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The Denas PCM 6 is a Drug Free therapeutic device for Chronic Pain Relief. 

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Includes Lifetime Training Webinars & USA Based Phone Support

Includes a special Protective Case, Duracell Batteries, 8.5×11 English Manual, 3 pairs of  electro pads and custom cable. USA Based Customer Support and Lifetime Training Webinars to insure you achieve optimum results. Weekly webinars with Coach Jimmy K who was trained and certified by the Denas Medical Team. 

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DENAS-PCM-6 is revolutionary therapy device which achieves extraordinary results. DENAS is sensation in the world of pocket-size physiotherapy devices for Professional, Clinical and Home use to address chronic pain and other health issues. The DENAS PCM 6 is based on SCENAR technology that was created for use by the Russian Space Program decades ago. The PCM 6 is the sixth generation developed by DENAS MS Corporation over decades of research. The DENAS medical team was able to utilize their clinics to expand their knowledge of frequency based therapy and develop more programs and frequency choice that makes the DENAS PCM 6 a step ahead of basic SCENAR. 


DENAS PCM6 offers much more than just Pain Relief

The DENAS PCM 6 offers much more than pain relief even though it may help address health issues like Fibromyalgia, Back, Neck and Joint pain. In using frequency based therapy we must understand that the body, brain and organs react to different frequencies. 

We are beings of electricity with a vast network of neural connections and meridians. In cellular mitosis the cells in our body need 3 major components to regenerate. 1) Hydration 2) Nutrition 3) Energy (Electricity) The DENAS PCM 6 assist with the energy. The DENAS PCM 6 is a portable device that runs on 2 AA batteries and can be used whenever and wherever. You can take it with you on a trip or to the gym in case you sprain a muscle or have a headache. The TSA refers to it as a TENS unit so you can take it on the plane with you. 

DENAS PCM 6 Training & Support

When purchasing a DENAS PCM 6 make sure you purchase from someone who will offer you the proper training and support. 99% of all sellers on Amazon, Ebay and other websites that are selling the DENAS PCM 6 have no formal or proper training in how to use the device, they are simply selling a product and provide no customer support or training. We are the only online seller in the WORLD that offers weekly training webinars for our members that purchase their DENAS PCM 6 from our website. Coach Jimmy K traveled to Russia years ago  for 30 days of intense training at the DENAS Medical Center. Coach Jimmy K was trained and certified by the DENAS Medical Team to offer training to medical doctors, chiropractors, massage practitioners and end users of the device. This training will allow you to achieve optimum results from your DENAS PCM 6.

DENAS PCM 6Training Webinars and Seminars

Tired of Dr. Appointments?


The DENAS-PCM-6 is the answer. Take charge and treat yourself at home when you need it most. No more waiting for appointments or needing to reschedule. Take it with you on trips. The DENAS PCM 6 runs on 2 AA batteries which allows you to use it whenever and wherever .

DENAS PCM 6 Self Care Device

DENAS PCM 6 for Pain Relief

Helps address chronic pain, not only does it offer pain relief but the SCENAR technology helps your body repair internally what’s causing the pain through dynamic electro neuro adaptive stimulation (DENAS)

Drug Free, Safe & Effective

The DENAS PCM 6 is your answer to chronic back and joint pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, neuropathy,  chronic fatigue and many other health issues you might face. It uses microcurrent frequencies to help restore and repair blockages using the body’s endorphins and neuropeptides

Better Health & Wellness

The DENAS PCM 6 may help address many underlying conditions that effect your overall health and wellness. With 102 frequencies to choose from and 24 various pre-set health modes you will be able to give your body what it needs to energize the depleted cells and meridian imbalances.

Space Age SCENAR Technology

Space-age SCENAR technology was developed over 40 years ago for use by astronauts in space instead of drugs and is now available for you with millions of satisfied customers worldwide. The DENAS PCM 6 is your answer to addressing many health issues.

It's Not A TENS Unit

DENAS PCM 6 is not a TENS device

TENS units were designed to stimulate muscle contraction which creates lactic acid in the muscles. This creates more inflammation! The DENAS PCM 6 sends micro signals through the C nerve fibers and creates a biofeedback communication with the brain to release Endorphins and Neuropeptides that help address the root causes of the pain and inflammation.

DENAS PCM 6 Features

24 preset automated Programs in the DENAS PCM 6 now offers built in therapy frequencies, timer and color zone electronic instructions for the following Health Issues

While the DENAS PCM 6 is a spinoff from SCENAR technology it goes much deeper in research and clinical trials. The DENAS MS corporation that created the DENAS technology has several clinics where the Denas Medical Team has done 1000’s of test with frequency specific trials to develop pre-set programs to address 24 various common health issues. Below we have listed the 24 automated programs included in the DENAS PCM 6, when you choose one of these programs a color picture will be shown on the screen highlighting where to place the inbuilt electrode or electrode pads. Many of the programs have multiple zones that you will learn about on our weekly training webinars with Coach Jimmy K. These programs have preset frequencies or a combination of multiple frequencies and a preset time for the therapy program. The only thing you can adjust in programs is the intensity.

Intense Pain
Neuro-Circulatory Dystonia
Gynecologic Pain

Gynecology Hormonal

Gastro-Intestinal Pain
Common Cold
Potency (ED & Testosterone)

Back Pain & Inflammation
Joint Pain

Screening Mode

This DENAS PCM 6 program pulses energy packets into the skin and muscle for 5 seconds and gives you a reading of 0 to 99. Using this program will help you find meridian blockages and areas of inflammation. Then you can dose the area with a chosen therapy program or frequency to help address the imbalance

MED Mode (Minimum Effective Dose)

The MED Mode is an automated program, which applied for rehabilitation and prophylaxis in cases of physical and mental overexertion, syndrome of chronic fatigue and diseases of internal organs, including prophylaxis of colds during epidemics. 

DENAS PCM 6 Children's Mode

This program limits the application of maximum exposure power for children. A much-needed mode for those who treat their children and take care of the psychological convenience of treatment, as a high power could be unpleasant for young children.

The DENAS PCM 6 Mono and Variable Frequency Modes

Therapy regimen 1.0 – 9.9 HZ – Ultra-low frequencies for individual selection of specific health issues. 100 designated frequencies including 7.8 Hz for earthing therapy.

Therapy 10 HZ – Universal therapy for correction of psycho-emotional state and for prolonged effect of Pain relief and internal restoration, The frequency 10Hz develops a lasting regulatory therapeutic effect. 10Hz is a brain frequency.

Therapy 20 HZ – It’s a basic treatment frequency of biologically active points on hands (Su Jok), feet and ear. Endocrine pathology. Infertility. The frequency 20Hz develops a lasting regulatory therapeutic effect within 20-60 minutes and is observed for several hours. It is also used to prolong the therapeutic effects of other frequencies in internal organs.

Therapy 60 HZ and 77 HZ – universal frequencies, widely applied with symptomatic local complaints for correction disorders of internal organs. If you don’t know which frequency to choose for your current symptom, apply 77 or 60 Hz and receive result. Recommended for pain relief, improvement of local and regional blood flow, for the treatment of inflammatory processes and so on in acute period and period of rehabilitation.

New therapy frequency 125 Hz which was implemented earlier in DENAS-Osteo device. Effects are headache treatment and relaxation. The frequency of 125 Hz has a mild sedative effect. Thanks to this mechanism of enhanced frequency of pain relief through the blockade of nerve impulses applied for zonal diagnostics. You can find with its help the pathological zones on your body. While you move the unit over a skin, it gives the signal when it is in contact with them. The pathological zones should be treated in Therapy mode (any of the frequency, mostly 60-77 Hz).

Therapy 140 HZ – Special program for therapy of pain, edema, inflammation, rehabilitation in case of spinal and joint diseases.

Therapy 200 HZ – Applied in order to relieve VERY INTENSE pain, in cases of lesions of the musculoskeletal system, pathologies of the peripheral nervous system, traumas and emergency care, plus in cases of acute inflammation, pain, acute illness, severe itching (insect bite, allergies), has pronounced decongestant effect, as well as relieving effect. Lasts from several minutes to one hour. In order to increase the therapeutic efficacy, subsequently an individual may apply lower or ultra low frequencies

New Therapy regimen 77-10 Hz – Recharging alternating pulses of 77 Hz and 10 Hz, relaxes, reduces blood pressure, helps to fall asleep, causes a sedated relaxing effect.

New Therapy regimen 77-20 Hz – Achieves an anti-stress effect providing elimination of a nervous state of anxiety and fear, depression, etc. In addition, the frequency modulation of “77 20” gives a pronounced vascular (regulates vascular tone) and lymphoid drainage effects.

Therapy 77AM – provides effects opposite to those that occur when using the “7710”. This frequency tones, raises blood pressure, relieves drowsiness. Suggested use for toning and cosmetic facial therapy.

How the DENAS PCM 6 technology can help with Health issues

Pain Relief

Many diseases are accompanied by a pain syndrome. The pain is the cry of your body for help. The intention to lower pain is the first wish of a patient or a victim. The device is capable of meeting this wish in full. The analgesic effect comes first. That is why, alleviation is the first result of device operation which stuns the patient. Due to this fact, application of devices of the DENAS PCM 6 energy therapy can be used for pains of any origin (traumas, diseases, inflammatory processes).

The mechanism of pain liquidation is complex, it is described enough in special literature. One of this mechanism’s elements is generation of special substances (endorphins and others) in the human body. While operating, the device increases production of these substances in the body, which results in the fact that even patients suffered from malignant neoplasm reject gradually taking narcotics.


Through the application of DENAS PCM 6 energy therapy, the regulatory system mobilizes protective forces of the body for the fight with viruses, bacteria and other agents caused inflammation without general symptoms of intoxication or with them. Improvement of blood circulation in the nidus of inflammation increases sharply the number of blood cell elements which carry out phagocytosis (eating away of infection causative agents). The increase in venous outflow from the nidus of inflammation contributes to quick washing toxins produced by viruses and bacteria thus poisoning the patient out of the inter-cell space and cells of damaged tissues.

At the same time, the stimulating pulse of the device activates the cellular and humoral link of immunity thus resulting in quicker elimination of the cause of inflammation (viruses, bacteria, etc.).

The therapy may either block the inflammatory process at its early stage (if the device is used immediately after the first symptoms arise) or accelerates all stages of the inflammatory process (approximately by 2-3 times).

