Denas PCM Custom Protective Case

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** Note ** Pictures are shown for illustration only, The PCM 6, Electrode Pads and Cable are not included!!!

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Specially designed carrying case for DENAS PCM 6. Made from durable hard shell construction and the protective carrying case has an opening in the bottom for your electrode cable to connect to your PCM 6. The case is large enough to hold extra electrode pads and cable or your car keys and personal items. The PCM custom protective Case has a zipper closure and exterior wrist strap that wraps around your wrist. With your new PCM 6 Carrying case you don’t need to worry about damaging your PCM 6  by falling out of your pockets anymore.

5 reviews for Denas PCM Custom Protective Case

  1. Linda

    This is a handy little item. It helps keep my PCM6 safe. My friend also has a Denas, and we use them all the time, but found that walking around with them in pockets didn’t work well. We kept catching the cord on things, and my friend’s unit got pulled out of her pocket and hit the ground pretty hard. Fortunately it still worked fine, but no one wants to chance damaging their Denas. I bought this carrying case, and it’s been great. I put my Denas in the case upside down, and gently wrap the extra cord around the unit so that it’s all safely tucked into the case. This has protected my unit from cord catching and falls.

  2. Claire Muzal

    I love the convenience of my DENAS, but was a little worried about carrying it around. This solved that problem completely, You still have to be mindful of the cords, but the carabiner securely holds the case to your belt loop or neck cord and the padded case is securely closed with the velcro flap.

  3. Carolyn Zahn

    This is a must have accessory. The item is light weight, adds protection to the device and makes it so much easier to use the PCM6…. you can walk around the house, take a run around your neighborhood and even cook a meal while gaining the great health benefits of The PCM 6 … place it in the carrycase and get healthy…

  4. Linda

    My digestive system was damaged from having a severe gluten intolerance that went undiagnosed for decades. I’ve been slowly healing things back up, but it’s not terribly uncommon for me to eat something or take a supplement that will unexpectedly cause gut pain and inflammation. My main job is physically demanding, and it’s been very helpful to be able to wear my Denas in it’s little carrying case while I’m working on the line. The case makes it’s safe and convenient. There were several times when the gut pain was bad enough that I thought I was going to have to go home and lie down. But 20 minutes of the Denas treatment knocked the pain down so much that I was able to continue working a full day with no problem. And that evening the gut pain was completely gone.

  5. Denise Whitcomb

    This is so versatile. We use it mostly for my husband in a wheelchair. Stuff slides and falls off here and there and we certainly don’t want the Denas PCM6 landing on the floor! With this we can hook it to his chair or we have even hook it through his button holes! Good and sturdy and the cord comes in through a bottom opening so you are not bending it at a bad angle. Works very well.

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