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 Denas PCM 6 Training is offered weekly by Coach Jimmy K, these training webinars teach you how to properly use your Denas PCM 6. Currently we offer our live training webinar on Thursdays at 4pm PST / 7pm EST. These webinars are available exclusively to our customers that purchase from our website. Should  you purchase from Amazon or Ebay or another site and want professional training there will be a $279.00  to join our webinars, this also includes lifetime support via email and phone. These webinars last around 1.5 hours, will train you on your device, and cover many topics addressing various health issues and challenges.


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Denas PCM 6 Training Webinars

Denas PCM 6 Weekly Training Webinars

Denas PCM 6 Training is offered weekly by Coach Jimmy K. These training webinars teach you how to use your device properly.  Currently we offer several training webinars per week. They are proprietary to the device, for example: One webinar will be on the Denas PCM 6 , another will be on the proper use of the Sedona Pro PEMF system, etc. These webinars are available exclusively to our customers that purchase from our website. Should  you purchase from Amazon or Ebay or another site and want professional training there will be a $279.00 ( Non Refundable ) + $10.00 handling Fee  to join our webinars, this also includes lifetime support via email and phone. These webinars last around 1.5 hours, will train you on your device, and cover many topics addressing various health issues and challenges. The first part of the webinar will be training and then we offer a 30 to 45 minute question and answer period, where our customers get to ask random questions and Coach Jimmy will answer them.  Our webinars are live and only available at posted times and will not be uploaded to YouTube because of the length and size of video.

What is DENAS

Denas PCM 6 is the 6th generation of the handheld electro therapeutic device. DENAS is also known as Dynamic Electro Neuro Adaptive Stimulation. The Denas PCM 6 through frequency stimulation helps correct and balance energy meridians, kinda like acupuncture on steroids. The energy flows through the nerve fascia under the epidermis, sending packets of frequency based signals to the brain. In return the brain signals and releases either endorphins or neuropeptides to the affected area to help with homeostasis.

The Do's and Don'ts of the Denas PCM 6

The Denas PCM 6 is available for purchase online from many sellers but without proper training you are simply wasting your hard earned money and shooting in the dark hoping to get results. Coach Jimmy K traveled to Russia several years ago and went through intense training with the Denas Medical team and was Certified to train practitioners and end users how to properly use the Denas PCM 6. It is important to understand the do’s and don’ts of this technology so you can achieve optimum results. Coach Jimmy K goes over these Do’s and Don’ts so you can use your Denas PCM 6 safely and get the maximum results that you deserve. Without the knowledge of the don’ts could result in damage to your device or negative side effects from use of the Denas PCM 6.

Denas PCM 6 Questions and Answers

The Denas PCM 6 generally comes with an operators manual but the manual is outdated and is simple a reprint of one of their manuals from 12 years ago. You will notice that in the back of the manual 99% of the designated frequency choices are either 77hz or 10hz. This is because in the old days the Russians primarily used 77hz to address imbalances and 10hz to help embed the application. Therefore you will have many questions that are left unanswered. In every weekly Denas PCM 6 Training Webinar Coach Jimmy K will end the training session with a live question and answer session on the Denas PCM 6. When you purchase your Denas PCM 6 or Denas Training from us you will also have access to Coach Jimmy K to ask him questions over the phone or via email. Click this link to read more from our satisfied members and what they think about the training webinars and support offered by Coach Jimmy  ( Customer Reviews )

9 reviews for Denas PCM 6 Training

  1. Carla Clark

    I have been a customer of the Denas Pain Relief Store and Coach Jimmy K for over two years and have purchased 2-PCM6’s and 3- Earth Pulse PEMF units. I originally purchased the Denas PCM6 because my husband was experiencing severe knee pain. Then shortly after I purchased a unit for him to use, our daughter was in a car accident and ended up with a herniated disc. The doctor was recommending surgery for her but by that time I had already attended several seminars and realized that she could get both pain relief and ultimate HEALING by using the PCM6 with the back garment. My husband and my daughter were totally blown away when after just a couple weeks of using the protocols Coach Jimmy K gave us and they noticed significant improvement. When you have success like this, it is easy to become an avid believer! To this day, she still has not required surgery and even the doctor is amazed. My husband’s knee pain is virtually gone and whenever it does try to resurface, he simply “hooks up the PCM6” and works through the program settings. I’ve used it for my sinuses, tennis elbow, lower back stenosis, yellow jacket stings and many more. It’s like Mastercard…I wouldn’t leave home without it!