Due to such action, these devices are successfully used at both local inflammatory processes (furuncles, carbuncles,  septic wounds, etc.) and various infection diseases (acute respiratory infection, influenza, angina, inflammatory diseases of bronchus, lung, heart, urogenital system, viral hepatitis, etc.).


This effect is ensured by the vascular effect of devices: venule diameters, venous and lymph outflow get increased. Due to this effect, DENAS energy therapy is used on edemas connected with diseases of veins, heart pathology, disturbance of lymph circulation, diseases of the urogental system, insect bites, etc. The positive result may become evident in 5-10 minutes after starting the session.

Muscle Relaxation

DENAS PCM 6 energy therapy helps liquidate spasm of not only from blood vessel muscles but of organs of unstriped muscles (esophagus, stomach, gallbladder, bowels, uterus, ureter, urinary bladder, etc.). That is why, devices are successfully applied at spasms of organs of unstriped muscles, at diseases of skeletal muscles, bearing disorder, scoliosis, osteochondrosis.

Vascular ( Vasodilation )

Walls of all arterial vessels have a muscular layer which tonus is regulated by the vegetative nervous system. At dilatation of peripheric vessels the blood pressure gets decreased resulting in congestion of blood, devascularization, energy deficit. At contraction of vessels their lumens get decreased or closed (vasospasm).

This results either in a decrease in blood supply or in cessation of blood supply in some organ or part of the body. Spasm of peripheral vessels may result in an increase in blood pressure.

As soon as functioning of the vegetative nervous system is balanced the tonus of vessels gets restored thus improving the supply of blood to the organ or the part of the body. The blood pressure gets normalized.

The most often is the case when disturbance of regulation of the vessel lumen manifests itself by vasospasm. DENAS PCM 6 frequency therapy may restore the regulatory ability of the vegetative nervous systems which results in dilatation of blood vessels: the arterial flow, venous outflow will improve. As the result, the blood circulation is improved, the reserve blood vessels for parts of the body with insufficient blood circulation get opened. The stable dilatation of lumen of vessels contributes to the growth of new small blood vessels (collaterals), which is very important for parts of the body with blood-vessel occlusion or cicatrix.

Due to the effect of removal of vasospasm and its consequences application of these devices is indicated at such dangerous diseases as myocardial infarction, stroke, Raynaud’s disease; at chronic diseases – myocardial ischemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, varix dilatation, thrombophlebitis; also at all diseases which are not connected directly with the vascular system but at which vessels suffer as the result of complication thus hampering therapy of the main disease (diabetic angiopathy, polyneuritis, paralysis, diseases of joints, etc.).

The effect of improvement of the blood flow in the terminal bloodstream allows to apply successfully these devices for quick liquidation of edema (including allergic edema) and soft tissue bruise.


The DENAS PCM 6 may be used at any decrease in the protective forces of the body (at disturbance of the nonspecific link, at humoral and cell immunodeficiency): of ailing children, at prolonged bronchitis and pneumonia, diarrhea, recurrent and persistent helminthic and parasitic diseases, difficult-to-heal infection of the reproductive (genital) system, etc.

Fever and Infection

Denas frequency therapy can be efficiently used to lower the high temperature of the human body at any disease. At that, the dynamics of temperature lowering differs advantageously from that at the use of medicine, since the temperature gets lowering gradually, and the body, especially the cardio-vascular system, has the time to adapt to new conditions. At lowering temperature with the help of medicine the temperature may decrease sharply (critical) which is accompanied by heavy weakness, abundant exudation, sometimes, by the loss of consciousness.

30 Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the Denas PCM 6 with conditions! You must attend several of our weekly training webinars over the 30 days from receipt to learn how to use it or call Coach Jimmy K directly and let him help you learn how to use the DENAS correctly to address the  health issues you have. Failure to contact us for training forfeits the 30 day guarantee.

Return Policy

Unlike Amazon and other Russian sellers that do not offer accept returns! We offer a money back guarantee with conditions listed above.

The DENAS PCM 6 has a 30 day money back guarantee with a 15 % restock fee. The device must be in original clean unsoiled like new condition and include the operators manual and power cable. You must contact us directly to get a RMA ( Return Merchandise Authorization) The Buyer is responsible for return postage.  Any unauthorized returns will be charged a 30% restock fee or returned to sender.  Also any and all attachments, electrode pads, garments are non returnable. If they are defective they will be replaced but you must mail us the damaged garment or attachment before we will ship a replacement.

Denas PCM Accessories to enhance the therapeutic benefits

Back Garment


Special designed back garment for lower back pain. Comfortable neoprene material allows you to wear it all day. 

Neck Garment


Special designed garment for neck pain and cervical inflammation. Includes connector cable for the DENAS PCM 6

DENAS Glasses

DENAS PCM 6 Glasses to address eye issues

Snail Probe

Russian Scenar Snail Probe Pic 2

Special Snail Probe applicator that allows you to dose two areas at one time. Great for headaches, sinus inflammation and Vagus nerve therapy.

Conductive Spray


Conductive spray for skin, garments and electrode pads. This spray will enhance the life and conductivity of your pads.

Weight 32 oz

124 reviews for DENAS PCM 6 with Case, Cable, Pads & Lifetime Training & Support

  1. Ana

    My name is Ana. I have been using the PCM6 for years. It’s a great product. A couple of years ago I had a bad accident, in a lot a pain. The DENAS was a lifesaver. A few months back I tweaked my leg and back – used the DENAS for two days and the issue resolved. Wonderful product. Will not disappoint. Just a word about Coach Jimmy – he rocks! When he tells you he is there for you – he is there for you. His webinars are excellent. His content is something you will not find anywhere else. They are very informative and educational.

  2. Rosemary Acevedo

    I love my pcm6! It has been invaluable in treating my foot neuropathy, muscle sprains, shingles, acute sinusitis etc. I could go on. 👍🏻

  3. Rosemary Acevedo

    I heard about pcm6 from a doctor and started using it after watching the training webinars with coach Jimmy. I love my pcm6 it is invaluable in all its applications.

  4. Art Bjork

    This has been a part of life for 6 years + use it for everything everyday!

  5. Veronica Mc Cabe

    Hello, my name is Veronica. I am a therapist from Ireland.
    Denas PCM 6 is the Most amazing device you will ever need. Pains, strains, muscles, & brains… & energy….Need to try and the decide!!
    Wont be left short of training or information thanks to Coach Jimmy K who is always there at the end of the phone or email to help. Seriously! who gets anyone who answers a phone these days..Coach Jimmy does!!! As the saying goes..He does what he says on the TIN!!. Thanks Coach Jimmy, you have helped in the healing of many of my clients.

  6. Michael Cheah

    My Denas PCM 6 purchased from Coach Jimmy K is the best of the best in improving your total well-being. Whatever issues you have over time it will be resolved. Thanks Coach Jimmy K for the follow-up free webinars. You exceed my customer experience. Take care, stay safe and God bless.

  7. Melanie K

    The Denas PCM6 is a wonderful device! From bug bites to tooth pain to hip pain, to swelling reduction and so much more, this device has helped our family in a very significant way. The education that is included with the device is amazing – from weekly webinars which include time for personal questions as well as one on one phone calls – you cannot find better customer support, after the sale – anywhere! This has been one of the best purchases we have made – ever – since you get the trainer with the product! We purchased this over 3 years ago and could not be more pleased. You will not be disappointed!

  8. John H Wright

    My review is about the PCM6 I was in bad shape with lower back problems to the point of not being able to function and I found this site and tried the PCM6 and in a short while I recived relief from my pain and am now in great shape I have also bought and use the EarthPulse PEMF and I have sung the praises to anyone that would listen and refured them to the web site many times I would give both Products a thumbs up they are a life saver in my mind

  9. Jan

    I am a changed person because of the DENAS PCM 6. I am in a daily routine after a year and a half. I don’t even put much thought into hooking up the Denas and going about my business and daily chores. Five days on two days off.

  10. Franklin Barber

    We love our Denas PCM 6! This is one valuable home device to address health issues as we get older. My wife and I have owned and used this device for years and it has proven it’s worth time and time again. Through Coach Jimmy’s webinars we have learned to treat many ailments and afflictions with awesome results. This is our “go to” device for pain, circulation, stress, and overall wellness head to toe. Thank you Coach.

  11. Carolyn Zahn

    I won’t leave home without my Denas PCM 6. It’s a pain buster from toothaches to stomach issues and my fibromyalgia also. This is my go to For pain relief. My husband and I each have our own machines and we have gifted others with this awesome product. I will only purchase from Coach Jimmy K, the man knows the human body and is excellent in addressing health issues, we love attending his weekly webinars to learn how to use our PCM 6 on other issues that may arise. Coach Jimmy is well versed in all the products he carries and the customer service is dynamite.

  12. Elaine Stevens

    The Denas PCM-6 makes my back pain, leg pain, headache, nausea disappear! This little SCENAR device is amazing! Coach Jimmy is constantly having training webinars to give customers up-to-date therapies and refresh our memories about past topics. I use mine daily to heal bug bites, smooth facial wrinkles, tooth infections, so much more! I’ll never regret this purchase. NEVER!

  13. Terri May

    The PCM 6 is a fantastic way to take control of your pain. I have used it for sprains, pain and inflammation. I have had it two years and don’t know how I did without it and have not had an issue with it’s quality or use.

  14. Alex Kiszewski

    My PCM6 is an indispensable part of my self-care toolbox.It has helped me to overcome many issues with pain due to injuries, muscle strain and digestive function.My 94 y.o. mother was restored to a more normal walking function fairly quickly.Equally important is the personal guidance and support you will receive from Coach Jimmy.It is rare to find the level of commitment that he offers to his “family”(customers).

  15. Tazz

    Oh my goodness, this PCM 6 PUPPY has brought relief to me and my Family for years now. It’s our personal traveling GUN that shoots healing frequencies to everyone in need, and it doesn’t need to be hooked up to electricity to do the tricks that are needed. It’s relieved headaches, severe neck and shoulder pains, helps me to relax and it even prepares me for sleeping well. Plus, my friends neuropathy has almost been eliminated – no more stinging needles in her tootsies.

