Denas Customer Testimonials

I am a retired senior who has struggled with pain most of my life. I have chosen alternative healing for more than 30 years. I have had multiple surgeries, both major and minor. I have very little to take out and had both knees added. I have used Low level Lasers, herbs etc. for pain. For most of my adult working life, I have either typed or used a keyboard. Fifteen years after retiring, I had to have carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. It solved the numbness in my hands, but did nothing for the pain in my wrists, or my shoulder. (The doctors want to replace my shoulder). I was referred to DENAS by a friend. I started using it twice a day on my brachial artery area. After a couple of days I had no more pain in either my shoulder or wrists. I could hardly lift my arm because of the shoulder pain. I had been given wrist supports that went up to mid arm. Can’t do much work with them on, and besides they made the wrist pain worse. I will be using the DENAS on my back and other areas of pain. I was surprised how quickly the pain was relieved by the DENAS. It works better than anything else I have tried.

My neighbor told me about this pain machine called denas he was using on his back for pain. I was skeptical at first, but after watching him cut wood in his backyard swinging the ax like he was 20 years old again. My neighbor is 62 years old and has had major back pain making it hard for him to work outside in his yard. He let me borrow his device to use on my knee and shoulder. I was amazed at how the pain cycle helped me overcome my pain and get me back on track. I've been pain free now for over 8 months, I highly recommend the denas for anyone in pain. Leonard Smith

I've had two nights without waking up screaming in pain, still can’t believe it.

For years I’ve been having problems with my back. Sometimes, the pain was unbearable. It affected every part of my life and to tell you the truth I was starting to become desperate. No doctors, acupuncturist, chiropractors were able to help me. A friend of mine suggested I try DENAS. He used to work in a medical office and saw some real results delivered by this tool. After much research I decided to buy a DENAS-T and that DENS-applicator which was extremely convenient to use on my back. In about one month my constant pain went away and I was just the happiest man. I still had some discomfort and occasional pain but with consistent therapy I eventually got rid of those too. Later I bought the point probe for my DENAS, it’s an accessory to reach for really tight spots or if you need to work on a specific small area. I also purchased Dens-glasses and they really helped me with my vision. It was improved and my eyes don’t feel tired any more. I can confirm that DENAS really works and it’s been a lifesaver for me!

I live in Miami Florida and have suffered with lower back pain for years. I'm self employed and very successful in my business but the back pain saps my energy. I've been to several back specialist, chiropractors and massage therapist with no relief. I went on Google and YouTube looking for alternative treatments and after doing research for several months I discovered DENAS. Through continued research on YouTube I found videos uploaded by denas pain relief store. The next day I called them and they were very courteous and professional answering my many questions except a few but promised to get back to me with those answers. We all know what that means! Then to my surprise the next day I received a call from the Coach Jimmy K who does their videos. He answered all my questions and concerns. Later that day I went online and ordered my device and therapy applicators. I've been using my DENAS for several months now and I'm totally pain free for the first time in several years. Thank you DENAS pain relief store, fast shipping, great hands on service and truly a first class operation.

We live on suburbs of a small small town Noginsk-9. Everybody knows each other. When we meet, we discuss our problems, aches. So once, my friend Nina told me about DENAS-PCM, about its effectiveness in the treatment of various diseases. Of course, I did not believe her, because we have been deceived so many times, but I remembered the information. And when my husband had pain in heart, I shared my concerns with her. She offered to help and came with the device. She worked at the shoulder girdle (as she said, "rocker"). After the session, my husband got better. At our age (75 and 74 years) emergency aid should be always nearby. We bought the machine, and I began to treat our entire extended family. For the three months we had the unit, we treated a lot of things: bruises, wounds, swelling, runny nose, headache and other pains, cough. Of course, it was difficult at the beginning, we had re-read guide over and over again. Here is a solution to many problems of our age. The main thing is to learn how to properly use the device and listen to your body.