    While both the Earth Pulse and the PCM6 came with manuals detailing how to use the devices, if I had had to rely completely on the manuals alone I can honestly say I would have totally underutilized these powerful tools. The wealth of information that I glean from Coach Jimmy’s Webinars with Power point presentations, combined with his in depth explanations, has been extensive. But, in addition to the great presentations he delivers, it is the question and answer portion of the webinar that is equally as beneficial. During this time I have benefited from countless users from around the world asking questions and sharing their personal experiences. Often times others will ask questions that I hadn’t even considered but when answered, I suddenly realize how relevant and helpful it is. On one occasion a user asked about using these devices with their dog and I was blown away when Coach Jimmy walked her through the settings, frequencies and special considerations she should take. It was just one week later, when my dog started showing similar symptoms that this customer had described and I instantly knew what to do. In addition there is something powerfully reinforcing when you listen to others share their testimonies and successes. It is such a belief builder.

    Coach Jimmy amazes me at how well he remembers the personal details of his customers and even their spouses which reinforces the size of his “care-factor” and the fact that he truly sees his customers as “family.” When you consider just how many customers he has worldwide and he still is able to remember whether or not you received the specific product that you had ordered, you have to be impressed. He just loves, loves, loves people. I have told many friends about these two devices that I am completely sold on and it’s not unusual for them to look on Ebay or Amazon to see if they can find something a little cheaper. However, as soon as I learn of their intentions I firmly point out to them exactly what I have written here. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for exceptional customer service and that’s what you get from Coach Jimmy and his staff. What good is a device if you have no idea how to unlock its potential??? The webinars are a vital part of ensuring you gain the absolute maximum benefit from this investment.

  2. Rae H.

    When I received my Denas PCM6 SCENAR device I was in excruciating sciatic pain. I looked at the provided Russian to English translated manual and could not comprehend the instructions; for one, I was in pain and couldn’t think straight and secondly, my unfamiliarity with frequency devices and the verbiage was confusing. I called and left a message in tears requesting a call back. Coach Jimmy promptly returned my call, explained how to use the device and had me experience all the frequencies to be used for two hours of therapy. I was amazed when the pain greatly reduced and I then continued every two to three hours repeating the therapy for months as the repairing process took place (chronic lower back disc issues).

    I started attending the private webinars and began my immersion into frequency therapy; super educational, specific to health issues, an opportunity to ask questions, always something new to learn AND he’ll even replay them…I usually attend each webinar two or three times when they come available. Knowledge is power!

  3. Diane Rodriguez

    I have learned so much from the webinars where Coach Jimmy thoroughly explains treatments for different situations each time. There are opportunities to take notes & screen shots of charts & protocols presented during the invaluable lifetime training that comes with the purchase of the PCM6. There is always a question & answer portion on each webinar. If I need to call & speak with Coach about anything pertaining to this device or anything else he offers on his website, he is always kind & makes sure I am satisfied with learning the right answer. I have used the PCM6 for over a year now for various problems such as back pain, knee pain, neuropathy, bug bites, after my surgery it helped the area to recover and repair faster. It’s helped me with my headaches, stiff neck, etc.

  4. Linda

    I am reviewing Coach Jimmy’s Denas PCM6 training webinars.
    I purchased my first PCM6 from another vendor who advertised that he provided in-depth training. After completing the training course, I did have some knowledge of how to use the machine, but it was pretty basic. I knew the PCM6 had a lot of potential that I couldn’t tap into yet, and I wanted more training. But he charged thousands of dollars for his advanced training. That was out of my budget. And I found his up selling annoying. So I used my Denas for some things, but didn’t feel very confident with it.

    A year or so later someone said she’d heard good things about someone named Coach Jimmy K and the Denas Pain Relief Store. She suggested that I check him out, so I did. Coach Jimmy’s up front purchase price was more expensive than other selllers, and after my experience with the first vendor, I was hesitant. But I found out that the purchase price covers lifetime training and support for Jimmy’s customers, so I became curious and started digging around on the internet for more information. I found a lot of positive feedback about Jimmy and the quality of his training and support. Out of curiosity I emailed Jimmy to ask a few questions. To my surprise, he called me a few minutes later, even though it was late at night. I hadn’t decided to buy from him yet, but in that phone call he generously shared a lot of very helpful tips about caring for and using the PCM6 I already had. After that chat with Jimmy, I decided to take a chance on him. I shared my first PCM6 with a friend, and I bought another PCM6 from Jimmy. That was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. Jimmy has been great! He’s honest, generous, and patient. He obviously cares a lot about his customers, and he goes above and beyond the usual to support them. And, as an added bonus, he does not up sell!

    I have found Coach Jimmy’s ongoing instruction and support to be invaluable. He hosts frequent live training webinars several times a week that are full of useful information, and I attend them whenever I can. Sometimes they conflict with my work schedule, but since Jimmy has periodic replays, I can usually catch those at a later date.

    Jimmy’s training’s are lively and fun. He encourages us to take screenshots of the protocols, and I put these in a folder on my computer. I’ve built a library of over one hundred treatments, and can now easily access detailed protocols for accidents, asthma, cataracts, trauma, breathing issues, high blood pressure, pain issues, herpes, emotional stress, and much more. The extensive question and answer sessions at the end of the webinars are also very helpful. We often go over things that were not covered in the webinar, so it’s like we’re getting bonus content.

