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The Denas Reflexo/ Reflexology Footpad uses special antimicrobial dual silver ion mesh pads connected to dual snaps for excellent electrical conductivity. The garment includes cable to connect to the your Denas PCM 6, Micro current, Scenar or TENS device. All Garment purchases are final and non-returnable. Garments include a 6 month warranty and we offer a replacement if defective.

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Micro Current Reflexology Foot Mat includes 8oz Signa Spray

New 2019 Micro Current Reflexology Foot Pad. Made from Neoprene fabric with Conductive Foot Pad that measures 12 inches x 5.5 inches wide and offers complete foot contact from the heel to the toes. This provides stimulation of all reflexology zones.

Excellent for Grounding and Earthing therapy using 7.8hz and other ultra low frequencies.

In addition, user can read on the screen brief description of the mode or frequency by just clicking on the button. This function will be very useful not only for beginners but also for experienced user.This design allows the use to achieve close contact with the whole feet skin area, including the arch, which helps to improve DENAS therapy efficiency. 

There are two significant groups of indications for dynamic electro neuro stimulation with Denas-Reflexo. The first group of indications – when we need to reach local therapeutic effects, solving orthopedic problems such as feet joints diseases, arthrosis, arthritis, gout, flatfoot, valgus deformity (when bone or joint is twisted outward from the center of the body), traumas and other problems. Vascular problems are considered a part of local therapeutic effects, such as varicose, chronic venous insufficiency, accompanied by feeling of tiredness and puffiness in legs, which intensifies by the end of the day.

A disruption of arterial blood flow is also considered a type of vascular problem, or so called occlusive diseases: atherosclerosis, endarteritis, diabetic foot lesion, including trophic disorders, diabetic neuropathy. Furthermore, DENAS therapy is indicated for lymphatic drainage disorder or so called lymph stasis.

The electro stimulation is applied in cases of peripheral nerve lesions in the lower extremities as well as in cases of diabetic or radiculitis (spine pathology) origin.

The second significant group of the Micro current foot pad are conditions in which we want to achieve a general regulatory effect. According to classical Su Jok feet system there is a projection of all internal body organs in feet (see pic. below).

Su jok Foot therapy

Denas-Reflexo application turns dynamic electro neuro stimulation into an extremely comfortable and convenient procedure. All you have to do is to connect the Denas-Reflexo applicator to any universal Denas unit, place your feet on the platform, as demonstrated, and select an appropriate stimulation program.

Weight 16 oz

9 reviews for New Denas Reflexo / Reflexology Foot Pad

  1. Terri May

    The reflexology pads are a great product to have. I and my husband both use them for nephropathy of the feet and they have definitely helped. Like anything you have to be consistent and patient. It took awhile to get that way and it will take awhile to get them back. They are a good product and hold up well also.

  2. Pamela Williams

    The Reflexology Foot pads are great for earthing and relaxation. I especially appreciate the large size of the foot pads for foot pain. My husband and I both have foot pain and neuropathy and the foot pads have helped us.

  3. Linda

    These pads are wonderful. I originally had the big Russian foot reflexology plate, but it was bulky and didn’t feel like it conducted the current as well. So I got these foot pads and loaned the reflexology plate to someone who’s parents both have Alzheimer’s, and their caregiver uses it on them episodically.
    These pads are flexible, versatile, easy to use, and conduct the current really well. They don’t take up much room, so are easy to store and to take along when traveling. The large size makes for good coverage, and we’ve used them on backs, on a damaged knee (used while lying down), on chests to treat lung congestion, and other things. I am definitely glad we have these pads.

  4. Claire Muzal

    I use these when I am at my desk. Just another example of how convenient Coach Jimmy has made getting DENAS therapy! I agree with the other reviewer who said you have to be patient and consistent in treating neuropathy.

  5. Melanie K

    I love these large foot reflexology pads as they comfortably fit the whole family. We use them for grounding while sitting at the computer and watching television and for targeted therapy through reflexology that I have learned during the training in the webinars for Coach Jimmy K’s customers. I love that these are easily portable and come with a 6 month warranty.

  6. Denise Whitcomb

    I know you are supposed to put your feet on them but I ended up sitting on them to get good back of the thigh coverage. Works well! Like all of Coach Jimmy K’s products this is well made and not flimsy. Be sure and let the pads dry well before putting them away and they should last forever!

  7. Carolyn Zahn

    Thus is the best products I have found in my decades of searching for pain relief for my feet and lower legs. From lymphedema in my lower extremities to venous insufficiency to varicose veins and neuropathy to sore, achy feet the reflexology pads along with the DCM6 are in one simple word Relief. Leave it to Coach Jimmy to find an awesome product.

  8. Melanie K

    These pads are very large and versatile with the amount of energy that can be delivered through them to target areas anywhere you need it – not just under your feet! They are professionally made and with good care, will last a long time. I love the way Coach Jimmy K shares so many uses for his Denas PCM 6 attachments in the training webinars he offers each week. Animals benefit as well from the soothing frequencies and with these pads, a cat or small dog can comfortably fit right on them! Love it!

  9. Rey

    I absolutely love this product because my legs have felt better before. The earthing setting gives the relaxation I need after a day full of work. The pads are worth the money.

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