Thank you Denas pain relief store for your time and patience explaining to my husband how Denas works. The Denas #4 unit that we bought has really helped us overcome several pain problems that we have lived with for years. The extra charts that you provided us helped us understand how to work the device better because neither of us read Russian. We tell everybody that we see about the blessings it has brought us overcoming pain and feeling healthier. We enjoy watching Coach Jimmy's videos and learn something new every time. He is a great asset for your store, so you better keep him around.

We love our pcm denas, originally we bought it for my dad to help him with arthritis pain in his hands and shoulder. It's helped dad be active again. With the pain gone in his hands, he's always out in the garage sharing his woodworking skills with his grandchildren. I used the device on my neck and it helps relieve the tension and relax me. Thank you Denas Pain Relief Store for your patience explaining how to use our pcm.

Well, we have been using the machine now for a few weeks. My husband actually sprained knee ligaments on the boat and he used the machine for about a week and it helped a lot. It's fine now.

I have friends who has a 12 years old daughter. ;She’s been having speech problems since she was a little kid and no one was able to do a thing! They’ve been taking her to see various top doctors, but something was wrong with her tongue, it was very tense and rolled like a sushi roll. They were visiting me one evening and I decided to help them and offered to treat Stacy with DiaDENS-PCM. It took us about 3 sessions to make her tongue relax. She was able to pronounce all the sounds and words correctly! Problem hasn’t been back since and we all are very happy!

Thank you Denas for helping me with overcome my migraines. For years I've been taking over the counter and prescription drugs to help me with the pain and nausea. My aunt had bought her Denas machine for hip and lower back pain. One day I was visiting her and she suggested that I try it on my head. At the time I had a headache but not a migraine, but after using her machine for 10 minutes my headache was gone and did not come back the rest of the day. My next paycheck I ordered my own personal Pcm 3. Thank you Denas

My training partner William is from the UK several months ago he traveled back to visit his family for the first time. When he returned from his trip he had this hand held razor looking device called DENAS. He was so excited because while he was overseas he worked out at the local gym and the athletes were using the device for muscle strains and pain in their joints from over doing it in training. I went online and found Denas pain relief store located here in the states. There were several stores to choose from but these guys are local and they speak English. Coach Jimmy was able to answer all my questions and made several suggestions for my partner and I. I placed my order and it arrived in two days. This machine takes care of business. We have since introduced our DENAS PCM to many gym members. What a great device, thank you DENAS and DENAS pain relief store.

Our son had a car accident which resulted in a broken leg and a broken jaw. He was a real mess. He suffered from pain and wasn’t even able to eat on his own, we had to feed hum through the tube. His leg wasn’t healing up as doctors hoped it would. My good friend suggested I buy a DENAS (brand-new SCENAR technology) and try to work on my son. I did just that and after about 4 days of treatment his leg got a lot better, the pain stopped and he did not need any painkillers at all. His bones grew back together quite quickly. We also were able to help his jaw heal faster and now he is a happy young man again!

DiaDENS-PC is a very powerful diagnostic tool. I’ve decided to give it a try and bought one for my office. It’s very easy to use and it works great. It has a lot of neat features, which makes it very popular with the patients. Not only can it diagnose a problem, it can fix it too, using the same Denas technology as all the rest DENAS devices do. For a medical office and even a hospital DiaDENS-PC is a real find, helping doctors do a better job!

I’m a truck driver and I face a lot of stress everyday. I had some serious back problems in previous months. It was hurting like crazy. Sometimes I even cried because of all the pain! I can’t afford a doctor and couple of visits to acupuncture offices and various rehab places were useless. My friend offered to help me, he has a wonderful medical device they call DENS-Applicator and it worked miracles on my back! It’s not hurting any more. I feel great, I’m full of energy and feel like I can drive across country and not blink once! DENS-Applicator is a lifesaver, I bought me my own and been using it since with great results.

