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Simply the BEST Travel Pillow on the market! Natural latex pillow (no toxic memory foam!) with  100% organic cotton cover (removable/washable). Control unit can be powered from the wall or can be used with battery power (2 AAA batteries). Can be programmed from 30 minutes to 24hrs or longer.

Great for short trips and long trips, surround your neck with therapeutic Delta waves of 3hz that relax you naturally so you can sleep. The 7.83hz will enhance deep restorative sleep for cellular and tissue regeneration. Travel pillows are excellent for students studying because clinical trials have shown the 25hz program will enhance cognitive retention and better mental clarity and focus.

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6 reviews for SEDONA Travel Pillow ( Special Closeout Price )

  1. Terri May

    I really like this product. It has a battery but it can be plugged in also. I have used it for a sore elbow and a sore shoulder, so it is very versatile. And if you have a problem Coach Jimmy K will be there to help you out.

  2. Cathy Jones

    Love the ease in which the pillow can be used. Can use with battery or plug it in. Use it a lot while on the computer.

  3. Pamela Williams

    The Sedona Travel Pillow is fantastic! The four settings address all kinds of issues from relax/sleep, earthing frequency. alert and my favorite setting is for pain. These pillows make great gifts for family and friends. You will be amazed how much this pillow can help with headaches to tension.

  4. Melanie K

    I love this travel pillow with energy therapy! I use it when traveling with my husband on long business trips and at bed time when I need a little something to assist in getting into a deeper sleep. It is really comfortable and I like that it is covered with an organic cotton fiber that is washable. I keep finding more uses for it every day. With four settings that assist in mood and concentration levels, it is great device!

  5. Dina Wiedman

    This pillow is a must if you are going to travel and be away from your Sedona Mat. It has settings for sleep, improved cognition and pain. You can plug into outlet or use the battery operated function for in the car or out and about. I use it when on my computer to combat the EMFs. It has it’s own carrying case as well….. amazing.

  6. Melanie K

    One of our sons recently was stung by a wasp and we found that he could cradle his arm in the pillow and it greatly relieved the pain. We love that it is so portable and also protects against harmful EMFs.

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