Denas MS Corporation

Denas MS Corporation was established in 1998, it’s mission was to develop a Scenar technology that was more advanced than the Scenar of the early 1970’s. Through intense scientific research and development scientists created Dynamic Electro Neuro Adaptive Stimulation. Through this physiotherapy, the biofeedback technology communicates with the internal organs activating your immune system allowing the body to heal naturally. Denas and DiaDens devices are registered by the Russian Ministry of Health as a Medical Device and independent method of therapy. The Corporation employs a full time medical research staff including Cardiologists, Neurologists, Gastroenterologists, Pediatricians, Dentists and Therapists to continue research and application for further advancement. Denas technology and therapy is taught in medical colleges and is considered a major specialized profession. With years of proven results in Hospitals and Clinics, these devices are used by athletes in competitive sports as well as families. Denas products are safe, effective and drug free with no side effects, natural and non-invasive becoming the alternative approach for pain relief. The Corporation has expanded to 15 branches and 116 distribution centers throughout Russia, Europe, UK and other countries. With over 2 Million customers worldwide, this tremendous growth is a testament to the popularity and success of these products.