Earlobe Electrodes for Denas PCM 6

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New therapeutic Earlobe Electrodes are ideal for issues like Tinnitus and other issues with the inner ear. With use of the ultralow bio-resonance frequencies these electrodes will help you relax and overcome insomnia. Just attach the electrode clips to the earlobes and enjoy hands-free therapy. Through use of proper frequencies you can also stimulate cellular growth in the brain and energize undercharged cells in the cranial region.

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Superior High Quality:

  • Superior highly conductive silver thread electrodes deliver more current with better distribution across the entire pad.
  • Full coverage snap connector for reliability, durability and full dispersion.
  • Flexible carbon layer allows for flexibility, maximum charge delivery and comfort.
  • Superior White Cloth-Mesh backing is comfortable, durable and safe

Directions for Use:

  • Clean and dry application site as needed.
  • Open the electrode pouch. Save pouch for later storage.
  • Remove electrode pad from package and peel electrode away from release sheet. Save release sheet for later storage.
  • If electrode seems dry, add a few drops of water to moisten.
  • Place electrode on exact skin location where recommended by practitioner.
  • Attach electrode lead wires to Denas unit.
  • Use as needed.
  • Apply a few drops of water to adhesive side after each use.
  • Electrodes should be replaced periodically once they become un-sticky and lose their adhesiveness. Suggested 30 Day life cycle.

3 reviews for Earlobe Electrodes for Denas PCM 6

  1. Melanie K

    These earlobes are comfortable and really deliver. They are easy to use and I have found them to be good at helping me get into a deep restful state so that I could get the sleep I so badly need.

  2. Linda

    I help care for a sweet elderly lady who has Alzheimer’s. As this dreaded disease advances, she’s become prone to confusion, anxiety, and agitation, and sometimes spends long periods of time being upset and crying. We’ve found that the ear clips are a great tool for helping her calm down, and her daughter is grateful that they haven’t had to resort to giving her drugs.

  3. Bennett

    We got these for my mother, who has Alzeimer’s, and notice longer periods of clarity and lucidity after treatment. It’s a great alternative to the electrode pads while receiving the same benefits.

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