    I periodically loan my first PCM6 to people in need, but because they haven’t had training, they always feel overwhelmed trying to figure out how to use it. Since I’ve attended many of Jimmy’s webinars, I’ve become proficient with the PCM6, and am able to easily help them. I now have a solid enough grasp on the PCM6 and it’s many features that I can create my own basic treatment protocols. That is quite rewarding.

    Jimmy has completed extensive training in Russia on the PCM6, and I like that he remains in close contact with his Russian teachers and is constantly deepening his knowledge and understanding of this amazing little machine. And I appreciate that he generously passes this information on to his customers.

  5. Denise Whitcomb

    I highly recommend the purchase of the Denas PCM6 through Coach Jimmy K due to the free webinar for life feature. He goes over all the uses of this device which are many! The diagrams and info he puts up on the screen you are able to do a snip it and save to your computer. I have since copied these and put them into a folder for future reference. It is not difficult but you do need instruction. This is a for life feature that you get with no one else. If fact, I don’t think the man sleeps. You call/contact him and you get a reply! No one else can really match that!

    The manuals that come with the machine are a joke. Do not rely on them. Jimmy’s power points will guide you easily and effortlessly. At the end of the webinar you can ask any question you like and he will take the time to explain to you. or Email you info. You can learn a lot just from this question and answer period alone!

    I have been a customer for a couple of years now and have had nothing but good service. A couple times I have called with questions needing help and he returns my call quickly. Within that day and often within and hour or two!
    The webinar is an invaluable tool that you do need, not difficult, but do need. You will get this help here and here only.
    Thank you Coach Jimmy K for all your tireless work and efforts to help other people! May you and your loved ones be richly blessed!

  6. Dina Wiedman

    Rated 5 out of 5
    My name is Dina. I am one of those who has never been able to tolerate medicine, have allergies to the planet and everything on it, have seemingly diagnosable episodes of needing hospitalization, etc. I research everything! I ran across some research about the Denas when searching for a solution to fat pad atrophy and neuropathy in my feet. I cautiously purchased the Denas because the offer included lifetime training. WOW!! This device and Jimmy’s training have changed my life. I can walk again without pain. The training is priceless. Little did I know this was my life’s search answer. You will not be disappointed. Not only do you learn to use your device and become familiar with it, you will learn about biology, cutting edge research in the medical field, nutrition, injuries, causes of chronic diseases, and too much to mention. You don’t just learn about them, you learn how to treat them. I know of no other kind of training like this. Again, you won’t be disappointed.

  7. Lynn Phillips

    Coach Jimmy K’s webinars and phone support are the main reasons I purchased my DENAS PCM6 from him rather from anyone else. I had been researching scenar type devices for months, and had decided that DENAS was the best. I saw a lot of them on amazon and eBay for a variety of prices, many of them at lower prices. Coach Jimmy K was the ONLY one who offered training and support included in the purchase.
    I made the right decision! Every week, there is training – and if you have a question that isn’t covered – or a question too personal to ask in the training session Q&A period, you can call, text or email Coach Jimmy and he’s there for you. Brilliant, knowledgeable, helpful, dedicated man! And The DENAS has been so helpful for so many conditions! Thanks, Coach Jimmy~

  8. Selina

    The instructions given in Coach Jimmy’s PCM6 webinars have helped me use the PCM6 to get pain relief from chronic and acute pain. If I only had the official operating manual to guide me, I wouldn’t have used the device properly, because the manual isn’t clear in explaining how to use the device and it doesn’t include newer frequencies of the PCM6 nor the new therapy garments.

    I’ve had the PCM6 for over two years, and continue to attend the webinars, because there’s always something new to learn, not only from Coach Jimmy, but also from other attendees, worldwide, during Q & A.

  9. Art Bjork- FL.

    I met Coach Jimmy K over 6 years ago,I was always calling him and asking him questions on how to use my older PCM 3 that I bought from another dealer and the PCM 6 that I bought from Coach Jimmy. I couldn’t count the times that I called him and he always made time for me taking time in detail to help me navigate through the best approach as one of the problems was an open wound that I had for over 15 years.
    Being a practitioner I’ve used energy and frequency based devices for a while. I go back to the days when all the Russian’s used were of 77hz and 10hz. Through commitment and working with Coach Jimmy over the years my wound has now healed 100%. Jimmy told me to be patient and that the process would take time and it did. 
    My calls became less frequent a few years ago when Coach Jimmy started his weekly webinars for his customers which he refers to as (family) not customers. Now I was able to attend many webinars and have all my questions answered.
    I am so grateful for Coach Jimmy and his staff that have helped me through the years.You are just a blessing to all that know you and always just a phone call away!!!! I can’t thank you enough! 

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