Pathway to Pain Recovery and Healthiness

path-to-wellnessI would like to briefly touch on one of my earlier blogs. Today we are faced with a lifestyle of stress, pressure and trying to succeed at any cost. Jobs that are physical in nature are confronted with muscle and joint aches and pains that can be eased by anti-inflammatory medications. Then at the executive level many are stressed with deadlines and job pressures to produce at all cost.

We have easy access to pain medications that doctors prescribe at a drop of a hat. These medications don’t address the underlying, internal cause of pain. In most cases, this creates short-term relief but further reduces their function on the job.

Many sufferering from chronic pain find themselves trapped in a cycle of dependency and addiction. In pursuit of relief from chronic pain and repeat visits to the doctor many people find their prescription drug doses are increased rather than decreased. Still the internal cause of pain continues to be neglected. This cycle continues for months and sometimes years .

Chronic pain, is an illness that can produce misery and loss of employment, they sufferer with depression and often feel hopeless that leads to isolation.

Denas Therapy can help you recover if you experience any of the following Chronic Pain Syndromes including Fibromyalgia, Neuropathic pain, Facial pain, Migraines or chronic daily headaches, Back Pain and IBS.

The human body was created with everything it needs to heal and repair itself naturally, through research it has been determined that the body has its own internal pharmacy called neuropeptides that help the body maintain its physiological balance. But, due to our modern day diet filled with GMO’s and chemicals, preservative and other unknowns that poison the body the production of these regulatory peptides have been jeopardized.

By using the DENAS Complex or a hand held PCM4 helps stimulate the nervous system to increase production of neuropeptides and endorphins helping the body achieve homeostasis and balance. Communication between the CNS and affected parts of the body are opened again becoming energized and re-vitalized.The technology includes a bio-feedback program that communicates through nerve receptors located in the skin with the brain. The program signal continually changes to keep the body from adapting forcing the body to respond therefore allowing natural cellular and organ recovery. The DENAS PCM4 communicates with the Central Nervous System and the Autonomic Nervous System then Denas therapy stimulates the neurotransmitters to increase the regulatory peptides. The pathological effect helps increase blood circulation, oxygenation of the blood, stimulating lymph drainage and flow, and cellular repair.

Denas therapy has been used on all ages from newborns to 105 years old with no noted side effects. The known precautions are anyone with an implanted pacemaker, intolerance to electrical stimuli, anyone with severe mental disorders and first trimester of pregnancy.

When dealing with chronic pain or other severe health issues, clinical results show that you may initially feel worse before feeling better because the therapy frequency will cause deeper issues to surface for treatment and elimination. With continued use and elimination of other internal issues you will begin to feel increased energy and wellness as the communication is re-established between the CNS and your body’s internal cells and organs.

SCENAR technology was created in Russia in the early 1970’s and kept Top Secret until the fall of the USSR in 1991 when it spread throughout Europe, UK and Asia. This therapy has been used for over 40 years with proven results from Hospitals and Clinics. Denas is Drugfree, safe and non invasive with no known side effects. Remember that through scientific studies we have found that every cell and organ in the body has its special frequency. Denas therapy offers manual frequencies and preset programs that help the body restore homeostasis naturally.