  16. Sinewave

    Thanks to listening to Coach Jimmy on the Common Sense Show I bought my PCM6 in Aug 2018 and have used it everyday since. My favorite is the Schumann´s Resonance twice a day. I also use it on my L4/L5 lumbar region, foot Neuropathy, pain relief from athletic injuries, stress relief, and other ailments.
    The best part of DENAS however is Coach Jimmy. God blessed us with this man of integrity. On my first call with him I had an instant friend for life. Thank you Coach!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dina Wiedman

    My name is Dina. I am one of those who has never been able to tolerate medicine, have allergies to the planet and everything on it, have seemingly diagnosable episodes of needing hospitalization, etc. I research everything! I ran across some research about the Denas when searching for a solution to fat pad atrophy and neuropathy in my feet. I cautiously purchased the Denas because the offer included lifetime training. WOW!! This device and Jimmy’s training have changed my life. I can walk again without pain. The training is priceless. Little did I know this was my life’s search answer. You will not be disappointed

  18. Pamela Williams

    Everyone in our family loves the Denas PCM6. It has helped us with all kinds of pain. I am sitting here running it with the back garment on for back pain as I write this review. I would not want to be without the PCM6.
    The webinars are wonderful. Coach Jimmy provides us with training weekly that helps me understand how to get the best results with my pcm 6. and will answer any questions that we have regarding our pcm 6.

  19. Tony Williams

    The Denas PCM6 has helped ease the phantom pain after I lost my arm in an accident. It is wonderful for all kinds of nerve pain and it helps me relax. You will be amazed how versatile the PCM6 is for addressing all kinds of pain.

  20. Pamela Williams

    The Denas PCM6 and the Sedona Pro PEMF have helped me to take less thyroid medicine and to be in better health. It is like a One-Two Punch when using both the PCM6 and the Sedona Pro to knock down pain and other health problems. This is so much better for the body as a whole than masking problems with drugs.

  21. Arthur

    Coach Jimmy’s customer service is most excellent..appreciate his expert advice on how to use the pcm6 correctly when i need it..I did my research before I bought my Denas and I’m glad we bought from someone who’s there when you need them.thank you Coach Jimmy and staff. So happy to have a way to work with lower back pain without taking any big pharma drugs…the pcm 6 has really worked for me..thanks coach

  22. Arthur

    The pcm 6 is indispensable here on the farm..after working 16 hours a day it provides me with the pain relief I need without taking any kind of pain relief drugs.. The Denas PCM 6 is truly a blessing. I feel like Gods grace really came to me upon finding Coach Jimmy…the pcm6 has really helped me and my family thank you. I’ve been using my Denas pcm 6 for lower back and knees…I’m in better shape now than when I started..downright amazing, I’m a lucky man to have found out about the Denas PCM 6 and Coach Jimmy K..thank you

  23. Harolyn Quinn

    The PCM6 and the webinars from Coach Jimmy K has changed my life. The different protocols keeps me out of pain and functioning. I am now able to take control of my own health.

  24. Darlene Wagner

    A horrible dental experience in Mexico left me in so much pain and trauma it actually made my hair fall out. A Master Chinese herbalist said the only thing he knew might help was a Denas machine, which I had never heard of. The Denas noticeably calmed the pain and aided in healing and I believe saved me from loosing my teeth. I invested in many of the products and have benefited immensely when I use them for all the aches and pains that life throws at me. I would have never believed such a product existed had I not experienced it myself. I am still learning and it is so nice to have the answers readily available by such a kind and caring trainer as Coach Jimmy. You will not regret taking advantage of this technology ~ it is remarkable.

  25. Ronald Daminski

    The PCM 6 assisted in relieving a painful area in my teeth with one applicaqtion

  26. Donna Daminski

    After I fell, I used the PCM 6 on my left leg and knee, the next day there was no pain or swelling.

  27. Gary Hickman

    I had horrible sciatic pain for months, went to chiropractors, exercises, inversion table, nothing helped. I could not sit down for more than 5 minutes w/o excruciating pain.
    My wife had been talking about this Denas machine for a few months. I was hesitant. She was tired of seeing me in pain and ordered one, with the back belt. I started using the Denas as we watched TV. I was able to sit during the treatment (1 1/2 hours by the chart I was using) and for a few minutes after.
    I was using the recommended frequencies and the “Back” program. After a week I felt some relief. I changed from using the “Back” to “Muscle” program and was instantly much better. Two WEEKS after I started using the Denas, my sciatic pain was COMPLETELY GONE!!! This was over a year ago, and still doing great!

  28. Ramona Lee

    I’ve had extreme problems with sinus infections for over twenty years to the point I could not dust or vacuum. I stared using the Denas PCM 6 when I felt an infection coming on, which used to be frequently. I did a treatment everyday for a couple of months and problem went away. Every once in awhile I still give myself a treatment for the sinus but it’s now once or twice every few months. It has changed my life. I love this thing.

  29. Charles Doucet

    Jimmy has excellent products and customer

  30. Lynn Phillips

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my DENAS PCM6! I use it every day, and will NEVER be without it! I use it for all kinds of miscellaneous aches and pains! I use it on my knees, on my face, my shoulder, and use it on my family and friends! My favorite is using on the vagus nerve for balancing sympathetic/parasympathetic activity. I will never be without it!!!

  31. Cathy Jones

    purchased the Denas PCM6 about 10 months ago for hip pain. The pain had been becoming worse and my other hip was starting to hurt as well as I was compensating for the pain in the other hip. The PCM6 had been recommended over and over in several newsletters that I receive. The only question I had was where to purchase it. After doing research on the internet & YouTube, I decided to purchase my device from Denas Pain Relief Store. Part of my decision was based on reviews that stated that there was little information on how to use after you purchase the device, as well as the limited information on YouTube. Purchasing from Denas Pain Relief Store was the best decision I have ever made. Most people who stated that they liked the device in reviews, stated that it is not difficult to figure out, and that is partly true, at least on a surface level. However, most of those people probably do not have a clue about all the different things you can do with this device. With the training provided by Coach Jimmy K, you will begin to see how versatile this device actually is. If you purchase the device from the store, you also get lifetime training that has been invaluable. Is it more expensive? Absolutely yes, and worth every penny! Coach Jimmy K is very knowledgeable and generous with both his time and knowledge. Customer service is excellent! Coach Jimmy K returns all calls and answers all emails. I can’t say the pain disappeared the first time I used the device, but I can say that I saw a significant decrease the first time using it. As I used the device on a regular basis and according to Coach Jimmy K’s instructions, the pain decreased daily until I have no pain at all today and full range of motion. It took about 6 weeks for the pain to completely disappear. Pretty amazing for me as the hip issue was from a birth defect and had been becoming increasingly painful over the last few years.

    I would highly recommend purchasing the PCM6 or any of the other devices that Coach Jimmy K . Com and Denas Pain Relief Store sells as they stand behind their products and provide quality training and free lifetime access to Coach Jimmy’s weekly training webinars. The webinars are exclusive to their customers that purchase from Coach Jimmy K or Denas Pain Relief Store so they understand the full potential of the PCM 6.

  32. Selina

    It’s been over two years since purchasing my first Denas PCM6. I have used it to get pain relief from chronic hip pain, acute gum and tooth pain, and lessen vision problems. For the hip pain, I was able to do yard work or go shopping while using the PCM6 as it runs on two AA batteries and can be attached to electro therapy garments or sticky pads. Coach Jimmy’s free webinars provide how-to-use information on slides that can be screen-saved and also a live Question and Answer session.

    A friend used my loaner PCM6 to get rid of severe back pain and after that, stopped laughing at my PCM6. Another person used my loaner PCM6 and webinar notes on neuropathy to help get the nerves below her waist working again. Another friend used my loaner PCM6 and webinar notes on trauma to help speed up surgical recovery for her pet dog.

  33. Loretta Enz

    I was first introduced to the Denas PCM 6 by Dr Mount and procrastinated buying one because I had a tens unit and when I broke my shoulder, medical insurance issued me a H-Wave unit. I didn’t know I was doing more harm than good with these devices. I finally purchased the Denas PCM 6 and was sorry I waited so long. I love my PCM 6! This little device is a “miracle machine”! Before I retired I would carry it to work everyday in my lunch bag just in case I needed it. “Stress reliever!” I don’t know how Coach Jimmy does all he does. He always answers the phone or returns my call when I leave a message. When I email him, he calls me, even when he could have just replied to my email, it’s hard to find that kind of customer service today when everything is automated. He’s helped so many people around the world with so many issues on a personal level. His webinars are packed with so much information. I also learn so much during the question and answer time of the webinars when people ask questions about different health issues they want to use the PCM 6 on. The webinars have been a blessing to me. Thank you Coach Jimmy!

  34. Diane (Rodriguez)

    We have used the PCM6 for over a year now for many problems such as back pain, bug bites, after surgery to help area heal, headaches & other problems. I have learned so much from Coach Jimmy on ways to use it & will continue learning as time goes by. I am thankful for Coach & for the device.

  35. Angela Branch-Roberson

    I love using my PCM6 pain relief device. I tend to have cold hands so I use the glove garment twice a day. I have been doing this for 3 weeks and my hands are feeling so much better already. I will continue to use it!
    Angela from Colorado

  36. Angela Branch-Roberson

    Angela from Colorado
    I use the foot pads for the PCM6 for neuropathy in my feet. It is helping me to walk better and I haven’t had my feet cramp up for several months. Also, I don’t have that terrible needle poking feeling in my feet. I will continue to use my PCM6 because I love how my feet feel after each use.

  37. Ariel Cadogan

    My Name is Ariel and my nephew burned his finger. He used the DENAS and the pain from the burn went away within 48hrs. He was a huge skeptic and he became a believer. I was able to help him through the protocol learned from Coach Jimmy. Coach Jimmy is very informative and you learn a lot through the seminars.

  38. Ariel Cadogan

    The DENAS PCM 6 has helped my co-workers using the Med mode. My co-workers suffer from bronchitis and other respiratory aliments . The med mode is one of the many protocols in the DENAS to help repair the body. These protocols I learned attending coach Jimmy K’s webinars which he takes his time to educate and provide knowledge so that the average layman can understand. That’s the main reason I purchased from Coach Jimmy is because he is the only person that I’ve found online that offers free lifetime training and support and stands behind what he sells. He and the staff are always just a phone call whenever I have a question or want to help a friend with my PCM 6 Thank you Jimmy for your patience and perseverance, May God bless you with infinite knowledge as keep helping your fellowman.

  39. Ron M

    I’ve have problems with my lower back, neck and one of my knees. I’m sure the problems with the knee is just the usual wear and tear of living.

