Golfer’s Elbow

Denas Golfer Elbow 2Today lets discuss Golfers Elbow and the severe pain it can cause. Many athletes that play these two sports will sooner or later experience this pain. Initially it’s acute but can develop into chronic pain if not addressed with therapy. You can also develop this condition by doing other repetitive activities like throwing darts or baseball, chopping wood or any activities that stress certain forearm muscles causing pain.

The pain begins at the bend of the elbow and will spread down the forearm. Sometimes the pain is caused by inflammation and the Golfer thinks its Golfers Elbow.  The wrist flexor muscles are connected to the common flexor tendon and will contract when you flex your wrist or grip with your hand. Motions that are prevalent in golf and tennis. Golfers elbow is caused by a degenerated tendon from the constant wear and tear on the common flexor tendon.Through overuse of the tendons and muscles the collagen becomes weak and loses its strength and can break, each time this happens the bodys protective mechanisms form scar tissue. The collagen strands are in bundles and the scar tissue builds up as the tears try to heal but the constant strain and use keeps re-injuring the tendon leaving it weak, injured and painful.

Denas therapy utilizes Scenar technology, chinese acupuncture and meridian sciences and has been used for pain and sports injuries by athletes for decades in Russia and around the world. Denas Therapy through biofeedback communicates with the brain to regulate the natural healing of internal issues of the body. The dedicated frequencies can help break up scar tissue and summon neuropeptides to repair the affected area. We have several Therapy devices for all levels of competitive sports that help athletes overcome acute and chronic pain. Denas Therapy is Drug free, non invasive, safe and effective and has become the choice of millions worldwide as the natural option to conventional medicine.

Denas Golfers Elbow