Body Belt Therapy Set

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The Electro Therapy Body Belt Garments are made from comfortable, light weight soft stretch neoprene with convenient Velcro fasteners for secure fit. Special antimicrobial dual silver ion mesh pads connected to dual snaps for excellent electrical conductivity. The garment includes cable to connect to the your Denas PCM 6, Micro current, Scenar or TENS device. All Garment purchases are final and non-returnable. Garments include a 6 month warranty and we offer a replacement if defective.

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Custom Back Therapy Garment for DENAS PCM 6 and Micro-Current Therapy of the Lower Back area. Made from comfortable, light soft stretch weight neoprene. Two Large Special antimicrobial dual silver ion mesh pads for excellent coverage of the lower back region. Replaces use of sticky-pad electrodes. The garment includes cable to connect to the PCM 6. This is a favorite for Doctor’s offices, Professional Athletes and People on the go when pain management must be simplified, consistent and reliable.

Excellent for therapy of lumbar and thoracic area to reduce inflammation and increase circulation when used with your Denas PCM 6. By choosing the Back Program or one of the chosen frequencies you can address many lower back issues such a Sciatica, Neuropathy, RLS, and limited mobility. This Garment is constructed with high quality in order to fit the contours of the low back perfectly and securely. The design also allows this Garment to act without stimulation as a Back Compression and Support Belt. This insures proper and precise electrode contact and placement even when the patient is moving both in the clinical setting at home and at work. All Garments have a 90 day warranty and we will gladly replace a defective garment but please note that all garments sales are final with no returns or refunds

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