    The problems with my neck and lower back stem from a bad automobile accident I had may years ago. Thanks to the seat belt, I was able to, more or less, walk away from it. But, the physical therapist did tell me the injuries to my back and neck would come back to bother me later in life. And, they did.

    My back started bothering me first. I was able to use a TENS unit on it for a while but it can only do so much.

    I heard Coach Jimmy being interviewed one day by a Doctor and he explained the DENAS PCM6 and how it differs from a TENS device. Where the Denas actually communicates with the body to help repair the issue instead of just blocking the pain signals or masking the problem like TENS does. It sounded like a much better option. After doing my own research, I bought one and used it on my back and it was such a wonderful relief for it.

    The purchase of the DENAS PCM6 comes with lifetime training webinars. I attended them as often as I could. I learned how to use the device for other health related issues. So, when my knee started bothering me, I already had the knowledge from the training webinars on how to use the DENAS PCM6 on it.

    When I started getting bad headaches and it was determined they were coming from my old neck injury, I started using the DENAS PCM6 on it also. I went ahead and purchased a second DENAS PCM6 so I could use both of them to treat various issues at the same time. I knew I could do that from the training webinars.

    My most recent acquisition is the Sedona Pro PEMF system. I have had it for about 6 weeks as of this writing, and it is already showing its worth. And, again, there are lifetime training webinars associated with it.

    I find the two devices to be quite complimentary and I use both of them regularly. I expect to be using them all for years to come.

    I have to say that Coach Jimmy finds the best of the best products available on the market.

  40. Linda

    All I can say is “Awesome!”, both for the PCM6 and for Coach Jimmy K. My experience over the years with Coach Jimmy K and the Denas Pain Relief store has been great. Jimmy is very generous, and he obviously cares about his customers.

    If you are on the fence about whether or not to buy from the Denas Pain Relief store because of the cost, I want to let you know you’ll get a bargain when purchasing from Jimmy. Before I heard about Jimmy, I had purchased a PCM6 from another seller. He was nice enough, and his machine was less expensive. But the training he provided was pretty basic, and he charged a LOT of money for more in-depth training. After completing his basic training, I was able to use the PCM6, but not for many things, and I was a little frustrated. At that point someone told me about Coach Jimmy K and the Deans Pain Relief store, so I checked him out. After doing some research, I decided to share my first PCM6 with a friend, and I purchased another machine from Jimmy. That was a great decision! Coach Jimmy’s training has been comprehensive and detailed. He has frequent live and recorded webinars that are chock full of useful information, and I have a large and growing library of treatment protocols to pull from. Jimmy also stays on after the webinars, patiently answering questions, sometimes for hours. He helps us unravel complicated treatment issues too. Because of Jimmy’s extensive training and ongoing support, I now feel quite confident about using my PCM6 for many things. And I’ve been able to take the training wheels off too. I have been able to create successful protocols for a number of issues that we haven’t covered yet in the trainings.

  41. Linda

    I LOVE my PCM6! It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I carry it with me almost everywhere, and use it literally every single day, both on myself and others. Thanks to Coach Jimmy’s extensive training, I’ve been able to help people with an expansive list of issues, including: bruises, cuts, insect bites, acute and chronic pain, burns, itching, inflammation and swelling, gut aches, nausea, vomiting, headaches, anxiety, high blood pressure, ear infections, sore muscles, menstrual cramps, constipation, tooth and gum pain and infections, decreasing an elderly Alzheimer’s patient’s confusion and agitation, speeding the healing of the skin, muscle and nerve damage and scarring from a recent brain tumor surgery, removing warts and actinic keratoses, skin tightening and toning… The list of things we use it for keeps growing. The PCM6 is also great for relaxing and grounding, and I use it in my massage practice for many things.

    My PCM6 is my trusty companion. My daughter jokes that she knows if she complains about anything (including homework difficulties), my answer is probably going be to pull out my PCM6 and put it somewhere on her. She says it works, but she likes to tease me that she’s going to start buying stock in a AA battery company (although in reality the batteries last a long time in the PCM6).

  42. Ken Wagner

    What a great Product! About two years ago I purchased the Denas to help my wife with some of her medical problems. Unfortunately she is not the type to use a machine to help her pain. She would much rather take a pill. After sitting in the drawer for a while I decided to use it myself on my clicking jaw.
    So I followed the directions for TMJ for two days and no more clicking jaw! I have used this machine at least once a week for many aches and pains. Coach Jimmy K is the greatest. Always there to help when you need him.

  43. Lori Geiger

    My name is Lori from Guadalajara, Mexico; I only have one word, AMAZING! It has completely changed our lives, best purchase we have ever made. Worth ever penny, a fantastic product, and the support / webinars offered by Coach Jimmy K is priceless. He takes care of his customers, it really shows he cares. I have learned so much and new applications from his webinars. Highly recommend the PCM 6, as well as Coach Jimmy K. You won’t find a better product line; or better online support anywhere. Simply the best.

  44. Kimberly Wright

    We love our PCM6. My husband and I use it on a regular basis. It has largely eliminated trips to the chiropractor. Coach Jimmy is an awesome guy and he really does amazing work guiding everyone on how to use this device so that you can get all the benefits it offers. Thank you Coach Jimmy!

  45. Hiong, Goh

    I have used the PCM6 for more than 2 years to treat my nose block, knee pains due to arthritis, backaches. It was a quick aid without the need for painkillers and their side effects. I have also used it to treat stomach bloating. It is highly recommended to get one for the family.

  46. Ralph R. Stephens, LMT

    I like the PCM-6 so much I have two of them. I use them on myself and regularly on patients. (I am a Medical Massage Therapist.) I have many electro-therapy devices and this is the best and most bang for the buck I have found. The training and support provided by Coach Jimmy K is the best you will find anywhere. No one else provides this level of support and expert consultation, free with purchase. The webinars are excellent sources of health information as well as specific applications of the PCM-6. I highly recommend the therapy garments Coach Jimmy has made. They make it much easier and effective to treat the low back, hips, kidneys, liver, neck, etc., or what ever joint. There are different ones for many applications. My patients love the sock for foot issues and the glove for hand problems. Eye conditions? – use the DENAS goggles. And don’t forget to purchase the Signa-Spray conductive liquid for use with both the built in electrode and the therapy garments. Another great product. The units are well built, easy to learn how to use through Coach Jimmy’s webinars, and battery life is impressive. They are a comfortable handful size, so easily portable for use when traveling in cars, planes, or to take to help a friend/family. It easily fits in a purse, briefcase, or pocket and there is a carrying case available that can attach to a belt. The PCM-6 is the best investment you can make in your health, wellness, and pain relief. If I could only keep one of my many therapeutic devices, the PCM-6 would be the one.

  47. Claire Muzal

    I purchased a unit from Coach Jimmy two years ago after I fell and cracked my tailbone. I was in agony even on pain pills. I received my DENAS PCM6 on Wednesday afternoon and immediately began using it with the back garment. By Thursday afternoon when my children came over to check on me I was up and walking with minimal pain. They were astonished. I continued the therapy until all discomfort was gone – a couple of weeks. I have PD and fall on occasion, so this is my go to remedy for bumps and bruises. I have not had a pain pill in two years. I also react to bug stings and bites and several sessions at 77hz takes care of the swelling, redness, itching and heat. No benedryl or steroids needed! I always include a combination of frequencies that Coach Jimmy taught us on his webinar to aid my peace of mind. This little device is so versatile and can be used all over the body from the head to your toes! Sinuses, eyesight, earache, vagus nerve, peripheral neuropathy. I have used it on everything and although I still have PD, I haven’t increased my meds in that two years of time. Coach Jimmy’s webinars are so good at explaining the scope and capabilities of the DENAS!

  48. Bob Askland

    The PMC 6 has been helpful with neck and shoulder issues that I frequently experience. The large number of treatments available for various issues and the training provided is exceptional.

  49. Elaine Hullander

    I am so happy with this devise, so many programs, to treat problems. I do not want to take drugs, I always look for natural ways to solve issues. Used for my eyes, pain in knees, for foot reflexology, enhance memory, sleep issues,I can go on and on how wonderful this devise is, everyone should in vest in it!!! Also, our wonderful coach Jimmy is so patient with us and I enjoy all the Webinars and I take notes each time! Using this you get no bad side effects, it a blessing to own and use it. Thanks to our wonderful trainer, blessings to everyone!!

  50. Angela

    The Denas glasses have helped me during allergy season, which is now , with my sinuses. It gives me additional relief with headaches that I also get due to tree and grass allergies. This is the best investment I’ve ever made with equipment!

  51. Ronald Catt

    I was in excruciating pain in my right shoulder. I had to work 16 hour days. It was impossible. I used the Denas PCM 6 continuously and got through for 24 straight days. I couldn’t have lasted for 2 hours without it. It worked a miracle. I recommend it whole heartedly.

  52. Lisa

    Hi I’m still learning how to use the PCM6, so thankful that we have Coach Jimmy to help us get through this and learn how to get around any issues we might be having. I purchased a year ago and am still really happy to have this! Thanks!!

  53. Margie Maxwell

    I have had my PCM6 for many years and would never be without it. What an amazing device! Many years ago had incredible jaw pain which for over a year got worse and worse. Could barely open my mouth to eat and the pain kept me awake at night. Just 2 days of treatment with the Denas I was pain free and have had no return of the problem.
    Since then have used it for numerous problems and it has worked every time. Have been a customer of Coach Jimmy all these years and his caring, customer service and training is second to none. The man truly is an Angel in Disguise!

  54. Melanie K

    We have had this for several years and are amazed at all of the ways it helps to promote inner health! Our Great Pyreneese dog, Nettles, was stung by a wasp and and her snout increased in size by a factor of four! We used the Denas PCM6 with the comb attachment on her for just a couple of sessions and her face was back to normal within a couple of hours! This really works!
    If you are on the fence about getting an energy delivering device, I recommend you go with Coach Jimmy K as he provides so much personal instruction and gives so much of himself with each customer to make sure that they are fully equipped to get the most out of the myriad of modalities that this device can help in repair and recovery! You will not find better “after the sale” service anywhere!

