Electro-Therapy Conductivity Enhancer for Garments & Pads

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The spray is very easy to apply and does not create any type of mess. Using this spray really helps prolong the life of your reusable self-adhesive electrodes. The Conductive Spray works together with our high quality stimulation electrodes; making sure the electrodes have great conductivity is one of the most important features in the effectiveness of electrotherapy pain relief.

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When the electrical current travels from your device through the lead wires and through your electrodes, it is very important to make sure the electrode can transfer the current through the pad and onto your skin. The highly conductive spray is the perfect solution. It helps make sure that the electrical current is evenly distributed through the electrodes and on to your skin, providing a soft and comfortable stimulation.

Product Features

  • Ideal for use with conductive garments
  • Works great with rubber non-adhesive electrodes
  • Re-hydrate your self adhesive electrodes to last longer
  • Help transfer the healing and pain-relieving current better to the skin
  • Reduce skin irritation from dry electrode
  • Highly conductive spray containing electrolyte solution in a clear green aqueous liquid
  • Bacteriostatic, non-staining
  • No residue build-up
  • Easy to apply, and easy to clean
  • Works well with most TENS, EMS, IF, Russian, and Microcurrent devices

6 reviews for Electro-Therapy Conductivity Enhancer for Garments & Pads

  1. Franklin Barber

    This is fantastic to enhance PCM6 usage. A must for dry skin. I use it lightly on garments to improve conductivity and spray directly on skin when using the PCM6 in direct contact. Thanks Coach.

  2. Franklin Barber

    Forgot to mention that spray helps hydrate gel on pads. Helps extend life of pads which saves money.

  3. Tazz P

    This spray is tops as it upgrades the connection from the garments to our skin for the PCM6. The back garment has been particularly versatile for us as we use it on our feet, legs and our backs!

  4. Melanie K

    This product is a must when using the garments associated with the PCM6 as it enhances the flow of energy from the device to your area of concern by providing better conductivity. It also extends the life of the pads by increasing the moisture to provide better surface contact. Would definitely recommend!

  5. Linda

    This useful spray enhances the conductivity of the electrotherapy garments without gunking them up, which would require cleaning more often and reduce the longevity of the garments. It also does a nice job of keeping the electrotherapy pads sticky, so you can use them longer. Since you don’t need to use much, a bottle lasts quite a while.

  6. Denise Whitcomb

    I was using distilled water on the garment pads and it works fine. However, that said, it you can afford a few more bucks the signa gel is good item. It seems to help things stay moist longer. Much better that water. This really helps and makes a big difference when using the electro head on the body. Don’t have to keep applying water. Use the signa gel and you are good to go. It does not leave you stick so there is no need to wash it off. Another big plus! I also use it on the gel pads instead of distilled water when putting them away on their plastic sheeting.

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