Denas Coach Jimmy K
Coach Jimmy K
Coach Jimmy K Certified by Denas Medical Director

Training Webinars for DENAS, SCENAR and Micro-Current

Are you suffering from chronic pain in your back, neck or all over? Are you suffering from lack of energy, stamina and feel run down all the time? Learn how Micro-Current Therapy can help you overcome Pain, Lack of Energy and other Health issues. Coach Jimmy K traveled to Denas Headquarters and was Trained and Certified by the Denas Medical Team. He doesn’t claim to be the Micro-Current Expert on the Planet like others that charge $1000’s for their Training and Ninja techniques.

Coach Jimmy’s mission is to share and help train people all over the world about Micro-Current technology and how Denas Therapy can help you overcome Pain issues and health challenges. Our webinars will be short and straight to the point offering an in depth understanding of the technology, the proper techniques and application as instructed by the Denas Medical Team. These webinars will offer answers to many questions that you may have. We will email the times of our webinars the day before the webinar with topics that will be covered. We will generally have 2 to 3 webinars a week, one on Tuesday or Wednesday and one on Saturday and /or Sunday. These webinars are offered exclusively to our customers that purchased from our online store. We are commited to the success of our customers. Our customers that attend these webinars learn valuable techniques and proper applications to achieve optimum results

The Advantages of Attending our Webinars:

  • Learn how you can overcome Chronic Pain
  • The Proper Application of the device and attachments
  • Understanding what frequencies work best
  • Operational Instructions of each device
  • Contraindications
  • The connection of direct and segmental zones

Webinars are Private and Exclusive for Our Customer Only:

Exclusive Training Webinars are Free for our customers that purchased their Denas Device from our Denas Pain Relief Store. If you have purchased a PCM 6 from us we will enter your name and email in our system. If you purchased from another online store from Russia / Ukraine or anywhere else please ask them to help you as they are simply retailers that are more interested in making a quick sale and offer no training or support.We develop a lifetime relationship with you and make a commitment to your success in overcoming your pain and health issues. Coach Jimmy K and Staff are dedicated, committed and truly care about each and every customer from all around the world, your success is our success. If you feel that this is the quality of service that you want and deserve then purchase your Denas Device from our store and Welcome to Our Family. If you are looking for the Cheapest price with no results then buy from someone else and you will realize you’ll get what you paid for.

Once confirmed you will be alerted when these Webinars will take place via email in advance. We value your privacy and your info will be kept private and you will only be contacted when we will be having the webinars or new updates in a newsletter.