  55. Melanie K

    We have had the DENAS PCM 6 for several years now and have found so many wonderful uses for this amazing device. We live in the southeastern part of the country and the mosquitoes are particularly bad in the summer. My husband came inside one day with several bites that were bothering him. We applied the Point Probe attachment with the PCM 6 onto the bites and each time the itch went away immediately! (not to return again). There may be other PCM6 devices on the market but with Coach Jimmy K you also get – him – his knowledge, time and willingness to share because he is the “real deal” and truly cares.

  56. laila white

    I bought one for myself and i liked it so much that I bought one for my friend also. We are both very active and somewhat accident prone people, lol. Boy this really helps you to heal faster when you have over done it or pulled a muscle or whatever. It even soothes poison ivy ! Its just like a little electronic doctor, it has so many uses. I definitely recommend this to anyone! It has also been helpful for when you feel just too stressed out. I like the schumann frequency, it really brings you into a calmer state!

  57. Linda

    I love how many accessories there are for the Denas PCM6. That makes it incredibly versatile.

  58. Kimberly W

    This device is so amazing. We use it on a regular basis and it has helped my entire family resolve multiple injuries and pain. Thank you to Coach Jimmy for providing excellent education as well!

  59. Linda

    My friend’s sister had surgery to remove a grapefruit sized benign brain tumor. She had a large, thick, ropy scar over the area, and the skin was numb due to nerve damage from the surgery. I loaned her my PCM6 and a RED/NIR light device to use on the surgery site. After a few weeks the site was healing up nicely, and she said the numbness was receeding. When she went back for her 2 month checkup, the surgeon was surprised at her rapid progress, and said she was healing much more quickly than he’d expected. She was happy with the results, and plans to purchase her own PCM6.

  60. Linda

    A friend of mine is prone to frequent ear infections. Because she has a perforated ear drum, she’s leary of using liquids such as colloidal silver, or mullien/garlic drops in her ear. Recently she was preparing for a river rafting trip, and suddenly developed another ear infection. I showed her how to use the PCM6 on the area. She reported back that the pain had gone away quite rapidly, and in less than two days the infection had cleared up.

  61. Linda

    Another friend of mine had several gum line cavities filled by her trusted, long time dentist. Within a few days one of my friend’s newly filled teeth became very sensitive, and began to ache. A hard lump formed over the root of the tooth, and was painful when she pressed on it. She also developed some mild swelling in her face over that area. She needed to take 12 ibuprofin a day to deal with the discomfort. Since her trusted, long time dentist had a debilitating stroke several days after he’d filled her cavities, she had to try and find a new dentist that she trusted. In the mean time, I loaned her my PCM6 and showed her how to use it. A few days later she reported back that things were settling down nicely. The pain and swelling had steadily decreased. The lump no longer hurt when she pressed on it, and she was down to two ibuprofin per day. She felt like she was on the road to recovery, but went to another dentist to check it out to make sure. This dentist told her things seemed to be on the mend, and said to keep doing what she was doing.

  62. Pamela Landy

    Purchased DENAS PCM 6 for post surgery pain relief and how it can help the body repair naturally. I used it on the 4 hour drive pain free drive home from the hospital. Have successfully used it for pain relief and healing. Purchased back, knee and neck garments and love how convenient they are.

    I appreciate Coach Jimmy and his quick responses to questions and his very informational webinars on the products.

  63. Carla Clark

    I originally purchased the PCM6 when I heard a Doctor talk about the Denas PCM 6 and his experience of it’s potential on one of his podcasts. As a result I called and spoke with Coach Jimmy K to inquire further. I found him to be extremely approachable, very knowledgeable, caring and completely committed to helping people. He has a 200% care factor!!! He spent almost 30 min answering my questions as I explored the potential for using this product not only for myself, but for issues that both my husband and daughter were having with their health. I hung up the phone, talked it over with my husband and we decided to invest in one Denas PCM6 unit with the knee, back and neck garments. We used it the day we opened the package and were amazed at the almost instant relief we got from the pain frequencies alone. But our amazement didn’t stop there as we continued on and used the restorative frequency programs that actually signaled the brain to send neuro-peptides to the problem areas where true repairing therapy could commence. We haven’t stopped using this “miracle” tool since we purchased it over 2 years ago. The webinar support that is included in the purchase price is worth it’s weight in gold because there is so much to be gleaned not only from Jimmy, but from the world wide network of users that share their experiences with their PCM6. You perhaps could find a “cheaper” product on Amazon or Ebay but without the webinar support you are shooting in the dark and you probably won’t continue to use this amazing tool and unlock its true potential. So, don’t waste your time trust me, you want to buy this from Coach Jimmy! and you will never regret it because it’s options for addressing a very wide spectrum of pains and complaints (as well as wrinkle reduction in the face!!) are almost endless.

  64. Gregg Anderson

    I have been using my Denas for the past two years almost every day. It has done wonders for me, keeping my stress levels low, aiding and alleviating pain, and so much more.
    Also, I am very grateful for Coach Jimmy for all the guidance and love he gives to us. He even always makes time for me when I occasionally call him.

  65. Melanie K

    The Denas PCM 6 is useful for so many therapies. When our daughter went away to college three years ago, she decided that she needed to have one for herself. We are glad to have two units now that she is back home. With the garments and pads, we are able to treat multiple areas at the same time! Our whole family enjoys viewing the professional online training seminars given by Coach Jimmy K each week to better learn how the device can improve our lives through energy therapy. Don’t buy this device from anyone but Coach Jimmy K because he exceeds expectations in all manner of customer support. You will not be disappointed.

  66. Carla

    Last year my husband developed sepsis which almost killed him – literally. We were overseas at the time for a 6 week trip and ended up having to stay 6 months just for him to be able to fly home. As a result of the sepsis, an abscess formed on his spine from the L3 to the S1 and the pain was unbearable. During the hospitalization he was pumped with heavy duty antibiotics and pain meds but the ONLY thing that truly brought comfort to him was when I put the back garment on him and ran through the prodicals that Coach Jimmy recommended. Yes, that’s correct. I called Coach from overseas and he listened intently and with great concern. He said, “I am not a doctor but here are some things that might help”. We followed his suggestions and even the doctors were amazed at his recovery based on the appearance of the MRI of his spine. He wore the back garment and PCM6 as he walked the hallways of the hospital with his walker. Each day the nurses would comment that he was walking stronger and straighter. Now a year and a half later, he is completely mobile, no walker or cane and swimming. He uses the PCM6 regularly because he not only feels the relief from pain, but sees the benefits in his mobility and flexibility. It’s like Master Card….don’t leave home without it!

  67. Carla

    Our daughter was in a car accident that caused her to have a herniated disc. The pain was incredibly crippling and the neurosurgeon recommended an epidural and if that wasn’t effective then surgery. My husband and I had experienced such incredible relief from back pain that we loaned her our PCM6 and back garment. She said the “pain programs” brought instant relief but we encouraged her to use the other frequency settings so that true healing could begin. She listened and as a result started to see some significant improvement…diminished pain and inflammation as well as restoration of movement. We ended up buying a PCM6 unit for her so we could have ours back!!! Today, she is back at work and enjoying life. She uses the PCM6 and back garment on a regular basis to sustain the repair and is believing that the follow up MRI will confirm the improvements that she is experiencing. She is sold on this. She uses the PCM6 and headband for her migraines as well and is very pleased with the results she is getting.

  68. Carla

    I have suffered from sinus problems for many years and was a frequent user of Sudafed because it was the only thing that seemed to stave off the sinus headaches. However, since using my PCM6 at the very first sign of any congestion I have been completely amazed at the relief. At first it took about 30 min of moving the electrode face from one sinus zone to the other but then during a webnar Coach Jimmy demonstrated the use of the snail probe and I was able to cut my time in half because I could work on 2 zones at the same time. I can’t even remember the last time I took a Sudafed. I can literally feel my sinus tracks opening up as I use this device. No more headaches and infection. Will never be found without this device.

  69. Denise Whitcomb

    We love out Denas PCM 6, this little puppy is in use daily! It helps the husband with neuralgia. Me for back and knee pain. In fact I put my knee out big time last spring. Couldn’t walk on it. Had to use a stick and limp slowly around. Used this PCM6 and the PEMF single magnet and back up and at it in no time. It did require time for a more complete healing but I was able to get rid of the crutch/stick within 2 days. On the 3rd day I was able to carefully grocery shop and did use the little go carts they have. Sure beats all the riga more roll of going to the Doctor and ER. Not to mention a whole lot cheaper in the long run as this machine has so many uses. We use it on arthritic areas. Also, have used it for bronchial and lung problems. The husband uses it for his sinuses. It last a good long time on 2 AA batteries which is a real nice thing! You will need training to use this properly and that’s why we bought from Coach Jimmy K. He has weekly webinars that you can attend that cover so much the PCM6 can do and he makes it easy to understand, so don’t sweat it!

  70. Carla

    I had experienced eye floaters from time to time and being in my late 60’s decided not to take this lightly. During the question and answer portion of one of the first few webinars I attended (which are included as part of the purchase from Coach Jimmy and which are extremely valuable) one of the callers asked about eye floaters. Coach Jimmy shared a protocol with her and I decided to try it. Voila! it works. It took several sessions over several days of 5 days on and 2 days off but NO MORE FLOATERS!!! I can’t stress how important these webinars are in learning about this intricate device. The applications of this tool are seemingly endless and it takes someone who has gone through the extensive hands on training that Coach Jimmy has undertaken to help unpack the power of this unit. Please please please DO NOT buy this PCM6 elsewhere and hope that you will get the support that you must have in order to get the maximum return on your investment. Those of us who have invested the time to go through the Webinar training truly appreciate the wealth of information available to us through Coach Jimmy’s well organized and clearly stated training sessions.

  71. Bonnie Keith, Southern Indiana

    I purchased my DENAS PCM 6 to help with foot pain (plantar fascitis) and wrist pain (carpal tunnel). Just a few 10 minute sessions for several days in a row takes the pain down immensely. When the problems creep back, just a couple 10 minute sessions puts the pain back in check. Very effective and well worth the money. So glad to have this therapy option before a surgery consult. I am a very satisfied customer and will purchase again!

  72. Melanie K

    Awesome Product! I struggled with Plantar Fasciitis for months until I learned from Coach Jimmy K that using the Denas PCM 6 would help with it. After only a week, the pain was gone. This device is invaluable for so many applications! If you are sitting on the fence about purchasing an energy therapy device, Coach Jimmy K’s training along with his personal one on one for trouble situations, make this an easy YES! You will not be disappointed.