Our family had two very bright cases with the application of Denas-therapy! First one happened with me. I lay in Denas blanket during 3 days for 10 minutes every day. I made an appointment to the proctologist and I rushed to surgery! Honestly I have been delayed for two months with it! After surgery I went home, it is difficult for doctors to treat me because of my multipartial allergy! So the surgeon did not oppose, but warned that the pain should be very strong, so we should give the injection of strong anesthetic! My husband bought a lot of drugs for me. Anesthesia after surgery was finished, all family was waiting for my signal to make injection, but I was silent, pain was comfortable! In a week on the sly from all I have washed window! Only when I reread passport of the blanket, I realized what the reason was for the lack of pain! The second case happened with my son! Sprained muscles in a gym! He came from training and could barely walk. Put him in the blanket for 30 minutes. Worked with DiaDens-PCM, then put Bonavtilin cream on the affected areas. He slept for 2 hours, and then went to the garage to repair car. The next day went on a business trip. All day was driving a car. I had worked by device two times more and we didn’t returning to this theme anymore!

A friend of my cousin told me about Russian device for pain. I work many years in my business garage working on automobiles and big freight trucks. My back was damage 10 years ago when I lift motor wrong. So I buy the machine and hope it gives me escape from pain. After 2 weeks of therapy on my back I no longer have back pain. My children read manual and use for cold congestion and allergies with good experience. I happy for this buy and thank you to Russians for technology. It is blessings for family and my pain.

A couple of years ago I became very distressed with pain in the cervical spine - apparently sedentary work began to produce its adverse effects. I went out from neurologist’s consulting room with a diagnosis of "cervical osteochondrosis" and a very long list of medications. During first year of treatment I tried every possible means, as it seemed: ointments, tablets and popular recipes, quarterly massage courses. The pain was gone for a while, only to return back and continue to cause discomfort. This continued until a colleague suggested to try the device "Osteo-DENS, which was presented to her. I tried it. After the first 15 minutes of the device’s work pain was gone! I was pleased with simple intuitive control - only 4 buttons, and any action immediately displayed. A week later I bought my own device, because during the methodical use I forgot about the pain. For almost a year I am living without pain, and Osteo-DENS has become an indispensable tool for this. And I advise it to everyone. Also thanks to the program "Relaxation": Osteo-DENS can be applied for a quick relaxation in the evening after a hard day and for an easy falling asleep.

A year ago I've bought DiaDENS-PCM. I read a manual, visited a DENAS seminar, mastered the device’s application principles, applied it on others and myself. I learned how to quickly remove fatigue, headaches. Then I bought a DENS-glasses, and I realized what a miracle device Ive got. My husband sciatica’s pain was aggravated. I worked with the apparatus as described in the manual and pain was gone after three hours. I treated intercostal neuralgia during two treatment courses with two week intervals. And now, my husband forgot about the disease.

Not long ago I had a heart attack. It hurt like hell and I was all shaking, almost fainted in my husband’s arms. But a lady across the hall had helped me. She brought her DENAS and by the time an Emergency crew have arrived I was ok! Little shaken up and out of breath, but I was just fine. I went to a doctor next day and he couldn’t find a damn thing wrong with me. DENAS had really helped me that day, probably saved my life. I bought my own a while back and it’s been great little tool for treating everything from minor illnesses to some serious stuff. It’s a powerful pain reliever as well.

I'd like to tell a story to show that DENAS devices REALLY help.Here's an example, of what happened with my colleague Olga. During the last eight years she had a constant pain in her feet, especially at night. Olga visited all doctors: surgeons, orthopedists, neurologists. They diagnosed and treated her in different ways. But unfortunately there was no result. When Olga complained about it, I advised her to treat feet with DENAS-PCM. After a few sessions pain stopped. Upon course completion, pain completely disappeared.

