Chronic Back, Neck and Joint Pain are serious issues as we grow older in life and DENAS therapy is the solution. Most of this could be brought on by arthritis, osteoporosis, being sedentary, or lifting something wrong. The simplest movement could cause intense back pain, just working around the house or in the garden can bring on aches and strains. Pain has no friends but attacks your knees, shoulders, neck and joints. Until now, Seniors have turned to drugs and pharmaceutical solutions that often have side effects, which becomes a life long regimen of pills. These drugs ease or mask the pain, but never repair or eliminate the cause of the pain. You become caught in a vicious circle, costing you thousands upon thousands of dollars in medical bills as well as drug cost. DENAS therapy is your answer because it is natural, drug free, and non-invasive, compact, portable and easy to use! You can use it at work, home, on the go, even take it on a Cruise!

Denas Pain Relief Store brings you the most effective and affordable pain relief available! As we mature in life we all eventually are confronted with some type of acute or chronic pain. I am a living testimony to how great and effective DENAS products are. You see my friends after living a very active life playing competitive sports and growing up in the restaurant business I had my share of impact. Working 16 hour days on my feet did its damage. I had major pain in my lower back, legs and feet. My neck and shoulders were inflamed but my biggest issue was my left hip. After several years of living in Chronic Pain, I went to an orthopedic specialist and they said I needed a hip replacement. The Doctors were amazed that I was still walking. At the time I did not have insurance or the money to pursue the operation.

Two weeks later a Doctor that ate with me several times a week approached me and introduced me to DENAS He had discovered them while searching for a Drug free pain solution for his wife a retired nurse suffering from Chronic pain for years. She was taking four narcotic pain medications just to cope with, but not solve her pain issues. I had nothing to lose so I humbly accepted his offer to try the device. The device was called Denas PCM 4 and was the latest most advanced model that DENAS MS Corporation has released. It was compact,portable and easy to use so I would use it many times a day. After my long 16 hour day I carried it home where at night I would take it to bed with me. The more I used the DENAS device, the better I felt. Pain relief was immediate and through its use, I was able to postpone my hip surgery for 6 months until I saved enough money and along with the help of several Good Samaritans my hip replacement became reality.

After the surgery during a 14 day rehabilitation I would use the DENAS PCM4 over and around the area and amazingly it relieved the tissue and muscle pain, and helped me breeze through my rehab. Whether its acute or chronic pain that you are dealing our DENAS devices through Biofeedback communicates through C-fibers that constitute 85- 90% of all nerves in the body to locate and address issues and allow the body to repair and heal itself naturally without adverse effects of drugs or invasive surgery.  The physical therapist was amazed with my recovery and after showing her my DENAS device she immediately wanted one for use in her practice. The doctor had prescribed that I not be on my feet for more than 4 hours a day for three months. I went back to work the following week after my 14 day rehabilitation therapy and by the end of the week I was back working 16 hour days.

So after several months of being pain free and feeling better than I have in 20 years, I decided to close my restaurant and contact DENAS and dedicate my life to sharing this Pain Relief Technology with the vast number of people who suffer from backaches, muscle or joint pain. Listen friends whether you have back, neck or shoulder pain, DENAS is the answer. After all with over 2 Million satisfied customers worldwide and a proven track record, our technology works. I’m a user of the product and personally know the results that you can achieve through DENAS Pain Therapy. 

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