  73. Melanie K

    This is a wonderful device to halt oral pain. I had a terrible tooth ache and was able to stop it in its tracks with the use of the Denas PCM 6. Thank you Coach Jimmy K for caring and sharing! His knowledge about this device is amazing and he freely provides weekly training for people to gain insight and understanding how best to get the most out of this incredible device! Thank you so much! Our family appreciates you and your whole staff.

  74. Bria G

    My mom bought me the Denas PCM6 for about 2 years now and I quickly learned how wonderful this device is. It has been super beneficial with my back/neck and foot pain. Coach Jimmy K is a great bonus as well. He has a wealth of knowledge to help you learn more and more about how this device can help you become pain free.

  75. Barbara Mayer

    I love my Denas PCM 6. I use is everyday. I take it with me ALL the time because it is so easy to use while I am doing other things, i.e…driving, working visiting people etc…It truly helps my body heal and restore. I use it on my eyes, which has restored my vision and helps keep my eyes healthy. I had blocked veins due to high blood pressure and the Denas PCM 6 has restored my eyes. I also use it on any aches and pain I have and it truly assist my body to repair itself and helps relieve my pain. I highly recommend it as a natural drug free method for addressing chronic pain
    and other health problems that we are faced with. Another plus is Coach Jimmy’s training webinar that are wonderful and very helpful in understanding how to use this wonderful device.

  76. Melanie K

    I love that this device is kid friendly – meaning that they can pick it up and use for their personal benefit after watching Coach Jimmy K’s brilliant training webinars! Our whole family gathers around the computer to learn as Coach Jimmy explains therapy after therapy using this amazing device! We could not be more pleased! You might find it cheaper elsewhere but no where will you find (at any price) the quality of long term support and training that you get with Coach Jimmy K – which is so valuable for optimal usage and improvement. Thank you so much, Coach Jimmy K!

  77. Rohan K

    The frequencies this little unit puts out really works. I purchased the Denas PCM6 from Coach Jimmy K a bit over a year now and when I did I had intestinal ailments and lower back problems. Thanks to the training/coaching from Coach Jimmy on how to use the unit and apply specific frequencies/therapy, I am happy to report that lower back pain and intestinal issues are no more. There are a few things in life you purchase and never regret, this is one of them. 🙂

  78. Dina Wiedman

    I originally purchased one of these and was so shocked at its capabilities and the results, I have now bought 3. My son loves his as he works in a physically demanding job, and my 86 year old ex husband is still working and using his Denas PCM 6 every day.

  79. Ariel Cadogan

    I love my neck garment it along with the denas, does wonders for my mom anxiety keeps her in a parasympathetic mode nice and mellow, i feel like i have graduated from medical school so much that i have learn. attending coach jimmy webinar they call me doctor at work every penny is worth it, spent on these devices.

  80. Arthur

    After all day making candles, cutting wick and trimming by hand our wrists can hurt.. the denas gloves with the pcm 6 is the wife emily wears them at the end of the day and totally alleviates wrist pain for her and myself..this machine is a DIY therapy for us well worth the cost..Thank you Coach

  81. Carla

    My daughter reported that she said the PCM6 helped her with menstrual cramping. She just laid the back garment across her abdomen and ran the PCM6 on the gyn pain program. Another time she told me she had a upset tummy from eating something that disagreed with her and she used the back garment laid across her tummy and ran the bloating program. And it worked! After attending a webinar in which Coach Jimmy showed us how to use the Denas PCM6 to stimulate collagen production on our faces to reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well as firm/tone the area, I decided to give it a try. That was 3 months ago and I can attest that this truly works. Sometimes I use the neck garment for the jowl line under the chin and other times I brush my face with the electrode face. Notable toning and firming of the skin in these areas. Truly remarkable.

  82. Carla

    I developed a frustrating case of tennis elbow after some strenuous gym work outs which just seemed to get worse over time. So I used the electrodes on either side of my and used the protocols for pain initially (200 hz and 60 hz) and then followed up with 7720, 7710 and 20. Took about 7 days of doing this 2x a day and pain completely disappeared.

  83. Lil

    Purchased Denas unit late 2019 for help with long-time lower back pain/issues. Has been a huge blessing. Without it, couldn’t have successfully done things I needed to do such as prepare a home for sale, accomplish 95% or more of the move by myself due to Coronavirus. Unit has been a tremendous help along with Coach Jimmy’s continuous training. Definitely recommend unit if you are experiencing chronic pain.

  84. Joseph Markhay

    In 2011, I came back home to Illinois after I was injured in Afghanistan and underwent two surgeries overseas. I was prescribed numerous medications which I have to take Daily in different periods to the point where they were over 30 types. In addition, once a month I have to go visit the infusion center at my local hospital to get a shot. I could not go to sleep without taking a pain medicine. My medical records show 19 emergency room visits and at least 4-5 minor procedures and a surgery.
    About a year and a half ago I found Coach Jimmy K. And this miracle Machine called DENAS-PCM6 which I used religiously everyday. Two weeks ago I visited my doctor; he prescribed me only four medicines. Thanks to DENAS, It re-energize my dead cells. I feel life is coming back slowly to my weak body. I spend a lot of money on herbals, vitamins and other supplements; Nothing came close to what DENAS machine has done to improve my condition. I highly recommend DENAS to family, friends, and to anyone who would like to see a positive change in their health condition. Joseph M.

  85. Brad T

    I had a friend who was in a bad car accident resulting in extreme whiplash. The modern medical system and chiropractic methods could not solve his kneck pain. He discovered SCENAR technology and purchased a device and was cured in two weeks of using it.

    Personally, I was coming down with tunnel carpal syndrome from bad ergonomics at my desk. Using his device for 30 minutes on each wrist completely cured the pain and inflammation in a single session. My mind was blown.

    Digging into the science behind SCENAR I learned that most disease and pain are caused by inflammation in the body due to a low voltage state at the cellular level, mostly caused by horrible diets and lifestyles. Increasing voltage would eliminate inflammation and allow the cells to properly operate, eliminating pain and illness. The western medical system completely ignores this field of study and wants to prescribe chemicals or surgeries to mask symptoms instead of curing the root cause.

    I purchased a DENAS PCM 6 as my “Doctor in a Box” go-to for any pain and injuries I may sustain, as well as a therapeutic part of my health and wellness. I’ve used it for fixing a shoulder injury sustained from hockey, which cut the healing time in half and negated surgery. I sliced my thumb with an x-acto knife very badly where typically would be a 15-day healing period. It completely healed in 3.5 days without a noticeable scar. That blew my mind.

    I’ll use it daily to simulate earthing (grounding) to top up bodily voltage and use it before going to bed using the ear clips to induce REM brainwaves for a night of better sleep.

    The DENAS PCM 6 is really a clinical quality device that has a large menu of the conditions it can treat, you need training and support to get the most out of it. With Coach Jimmy’s direct relationship with DENAS, he always has the latest discoveries and training protocols. His frequent live interactive video training sessions are why you want to buy your DENAS device from him if you want to see real results and know what you’re doing. His support has been amazing and is priceless.

    Over the years I’ve had friends and family also buy units with remarkable success stories and are extremely happy and thankful they discovered the PCM 6.

    Healing is voltage!

  86. Ariel Cadogan

    I cannot say enough about the denas and the repair capabilities that it has, my mom has being suffering with sciatica for over 30 yrs she is 91 she has being to chiropractors orthopedic, injections massage therapist acupuncturist you name it. to know avail, the denas has completely regenerated her nerve cells, no more sciatica completely gone thank you God then jimmy for the countless webinars and how to use the denas to regenerate and repair the body.

  87. Melanie K

    The Denas PCM6 is like having a portable therapist with you all the time. Learning about targeted frequencies for various conditions is such a blessing! The Training that you get with the purchase of one from this store is not like any that you can get elsewhere. My husband suffers from occasional knee pain and using the neckband garment with the protocols learned at those training webinars, the pain does not linger. We are so thankful and appreciative of Coach Jimmy K for the time he takes to make sure you are knowledgeable about the device and how best to use it.

  88. Linda

    This morning I was carrying a large pot of boiling water and slipped.  The hot water spilled over my left wrist and right foot.  Both areas quickly began to blister and were very painful.  I  rinsed the areas with cold water for five minutes, then began applying the Denas on the injured areas using the “Trauma” setting.  I had to alternate between the wrist and foot because the pain would start to build up in whichever area I wasn’t treating.  I also applied DMSO and misted the burns with Jimmy’s Angstrom Silver.  Within 45 minutes the pain was decreasing nicely, and I was able to go back to work.  Whenever the pain would start to return, I would treat the burns again.  But the intervals between treatments became longer and longer.  In less than two hours, the redness and swelling in both areas was receding rapidly.  There was still a strong sensation of heat in the burned areas, but the pain was completely gone.  By lunchtime, almost all of the blisters had reabsorbed, and the two that remained were only about the size of grain of rice.  By that time the sensation of heat had also disappeared. 
     Now it’s 5 hours later, and I’m no longer having to do any treatments.   From scalding and blisters to almost complete healing in just a few hours is amazing, and I am grateful!
    I’m sure the DMSO and Angstrom Silver helped a lot too, but I think the PCM6 was the star here. Things like this are why I carry my PCM6 with me everywhere!

  89. Alicia

    I just received my PCM6 a few weeks ago and I am in love with it !!! It is like having an angel by your side when you need it. I am experiencing daily with different programs and can’t wait to see more results as I use it more and more. Coach Jimmy is a talented, loving and compassionate person. He knows a lot about health and so much more … and his heart is golden !!! You can count on him to help you with whatever you need to understand, learn and use your device.

  90. Kristi W

    Our family has used our PCM6 for about 3 years. It’s paid for itself over and over in therapy vs medication. Back issues, got it covered. Knee pain, got that too. Headaches, gone.
    Customer service equal to that from Coach Jimmy K is unheard of these days. Webinars are informative, thorough and fun! And if you have a question, Jimmy will always make time at the end to answer.

  91. Lynn Bubbert

    I have had my Denas PCM6 for a little over a year now and have effectively used it for multiple things including sharing it with others. Sound, frequency and vibration is the healing of the future! I wouldn’t be without my Denas PCM6!