I am 61 y.o. Last year I was admitted to hospital with a diagnosis of "femoral neck fracture". I was operated and in 10 dayslater I was discharged from hospital. Because ofsevere pain and edema in the leg I couldn’t walk. First I started working with DiaDens-T according the direct complaint. On the third day the edema was gone. A week later I was able to step on the injured leg, and two months later the bone had healed. Typically, such a fracture heals in 6-9 months. Now leg in appearance does not differ from healthy. Also after the denas-therapy I made complete recovery from chronic gastritis, the lymph nodes underarm have resolved, which I had for two years. It is really incredible even the vision improved. In short it turned out that working with one problem DiaDens-T has restored all my body. A lot of thanks for Denas creator!

I have no health insurance, I’m a single mom and I have to work a lot to keep my kids from starving and put them through the school.I had a real problem with my knee recently. It was hurting a lot. Pain was so unbearable that I even thought about quitting my job, even though it’s a suicide. I did a research online and of the best options was this medicinal device DiaDENS-T that I bought. It came in quickly and I started the treatment immediately. My pain was gone in couple of days and I could get back to work. After about a month my knee was completely fine, swelling as well as pain were gone and my overall condition significantly improved! I’m so glad I bought DiaDENS-T!

I work as a sales manager in an office. Not long ago, I began to feel discomfort in my neck. I consulted at a hospital and they diagnosed osteochondrosis. At first I did not give importance to this fact my hands began to become dumb time to time. I got scared! I complained to my friend and she advised to use Osteo-Dens. I was impressed the feeling during the treatment was nice. After the 1st procedure usual stress in the neck disappeared, the head cleared up and suddenly I felt fresh energy. I took 10 procedures with Osteo-Dens. I liked that I could treat any time in any place: at an office, in a transport, driving a car, because the hands are free during the procedure. As a result, I forgot about numbness and remember that there is a life after work. Now, I have enough energy to do all housework, play with children and take care of my husband.

I have had lower back, hip and sciatic issues for several years and have tried traditional approach. I have been treated by several doctors and the medications and physical therapy did not help me. Then my church member was a chiropractor so I decided to give Bob a chance. After several months and appointments I did have some relief in my lower back but still had pain in my hip and down my leg and the sciatic was getting worse. I was exercising at my gym and heard conversation about a pain device called denas. After asking and listening more about the success they were getting from pain and other health issues, I went home and looked it up with my wife on the internet and we ordered one that night. It's been several months now and we both can say that we are totally pain free and as I continue to use it I feel healthier. My children use the denas for their allergies and sometimes we fight over who gets to use it. Thank you denas for your wonderful creation.

I am about to telling you a very good experience: I am treating my land lady with Diadens almost twice a week. She is suffering from Arthritis and having high dose of medication. Her legs and especially lateral side of feet (top side) is full of varicose veins up to ankle. With this treatment her one foot is totally cleared and another has only few one. After six weeks of treatment she had blood test and Consultant had reduce the dose of some of arthritis medication with the remark of improvement. She told me(confessed) that her intensity of pain is reduced a lot and fatigue is reduced remarkably.

I live in Slovenia in a city named Koper. First time, I learned about the DENAS method in late 2005. At that time I was very sick: I had a herniated spinal disc and a narrowing of a spinal canal. I was offered a surgery, which I was very scared off and kept postponing it. My wife Victoria had big problems with vision at that time - a pathology of the retina, which in a year could lead to total blindness (according to an eye specialist). Besides his wife suffered from diseases of the liver and pancreas (fatty liver, chronic pancreatitis and diabetes Type 2). My wife and I were looking for different ways to help ourselves. We tried Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and so relief from all of these procedures was minimal and very short-lived. From friends, we learned that there is a Russian technology DENAS dynamic electro neuro stimulation that can solve our problems. We found Russian doctors in Slovenia successfully practicing the DENAS in our country for four years. After that, we bought the machine DENAS, began to study the method and practice on ourselves. The results exceeded all expectations: the wife took off all the previous diagnoses (she not only sees but also reads without glasses), I do not feel pain in the back, and I do not need surgery (medical conclusion is confirmed by X-rays). Now we feel just fine! Thank you so much DENAS a method that has helped me and my family to feel healthy and energetic!

