Coach Jimmy K had told us about in one of his many training sessions. We did this and the swelling reduced quickly so that she was back to running and playing with our goats in no time! I was so thankful for having this product to allow us to help our much beloved dog. She was calm and seemed to really enjoy the treatment. Without Coach Jimmy K and his wonderful training webinars, I would not have been able to help her in her time of need. We are very pleased with it and with Coach Jimmy K’s attention to his customers’ needs.

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