    On Memorial Day just 3 weeks ago I was walking along a local beach. My intention was just to wade my feet in the water, enjoy the sun and gentle ocean breeze. I had my keys and cell phone with me. All of a sudden giant waves began to break on the shore. I was between the waves and this section of beach had a 15 foot high sea wall with large boulders in front. I had no where to go. The waves came one on top of the next. I found myself constantly being slammed up against these boulders. Fortunately, someone called a life guard to come help me. It felt like forever before he arrived and I was pretty bruised up by then. After safely making it just a little ways down the beach, I realized that I had lost my sandals, sunglasses, keys and cell phone. My whole body hurt but the most prominent injury was just below my right knee. I had a fist size contusion that sat up higher than my knee. My car had to be towed home because I didn’t have my keys. For some unknown reason that day I had packed a bag with an extra set of clothes and my Denas PCM6. It took AAA about 45 minutes to break into my car. On the trip home which took an hour, I used the PCM6 on this large bump on my leg. By the time We arrived at home the swelling had decreased by about 50%. I was pretty amazed! It also took the pain away.

  92. Ariel Cadogan

    I would be remiss, if i dint mention the back garment my first purchase along with the denas to treat my moms back pain, and other part of your body including ur feet, to repair the body through this great technology, that at times is mind boggling how it really works, defenitely is divine intervention. Along with Jimmy another God sent with the passion and dedication dedication that he employs daily monthly yearly to bring us the best cutting edge technology for the betterment of our health, It takes a special and a strong will person to do what he does, may God.continue to bless him abundantly his family and staff health strength and prosperity.

  93. Lynn Bubbert

    I am a practitioner and help people with my Tachyon Healing Chamber in the Los Angeles area. This is a currently operational part of our future in healing. Here for our use now. Sometimes people come here searching for healing for long term problems or with chronic pain. I will tell them about the Denas PCM6 and offer to use it on them if they wish. My goal is to make life bearable for all those who are suffering with any issues.
    Many people are not aware that pain can be relieved with other methods besides taking a pill that has multiple side effects. They are pleasantly surprised that this is available now. I have received many good reports from those that have tried the Denas.

  94. Roberta D

    I just don’t know what I would do without my Denas. I’ve used my PCM6 for different issues. I had abscess on a tooth critical for a placement for a parcel. Had a hand that I hurt in a fall and it helped reduce the swelling and pain. I found out I have osteoarthritis and the PCM6 has helped me with the horrible pain of my osteo. I went in for a checkup and the .x-rays show no progression of it. Saved my ability to create art works. I continue to use for knee pain, blisters, eye stigma and helpful everyday issues. Earthing too! Thanks Coach Jimmy for your webinars, I enjoy them and learn other ways that my PCM6 can help me.

  95. Frank Zahn

    I suffered from terrible neck pain and tingling in my hands for the longest and nothing helped….nothing until I was introduced to Coach Jimmy K and this magic machine. Magic?? No not really but it has helped when nothing else did. When you purchase the PCM 6 from Coach Jimmy’s web store you get to join Coach Jimmy on his terrific webinars and you will be educated on the science behind this machine what It actually does. His webinars cover so many things that this magic machine can do after all this technology has been used in Russia and Europe for over 50 years. By the way I recently had a case of shingles….a lot of pain. But with the use of the PCM6 the pain was a lot less than I expected and the healing happened much quicker than my doctor predicted. My wife and I have both used the Denas PCM6 to help keep our blood pressure in normal range and that says alot during these trying and stressful times.

  96. Elizabeth R

    I love my Denas PCM6, so glad I purchased it from Denas Pain Relief Store and Coach Jimmy, as he was at the end of the phone for advice with my initial questions. Plus you can access the extra weekly webinars which are great to help you learn more about what the unit does. Something that isn’t available from other outlets.

  97. Annette Johnson

    I am so grateful that God led Coach Jimmie to offer this product. It has helped me recover from lower back pain, neck pain, a torn meniscus in my knee, a fractured hip socket and later heal from a hip replacement. Throughout it all Coach Jimmie was only a phone call or an email away for support when I needed it. The weekly webinars are a treasure trove of information for the Denas community. I am so glad that my son led me to purchase the unit and garments.

  98. Artur

    A friend highly recommended the DENAS technology and lifetime guidance from Coach Jimmy K, and I am very grateful that he shared this. The SCENAR technology has proved to have so many applications – I have used it for knee pain, headaches (migraine), inflammation (both tennis and golfer’s elbow) and also periodontitis. Coach Jimmy’s webinars are very inspiring and full of valuable knowledge, and he is very supportive and informative on how to use the PCM-6 device for a large number of health related issue. The PCM-6 is a medicine box I highly treasure. Doctor’s with an honest intent to heal a patient should prescribe frequencies rather than many today’s drugs (“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies” – Elbert Einstein).

  99. Terri May

    I need to mention the Webinars that go along with the PCM6. They are invaluable. I have a whole notebook full of screen shots of protocols that we are given on the webinars that allow me to look back and find what i need for any part of my body. And the Q& A at the end of the webinar allows you to ask any question you might have and hear form other people about what issues they have also. You really do feel like you belong to a family with the Denas webinars. Thank you Coach Jimmy K!

  100. Gary Gray

    My name is Gary. When I first became aware of Coach Jimmy and the Denas device, I already had a familiarity with energy devices. Especially Rife technology. At the time, I was 63 and had developed neuropathy in my right foot as well as long term discomfort in my left knee. I figured it was time to try something “non-traditional”. Much to my continuing surprise, I did a week’s worth of treatment to the numb foot and have not had a flare up in months! Pretty much the same with the knee. I am an avid golfer and the knees take a beating. I love using the Denas especially when relaxing in the evening.

    I first went to Ebay to research prices and although there were some low prices, I selected Coach Jimmy as I figured ongoing support and training were worth a premium. No regrets!! The ongoing care, training, and support are hard to put a dollar amount on. I say “care” because Jimmy really does care about everyone : )

  101. Terri May

    I will have to say that the Webinars that are included in the package of the PCM 6 are invaluable. I have a whole notebook of screen shots from the webinar of protocols for different issues that i would never had known about without it. And the Q&A’s after the webinar is great for hearing what other people have for issues – we learn from others. Thank you coach Jimmy K for all your help!

  102. Rey

    My sisters introduced me to the PCM 6 and a initial consultation with Coach Jimmy I made the purchase. Since then the decision has benefited my family. The trainings are worth time and sacrifice with time to answer any question that can arise. The accessories are worth it.

  103. Anita Lauhoff

    I researched the Denas PCM 6 when my sister in law diagnosed with scoliosis said it helped her pain levels tremendously to where she was able to live and move without drugs. I don’t have an illness or major issues myself but knowing it could help her I thought it could help me with other regular aches and pains I have from daily living. It does relax me, helps me sleep so well, relieves the pain from my workouts, provides quick headache or tension relief, even a reduced the pain from a bee sting. This product does so much more – I bought one for my son with Crohn’s disease to help with his inflammation of his body too! I have been on many of Coach Jimmy’s training webinars to hear the protocols for other issues so I can help the rest of my family. In this face paced life where no one pays attention anymore, just knowing Coach knows who I am and is always willing to return my call and tell me a protocol makes this a huge win win situation for me.

    If you are thinking of buying one do not even think of getting it on discount elsewhere — you will not know how to use it or have the benefits Coach provides. Truly this is worth every cent and I pray that one day all hospitals have these for patients. I think healing would take place so much quicker and less drugs would be needed.

  104. Angela Branch-Roberson

    I love using my PCM6!!! It is so beneficial for me that I use several times a day. The webinars make it possible for me to use the pads, eye garment, snail probe, neck brace, etc. because I can refer to one of the many screen shots I’ve taken during Coach Jimmy’s Webinars. The screen show and tell you exactly how to use the equipment and what it does to help you. If he didn’t have the regular webinars, My PCM6 would probable collect dust in the back of my closet.
    I love this product and I need and enjoy the webinars!

  105. Kenneth Cheung

    Coach Jimmy K’s webinars are invaluable and covers a wide range of health issues. I’ve been suffering from Crohn’s disease and gut related issues for years, and by using the various protocols taught by Coach Jimmy K I was able to control my symptoms much better and stay on a solid path to recovery. The eye garment is a godsend as I use the computer all day and the eye protocol was a great help in relieving eye strain, floaters, and astigmatism.

  106. Ruby

    If you want relief from pain without ever having to take medications, then this is the device for you. I purchased this almost two years ago after seeing Coach Jimmy on a you tube video. I was totally intrigued as I had used the Tens machine in the past with some relief (or so I thought). I wanted to understand the differences between the two and lets just say, I purchased the PCM6 right away after speaking with Coach. There was no hesitation. My husband and are very health conscious and have really cleaned up our diet over the past few years so we didn’t have a need to use it for any health conditions. We mostly use the PCM6 for relief of discomfort following exercises and other outdoor activities, headaches relaxation etc. I recently broke a few ribs and the ER physician says 6 to 8 weeks of healing. I called up Coach, told him what had happened, he gave me a protocol to use and boy, what do you know. I was moving in 2 weeks. It was so effective in helping me fix my ribs. I would recommend that every home has one of these. Just knowing that Coach Jimmy is a phone call away always reassures me. He’s always so pleasant/kind and eager to help. We continue to use it in other areas of our lives as well as that of our pet. I am so grateful to Coach Jimmy for bringing this device and technology to us and for the time and energy he puts in to all the webinars. I Highly recommend this product to everyone out there.

  107. RP_CP

    The Denas PCM6 is a great machine and will help you address many health issues if you understand it and how to use it. It is complex device to figure out on your own by reading the manual or guessing what program or frequency does what! I attend as may webinars when my schedule permit and the personal instruction from the webinars and even his personal consultations make it work directly to the exact issues your body is needing at the time. I have learned so much and appreciate Coach Jimmy’s efforts.
    The man must work all the time.