My old lady neighbor is a good friend of mine. I love visiting her every other day and have a chat and cup of tea. She is 68 and in a pretty good health. But just recently she got arthritis and it was killing her slowly. She was in a terrible pain, it even was painful to think, let alone move. I came over and brought my DENAS with me. Pain went away the same day! Her hands were hurting a little, but not nearly as much. After two weeks of treatment with DENAS she was able to drive herself to the doctor for a physical. He couldn’t find anything wrong with her! My neighbor is going to be 69 soon so I bought her a DENAS as a birthday gift. Hope it’ll keep her alive for decades to come!

bought DiaDens-Cardio for my mother. She is 90 years old and during hot summer days she ends up feeling not too good with her blood pressure going up. So I bought her this device and she quickly figured out how to use it. After all, it does everything by itself, just turn it on. My mom couldn’t be happier. She wears it like a watch and she tries to get out of the house and walk in our local park as much as possible. She is not afraid any more!

Thank you!! My wife has had a treatment by Denas-T-3 for Allergies and for her right knee – BOTH are doing great!! Thank you for your support for me and my family!

Thank you for your efforts on my behalf. I am quite astounded at the efficacious machine you have introduced to us. I have utilized the robe but it seems the hand held unit is more successful in dealing with my rib issue. The robe was marginally more therapeutically reactive for my spine pain. Tommy got a very bad bite on his right hand/ forefinger knuckle trying to break up a donnybrook Beatrix Otto and one of the nor folks . The fight happened yesterday afternoon. We used the hand held Denas unit to curtail swelling and incessant significant throbbing Pain. It was very effective! Please use our names as references for your 'magic machine !'

A couple of years ago it became very distressing with pain in the cervical spine - apparently sedentary work began to affect adversely. I went out from neurologist’s consulting room with a diagnosis of "cervical osteo chondrosis" and a very long list of medications. During the year of treatment I tried, it seems every possible means: from ointments, tablets and popular recipes, ending quarterly massage courses. Pain has been gone for some period, but only to return again and continue to cause discomfort. This continued until a colleague at work suggested to try the device "Osteo-dens", which was presented to her. I tried it. After the first 15 minutes of the device’s work pain really was gone! I was pleased with simple intuitive control, only 4 buttons, and any action immediately displayed. A week later I bought my own device, because during the methodical use I forgot about the pain as a nightmare. For almost a year I am living without pain, and Osteo-dens has become an indispensable tool for this. And I advise it to everyone. Also thanks to the program "Relaxation": Osteo-dens can be applied for a quick relaxing in the evening after a hard day and for an easy falling asleep.

Purchased the DiaDENS-PC and the DENAS devices...I have had a problem with my allergy for years, and after a few minutes with the DENAS device I am able to breath again, this thing works!

We have Osteo apparatus for a long time. Recently I again made sure what good helper it. We have been living in the country all summer. I treated by it wife’s neck, held the device on the neck, the pain lessened, thank God. With the help of Osteo- dens we treat illnesses ourselves. It quickly relieves pain, if a sore back or neck. Now we have no idea how to be without it. Everywhere we go we take it. It takes a little place – can be placed in the glove compartment of the car. For example I put it on the neck during a traffic jam.

My friend was wearing glasses all his life and he was mortified about that laser eye surgery. Although his vision was pretty bad at that time he refused to even consider the Lasik. After much research he stumbled upon theDENAS with glasses and bought himself one. Couple of month later no one could recognize him cos he was wearing light thin glasses instead of his usual bulky, half and inch thick goggles. He went from –6 to –1. I was blown away and asked him If I could borrow the tool. He gave it to me and about 3 weeks later, my –2 vision is a distant memory and I feel like I have a set of brand spanking new eyes! I was skeptical at first, I have to admit, but this device really does work.