What is Scenar

Alexander KarasevSelf Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator is a form of Electro stimulation. SCENAR is a Drug free, non toxic, non invasive therapy that stimulates the body’s own natural healing process. Unlike TENS and other electrical stimulation devices where the pain relief are brief and need constant repetition because the body becomes immune to the signal. SCENAR using biofeedback and creates interactive communication with the body and constantly changes the signal to keep the body in restorative process and the effects a deep and longer lasting. Through tuning into the body’s signals the SCENAR understands the body’s needs.

Through SCENAR therapy the device is applied to the skin around the pains point of origin, The nerve receptors in skin send the signals of frequencies through the central nervous system to the brain. The brain then focuses on that area and triggers neuro transmitters such as neuropeptides and endorphins to address the pain and internal issues causing the pain.

The SCENAR treatment will feel like electric tingle or prickly sensation and can feel different at different locations of the body depending on the skin and muscle thickness. Some SCENAR devices have different treatment modes and the tingling feeling may be more or less intense depending on each individuals tolerance to electro stimulation. Through SCENAR treatment you will begin to feel relief from the pain, many people will notice immediate relief but dependent upon if the pain is acute or chronic pain the therapy needs to be repeated. Depending on the duration of the treatment, pain relief may last hours and with continued use the pain free periods will last longer and longer. Chronic conditions need continued therapy over several months.

SCENAR is not a quick fix but through continued biofeedback with the body it continues to address the deep internal issues until it breaks through and then the results can be long term. SCENAR can help restore body’s lost functions from conditions that started years ago. Dedication and determination will persevere through continued use of the device as it helps the body naturally heal itself and facilitates the restoration of homeostatic function. Through this process inflammation, edema and dysfunction are reduced or eliminated. Continued use is recommended and helps restore the body’s energy level. Discontinued use of several weeks can lead to some regression in chronic conditions and can interrupt your healing process.

SCENAR technology was invented by Alexander Kerasev in the 1970’s in Russia for use by the Space program and was kept Top Secret until 1991 when the USSR collapsed and the knowledge and technology began to spread throughout Europe and the world. Many companies have developed their variation of SCENAR devices and the prices can range from 1000.00 to $8000.00 depending on the model and the companies focus. Many of the higher priced models from RITM, ENAR are marketed to Clinics, Doctors and Therapist where they can pass the cost to the client by charging $150.00 – $250.00 per session.

Denas MS Corporation has an advanced SCENAR called DiaDens or Denas. These devices were developed for personal use but are used by Hospitals, Clinics and therapist in Russia and worldwide because of  its ease of use and preset health modes. The Denas PCM 4 is the Corporations flagship model and offers 24 preset medical modes for therapy of various health issues. The PCM 4 is simple and easy to use, simply turn the device on select preset mode and apply for therapy session. This simplified approach and affordable price have made the Denas products the favorite among Doctors, therapist and individuals for pain relief and health issues.

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