  108. Lynn Phillips

    I love my DENAS PCM6 – and use it daily on myself, family members and friends. Will not ever be without it – and thank goodness, never be without Coach Jimmy’s training and support! I’d been looking at a variety of scenar devices for several months before purchasing the DENAS, — some more, some less expensive, with various functions and claims for their effectiveness. Honestly, most of them looked like they’d be pretty hard to learn to use, and basically none of the other units I reviewed prior to purchase offered any support. An acquaintance who had purchased the DENAS from Coach Jimmy raved about the capabilities of the DENAS as superior to similar devices, and endorsed the dedication and support of Coach Jimmy K. When I heard the purchase of the device included weekly live training and support, there just wasn’t any question about which device to buy or where to buy it! I’ve had the device for about 6 months and am sooooo glad Coach Jimmy is in my life! His live training instruction includes powerpoint slides, videos, and lots of Q&A. This man is so brilliant, so knowledgeable, so patient. I know that the training prep takes many hours of every day to be able to present this much information! Usually several webinars a week. Additionally, if you have a question, concern, issue, you can call him and he will return your calls and answer your questions. He treats his customers as family, and this truly touches my heart. This man gives his life in service to assist others in achieving health. I’m so blessed to have found this wonderful product and this wonderful coach…

  109. Elaine Stevens

    The BEST thing about the DENAS is its’ portability. I put the pads on where I hurt (there are exceptions!), attach the cord to the pads and unit, turn it on & set it per Coach’s clear, specific instructions in his teaching webinars (included in price), put it in the carrier & I’m off to live my life. I’m not in a Doctor’s office, not laying on a table freezing, not stuck somewhere in pain. I can go shopping, visit friends, cook, wash clothes-anything I need to do at the same time my pain is being treated. AMAZING! Thanks, Coach Jimmy K! I’ve got my life back without pain.

  110. Lynn Bubbert

    Coach Jimmy K is a rock star when it comes to customer service and education of his customers! I attend many of his webinars that he offers on a weekly basis. There is even a selected replay of a past session offered at least once weekly. He is sensitive to the needs of all his customers and will review many health issues each week and how to get the most out of using the Denas PCM6 to alleviate the problem areas. Coach Jimmy is also into educating his webinar attendees about relevant areas of interest that can affect health and even to prevent future problems. Coach Jimmy’s humanitarian motivation shows that he wants everyone to have a good healthy life. In addition to his prepared presentations with diagrams and related videos to increase knowledge, he ends each session with a question and answer period where attendees can ask specific questions. The session doesn’t end until all questions are answered. All attendees benefit with the answers given. These sessions are extremely valuable to everyone. If you are considering purchasing a Denas PCM6, I highly recommend purchasing from Coach Jimmy K to make sure you get proper training and results otherwise it you’ll be wasting your money buying from anywhere else.

  111. Pamela Williams

    The weekly webinars are what make the difference to be able to use the Denas PCM6 and the Sedona Pro for maximum results for healing and pain relief. There is no other place where a customer can receive this kind of help with the training, educational and informative webinars that include a question and answer period at the end of each webinar.
    I love that I have access to the webinars that keep me up to date on the protocols to use the devices for total body wellness for life. I try not to miss any of the webinars but the good news is that they also replay the webinars at a later date if I miss one. It is the best deal available for anyone looking to improve their life and over all wellness.

  112. Ariel Cadogan

    The denas is awesome but without the proper training and support, it would be like purchasing a rolls royce without having the key to drive it. My friend that told about the denas through another friend in Australia was trying to get me to purchase on ebay because of the price difference..I told him no i spoke to coach jimmy and i like the idea that he offers lifetime training when you purchase from him. Is one of the best decisions i have made in my life no regrets, i have learn so much from these webinars to help my family, friends and colleagues, i feel like i have graduated?from medical school. No matter how much months and years you attend the webinar ur constantly learning something new coach jimmy has the patience of job.Along with incredible tutoring ability to break down and dissect in his explanation so the average layman can understand. Always available 24_7 with any questions that may have. I can assure you and promise you that his cutomer support exceeds expectations and cannot be emulated. Blessings coach Jimmy you definitely embody the word unique.

  113. Rosemary

    I love the webinars with coach Jimmy! He educates us about conditions and diseases and then he shares the frequency formulas that alleviates, addresses and helps repair them. Wow! Buying your pcm6 here is so worth the price friends and knowing what I know now I would never consider purchasing a PCM6 from anyone other than Coach Jimmy and I think you will feel the same way.

  114. jayne litts

    We look forward to Coach Jimmy’s webinars. They are not only informative but
    educational. We have learned so much about our bodies. We wouldn’t want to
    have this product without the classes given by Coach Jimmy. Also if I need him,
    we call him. If he is not there we always get a call back. We thank God for
    Jimmy and for his concern for mankind.

    We also purchased the Sedona PEMF system from Coach Jimmy’s site and receive Free lifetime training webinars on how to use it properly. We are so appreciative to the Sedona Systems creator / owner Franz Zach to be there on the webinars also. What a team.We appreciate Franz’s knowledge of our health and along with Coach Jimmy, we cannot thank them both enough.

    Jayne Litts and husband, Joe

  115. Dina D Wiedman

    I want to review the training from Coach Jimmy. Having been a professional trainer and along with other things, I want to let you know that the training from Jimmy’s webinars is unsurpassed by anything I have ever seen. The training is so enlightening it almost makes the device secondary. You not only learn how to operate the PCM, but you learn how to live healthier, how to treat specific issues, and so much more. The training alone is worth more than the device (maybe the same), but the training is for life. You can’t get that ANYWHERE!

  116. Diane Rodriguez

    We purchased our first PCM6 in 2018 from Coach Jimmy K. Purchasing from this company that comes with lifetime training is invaluable. A person would not likely be able to learn much about using the device without the training provided if it was purchased from another business because from my research there is no one that offers support or training other than the manual that you receive. There are new health topics discussed at each training with complete protocol thoroughly explained for that particular treatment. I take notes; also do screen shots of the topic protocols as the training progresses in each class so I can refer back to them later.

    The question and answer program at the end of each class also gives more help as attendees’ questions are answered by Coach Jimmy. He is always patient and thoroughly explains ways to use the Denas PCM6 deal with issues asked.. Class attendees learn even more as they listen to these questions asked and the direction Coach Jimmy give us. This is the very best place to purchase the PCM6 with the best training available.

  117. Jan Hart

    As a energy practitioner for 20 years I have had many healing devices end up in my tool kit .. I have never had a device that gives consistent remarkable results as the Denas PCM6 ! It not only relives pain to goes to the root cause of the problem and permanently fixes the core issue…I am amazed at the multiple imbalances that it addresses and when I’m not sure what to do I use Med mode and I always get relief ! Coach Jimmy is the greatest ambassador for health and wellness I know! Every home should have a PCM6 especially in these uncertain times…to be a self healing human should be everyone’s mission!

  118. Cathy Jones

    I posted a review on the product, now I would like to add some comments on the training provided by Coach Jimmy K. Coach Jimmy K’s price on the Denas PCM 6 is more than what is listed on Amazon or other places. Is it worth it? The answer is YES! The PCM 6 has many uses, much more than selecting a program or button and using the device in that way. Coach Jimmy K is a wealth of knowledge and freely shares that knowledge with all his customers. Weekly trainings are available on both the PCM 6 and the PEMF products. Not only does Coach Jimmy K provide training, he sends emails detailing the agenda for each training. The other thing that Coach Jimmy K does is have Q & A after each training. He will stay until all questions are answered. I have learned a lot from the question that other participants have asked. The training is worth the extra money!

  119. john venegoni

    I am using the PCM Denas 6 for tennis elbows, back sprains and foot neuropathy. The PCM Denas 6 while a no cure all for foot neuropathy has helped me tremendously.
    The Webinar is necessary to guide you thru the Denas PCM 6 various functions so you can use the device efficiently with good results. Coach Jimmy is an excellent teacher and gives many good insights about the skillful use of the powerful treatment possiblities.

  120. D & B Winter

    Having used our PCM6 for a few years now, we find so many uses for it from sore muscles, to neuropathy and, even recently, pain relief from a broken shoulder. Actually, the best part about our purchase has been the relationship with Coach Jimmy and the excellent training and help he offers. In today’s world, customer service is almost extinct, but that’s not the case with Coach Jimmy. He’s truly all about customer service!! His personal help has been invaluable and the PCM6 quite beneficial to our health needs.

  121. Margie Maxwell

    This PCM6 never stops giving healing power.
    Have had issues with biting the inside of my mouth. We have all had that problem at one time or another. Bit the inside of my mouth, huge blood blister. Very Painful. Treated 15 mins, 77/20 then 5 mins 10HZ, Blister gone and the next day totally healed. Just Amazed.

  122. Linda

    My brother was on a ladder cleaning his gutters. The ladder slipped and he fell, hitting his wrist on a large concrete planter on the way down. His wrist was quite swollen. He was in a lot of pain, and wasn’t able to wriggle his fingers or rotate his wrist, so he thought it was broken. He called asked me to take him to the ER. But he agreed to try some alternative things before heading to the ER. I gave him some homeopathic arnica, and rubbed some DMSO on the swollen area. I had him rest his arm on top of the Earthpulse magnet and ran 7.8 hz. I placed the PCM6 on the injured area, with one pad on top of the swelling, and one next to it. I ran the Intense Pain program twice, then switched to 140 hz for one session. At that point the pain level was coming down nicely. I moved the pads so that one was on each side of the swelling, and ran 7720 for two sessions, then 60 hz for one session. We could see the swelling decreasing quickly. By the time the 60 hz was finished, the swelling was almost completely gone. At that point the pain level was down from an 8 (on a scale of 0-10) to a 3. Since he was able to wiggle his fingers and rotate his wrist at that point, we figured it wasn’t broken, so we did not go to the ER. I left the Denas and Earthpulse with him, and showed him how to use them. I told him to run 77AM on the injured area the next day. I talked to him today, and he said his wrist had improved enough ithat he was able to go to work the next day and work a full shift (he drives for a package delivery service, so has to use his arms a lot). He was very grateful, as he doesn’t have sick leave and can’t afford to miss a day of work. The PCM6 has been invaluable so many times!

  123. Dr. Leslie James

    My name is Dr. Leslie. I’ve been using the PCM-6 for a number of years for various purposes. Recently it has been a life saver for me!!! I’ve had to do lots of moving of furniture and lifting of boxes……have pulled muscles, hurt shoulder and hips……treatment with PCM-6 eliminated the pain and restored mobility so I could keep working!! I’d be lost without it!!!

  124. Carrie Sullivan (verified owner)

    My friend Andréas told me about the Denas some years ago! Never heard about it before, and he let me try it. It was wonderful! The Denas does work and is amazing! I love it! It helps in so many ways. Got my own. From diminishing pain to other applications.
    Keep up the great work Jimmy K! Thank you, my friend Andréas Luderer! Your sharing of health knowledge and kindness to others is recognized here! Thank you! You and Jimmy K are helping people! Keep it up!😎

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