SEDONA TimmyZzz PEMF Pillows

Incredibly unique and profound PEMF therapy product! PEMF Therapy Pillow TimmyZzz. Natural latex pillow (no toxic foam!) with 100% organic cotton cover (removable/washable). Control unit can be powered from the wall or can be used with battery power (2 AAA batteries). I believe PEMF (Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy) is one of the most beneficial therapies a person can use. There are clinical studies from around the world clearly showing the wide-spectrum health benefits of PEMF therapy. Intensity: 0.6 Gauss. Frequencies Available on Control Unit: 3Hz, 7.8Hz, 25Hz, 1200Hz – 3Hz: Deep, restful sleep. Theta brainwave range. Deep relaxation, meditation, increased memory, creativity, lucid dreaming. Helps alleviate muscle tension headaches. – 7.8Hz: Earth resonance (Schumann Resonance), the Earth’s natural brainwave frequency. Alleviates jet-lag, pituitary stimulation, injury recovery, rejuvenation, revitalization, enhanced learning. – 25Hz: Brain activation. Enhanced learning. Energy, vitality, good for awakening in the morning – 1200Hz: Alleviation of pain and inflammation. Good for awakening in the morning. Timer on Controller: Default is 30-minute duration, but can be set for infinite.

Waveform: Rectangular

Warranty: 1 Year

Returns: We DO NOT accept returns for the simple fact of hygiene. It would not be fair to take a return and then try to sell a used PEMF pillow to another customer. In addition, sometimes when people do not have immediate or ‘expected’ results they will claim the product does not work.

These PEMF Therapy Pillows are very high quality, they work, they are highly effective. Personal results will vary. However, we will always stand behind any possible warranty issues with full customer support!

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