Electro Therapy Back Garment for Chronic Back Pain

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Electro Therapy Back Garments are made from comfortable, light weight soft stretch neoprene with convenient Velcro fasteners for secure fit. Special antimicrobial dual silver ion mesh pads connected to dual snaps for excellent electrical conductivity. The garment includes cable to connect to the your Denas PCM 6, Micro current, Scenar or TENS device. All Garment purchases are final and non-returnable. Garments include a 6 month warranty and we offer a replacement if defective.

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Custom Back Therapy Garment for DENAS PCM 6 and Micro-Current Therapy of the Lower Back area. Made from comfortable, light soft stretch weight neoprene. Two Large Special antimicrobial dual silver ion mesh pads for excellent coverage of the lower back region. Replaces use of sticky-pad electrodes. The garment includes cable to connect to the PCM 6. This is a favorite for Doctor’s offices, Professional Athletes and People on the go when pain management must be simplified, consistent and reliable.

Excellent for therapy of lumbar and thoracic area to reduce inflammation and increase circulation when used with your Denas PCM 6. By choosing the Back Program or one of the chosen frequencies you can address many lower back issues such a Sciatica, Neuropathy, RLS, and limited mobility. This Garment is constructed with high quality in order to fit the contours of the low back perfectly and securely. The design also allows this Garment to act without stimulation as a Back Compression and Support Belt. This insures proper and precise electrode contact and placement even when the patient is moving both in the clinical setting at home and at work. All Garments have a 90 day warranty and we will gladly replace a defective garment but please note that all garments sales are final with no returns or refunds

16 reviews for Electro Therapy Back Garment for Chronic Back Pain

  1. Rosemary Acevedo

    Fits comfortably and is easy to use.

  2. Art Bjork

    Been using this for lower back problems and wrap around your ribs for relief from bruised ribs!
    Multi use garment with a larger area!

  3. Franklin Barber

    This is a must have for back issues. Results can be had with pads but large area coverage speeds up recovery and the alleviation of pain. Large coverage can also be used on other areas of the body. Thanks Coach.

  4. Terri May

    This is such a good garment to have for use with the PCM6. It can be used in more than one way and really gives a lot of coverage for your back . I loaned mine to my friend and can’t wait to get it back! It is very well made and you can go about your day while wearing it.

  5. Harolyn Quinn

    I use this Back Garment everyday for my herniated discs and torn sciatica in my back. Along with the different protocols for the back area keeps me pain free.

  6. Dina Wiedman

    This device and the back garment are an unbeatable pair. I am a senior, have taken up kayaking and what keeps me going is KNOWING that when I get home, I can put this on with my Denas PCM 6 and I will be pain free. It WORKS!
    The ability to put on this garment and not have to have an “other” to massage or rub my back is priceless.

  7. Melanie K

    This has been a true blessing to me as I suffer from chronic low back pain. It is easily portable so that I can use it under my clothing when away from home and keep that energy flow running!
    I find that I can work and play for much longer periods of time because of it. I have been so impressed with its ability to relieve pain and add energy!

  8. Claire Muzal

    This was so helpful to me when I cracked my tailbone. I didn’t have to mess with sticky pads but shifted the back pad around me to give therapy wherever I needed relief. It is very sturdy and useful.

  9. Margie Maxwell

    This garment is so versatile, easy and comfortable to use. Have had amazing results with hip pain. Totally gone. Great under the feet for earthing.
    If you are older you will find this garment a ‘must have’.

  10. Linda

    This garment is comfortable and very useful. There’s lots of coverage due to it’s large size. And it’s very versatile. We use it on our backs, tummy’s, knees, feet, etc. One friend even used it on her face for sinus issues because she didn’t have a snail probe. It worked.
    I turn it around and use it on my gut when it’s inflamed and painful, and it’s very helpful. It covers my whole abdomen, so I don’t have to keep moving it around to treat the various painful areas.

  11. Denise Whitcomb

    I use this on my back and slide it around to catch the hip. Feels so good! Don’t need any pain meds when I have access to this back garment and the PCM6. I am on the fat side and this will fit comfortably. It’s in my necessary tool box!

  12. Elaine Stevens

    This is my “go-to” for any back, shoulder, abdominal, leg pain! The velcro holds it where I need it and it treats a larger area to give the exact pain relief I need. Great as a gift, too!

  13. Melanie K

    This garment, like all of Coach Jimmy K’s products, is made of quality, durable, material and has been designed to fit very comfortably where you want it most. The energy therapy through this garment truly reduces pain and inflammation and it is one of my favorite accessory garments for the Denas PCM 6. With the training you receive weekly, this purchase along with the Denas PCM 6 was one of the best decisions we have made. Thank you Coach Jimmy K.

  14. Bennett

    It’s so convenient to have a large pad to cover my lower back. I’ve used it while travelling on long drives with no issues. It’s our most used accessory for our PCM6.

  15. Ariel Cadogan

    This garment should be very indispensable with someone with back pain or lumbar radiculopathy covers a large are and it is very efficient, another garment that is very versatile with the aid of the denas, Completely with constant use will subdue pain and iradicate it.

  16. Elizabeth R

    I thoroughly recommend the back garment to use with the Denas PCM6. It covers a large area and is pefect if you want to treat the lower back – I much prefer using the back garment than the pads for treating this area.

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