Electro Therapy Neck Garment

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Electro Therapy Neck Garments are made from comfortable, light weight soft stretch neoprene with convenient Velcro fasteners for secure fit. Special antimicrobial dual silver ion mesh pads connected to dual snaps for excellent electrical conductivity. The garment includes cable to connect to the your Denas PCM 6, Micro current, Scenar or TENS device. All Garment purchases are final and non-returnable. Garments include a 6 month warranty and we offer a replacement if defective.

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Custom Neck Therapy Garment for DENAS and Micro-Current Therapy of the neck area. Made from comfortable, light weight soft stretch neoprene with convenient Velcro fasteners for secure fit. Special antimicrobial dual silver ion mesh pads connected to dual snaps for excellent electrical transfer. The garment includes cable to connect to the PCM 6. Replaces use of sticky-pad electrodes.

The unique dual zone pads allow full coverage and stimulation of the cervical area and is more therapeutic than conventional electrodes. Excellent for the reduction of stiffness and inflammation in the neck area. Helps with stress reduction and circulation to the upper cervical region. This is a favorite for Doctor’s offices, Professional Athletes and People on the go when pain management must be simplified, consistent and reliable.All Garments have a 90 day warranty and we will gladly replace a defective garment but please note that all garment sales are final and offer no refunds.

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13 reviews for Electro Therapy Neck Garment

  1. Franklin Barber

    This is a jewel. Easy to use and a definite enhancement for the PCM6. Also great to use on other areas.

  2. Terri May

    This garment is very useful and like all the garments is well made. It can be used for different places besides the neck which makes it even for versatile.

  3. Cathy Jones

    Love this garment. Easy to use and very versatile. Can use in areas of the body in place of the pads, so it is very convenient to use.

  4. Melanie K

    This device is multi-functional as it was designed to fit around your neck, leg, arm, almost anywhere you need it. It is comfortable to wear and aids in getting energy medicine to areas difficult to reach with the other garments. The weekly free instruction webinars help you to get the most out of this PCM6 garment. I am still amazed at the many uses of this garment to help deliver energy medicine to the areas we need it most!

  5. Kimberly Wright

    This has been a nice addition to our PCM6 accessories. We use it frequently. Excellent quality and you can use it on other areas besides the neck.

  6. Claire Muzal

    I have used this on my neck, my arm, my leg. It delivers the therapy over a wider area than the sticky pads which is handy when you aren’t sure about particular placement. On the neck, it is good for encouraging relaxation at the end of the day.

  7. Margie Maxwell

    As stated by others this is a very versatile garment. High quality.
    Great for neck therapy, knee therapy et al. Just up to your imagination where and how to use. Covers a larger area than pads.

  8. Linda

    This is very comfortable, and does a nice job of conducting the current to harder to reach areas. It’s smaller size makes it easy to treat necks, and yet get good coverage. It’s sturdy too. We use ours a lot, and it keeps on going and working great.

  9. Carolyn Zahn

    Combined with the awesome PCM5, the neck garment is my husbands favorite way to reduce the pain and inflammation he suffers with. As a result of tech neck, poor posture and age we have tried numerous products and it wasn’t until we were blessed with finding Coach Jimmy and his pain relief products..By the way, I have used this on my kness, ankles, and my hands…. ,’

  10. Melanie K

    This is a wonderful garment and so very versatile. Currently, our son, who was stung by a wasp on his upper arm, has been using it around his arm for pain and inflammation support. With Velcro closings, it wraps comfortably around his arm. We have used it for many therapies on our neck and it fits on the leg as well. It is made exceptionally well to last a very long time. Our whole family benefits from the weekly training Coach Jimmy K offers.

  11. Ariel Cadogan

    I love this garment, for the variety of protocols and the different areas you can work, great for relaxation at night, highy recommend it,

  12. Elizabeth R

    I much prefer using the neck garment to treat my neck area than the pads, it covers a larger area and it’s easy to use plus it’s the perfect size to fit the neck area. It’s versatile as I’ve also found it useful to use on the legs too.

  13. Lynn Phillips

    This is my favorite DENAS accessory I have cervical issues, and using the neck garment is way easier than using the electrode face, and for me personally, more effective than using the electrode pads. I also use it wrapped around my arthritic knee, and open face on my lower lumbar area. Great all around for multipe areas!

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