PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy and How it Works


Living in the 21st century, we are witnessing the continual evolution of science and medicine. In the process, we are also expanding the boundaries of what’s attainable. Diseases perceived as virtually incurable in the past, are being mitigated with the help of the scientific advancements.

However, one of the most modernistic technologies to have emerged in the field of medicine seems to be taking its cue from findings that are thousands of years old. We are talking about PEMF, the mention of which in literary texts, could be traced as far back as 2000 B.C. 

 What is PEMF therapy?

 PEMF is the abbreviation for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. There are now machines that can incorporate the PEMF technology to release electromagnetic waves at varied frequencies. When the human body is subjected to these device-generated, electromagnetic waves, these waves rapidly penetrate the cells of the damaged area of the body. They consequentially increase the pace at which the electrons comprised within them, spin. To understand the effect of increasing Electron spin, lets’ take the analogy of cell phones that are chargeable through Qi wireless power transfer induction. These inductions are usually in the form of a mat or ring on which we place the phone for it to recharge. The electromagnetic field generated by the mat stimulates the electrons in the battery, making them spin faster, which in turn, recharges the battery within the phone. PEMF is basically induction charging, but for the cells of our body.

 How does PEMF therapy work?

 PEMF therapy involves controlled exposure to low-level electromagnetic radiation. The intent is to stimulate and treat, injured tissues, organs, and bones, and to alleviate the pain resulting from such damage. It is a non-invasive method of treatment that addresses injuries, pain and even chronic conditions such as depression and diabetes. In a nutshell, the concept behind PEMF therapy is that at lower frequencies, electromagnetic pulses penetrate the skin and stimulates cellular energy that strengthens the organic recovery, repair, and response mechanisms of the body.

Sedona Wellness PEMF Vasodilation

It could be understood as a healing exercise that is predicated on the presuppositions of the pulsed electromagnetic field. What PEMF entails is an active exchange of fluids in the body, which means toxic substances are discharged and replaced by fresh nutrients, minerals, and water. This stimulates and optimizes the cell function, resulting in cellular repair.

How does cellular recovery works?

 So yes, PEMF is a therapy that enhances cellular recovery mechanisms, but the question remains how? Magnetic fields can strongly impact the charge of the cell membrane, ensuring the opening-up of the membrane channels. These channels are akin to doors and windows of a house. Just like fresh air enters the house through doors and windows, similarly, nutrients and minerals are easily infused in cells through the wide-openings of the membrane channels. Cellular waste is also easily released, which helps restore the balance and facilitate the smooth functioning of the cell.

Sedona Wellness PEMF Cell ATP

When enough cells start functioning at an optimal level, they all become more effective, which positively impacts the performance of the relative tissues and organs as a whole. Thus, if cells are restored to their proper state of optimal function, organ function automatically gets restored, allowing the body to regain its efficiency and return to its previous, healthy state.


Conclusions of Scientific research on PEMF THERAPY

There is still a lot that we don’t quite understand the PEMF therapy. However, there are certain results on which scientists seem to have arrived on a consensus. The following are the findings on which researchers agree upon, in terms of the effectiveness of PEMF therapy.

  • PEMF was proven to be effective in alleviating swelling and pain caused by plastic surgery.
  • Several studies exhibit that PEMF gradually treats tibial fractures fuse.
  • Relatively small research concluded that PEMF is effective in suppressing pain in patients suffering from chronic pain conditions and fibromyalgia.
  • There are several animal studies, demonstrating the potential of PEMF therapy in the regeneration of nerve fibres, present in the spinal cord and peripheral nerves.
  • According to some research findings, PEMF therapy seems to stimulate lysozyme in cell cultures, which is a significant step towards bone regeneration.
  • PEMF therapy also displayed substantially positive outcomes in osteoarthritis by preventing the cartilage from falling apart.
  • Researchers observed that PEMF influenced the development of bone cells in cell cultures, and consequentially bone tissues.
  • Findings from small research indicated that people with rotator cuff injuries witnessed alleviation or complete elimination in their symptoms, after taking PEMF treatment.
  • With only a month of PEMF therapy, arthritis patients experienced a reduction in pain and better agility.
  • In another animal study, researchers found that PEMF treatment accelerated the regeneration of liver in rats, who had part of their liver removed.


Why you should prefer PEMF therapy?

There are several reasons why people are gravitating towards alternative treatments in general, and Sedona Pro PEMF in particular. First and foremost, it is a non-invasive treatment, that does not require you to take any kind of medication or prescribed drugs. Moreover, Sedona Pro PEMF works especially well when combined with a healthy and nutritious diet and regular exercise. These are natural ways that further accelerate the pace of recovery and are highly beneficial for the overall health and fitness of an individual. While it is recommended that you must consult your doctor before switching or stopping your ongoing medication, these are the following reasons why Sedona Pro PEMF might be the more preferable route to healing.

1.  It helps relieve pain

Individuals suffering from chronic pain often try out several different avenues to suppress or numb that pain, including painkiller medication and therapies of all sorts. Usually, high-doses of painkillers come with their own set of side-effects and health problems, which is why using painkillers for long-durations are not advisable. Thus, people dealing with constant pain are often left with no other choice but to get used to the pain and adopt their daily routine and activities to accommodate their current physical state.

If this goes on for a long time, other complications may arise such as internal bleeding. Sedona Pro PEMF help in the management and reduction of pain while accelerating the process of recovery and increasing agility.

 2. It treats Insomnia 

One of the premier benefits of Sedona Pro PEMF therapy is that it helps a great deal in enhancing the quality of your sleep. Sedona Pro PEMF treatments allow your body to relax completely, which helps both your body and mind to calm down. This results in the release of two hormones, namely Melatonin and Human Growth Hormone (HGH). These hormones are responsible for good-quality, deep sleep, which is why Sedona Pro PEMF is so effective against insomnia. A quality night’s sleep has a miraculous effect on the body. It revitalises and heals the body, while simultaneously pumping it up with energy, which will keep you hyper-active throughout the next day.


3. It strengthens the ability to pay attention

Sedona Pro PEMF stimulates brain activity in a way that relaxes and activates the mind at the same time. So you experience an awakening of your cognitive abilities, as your mind gets more and more relaxed. This state of mind, that combines hyper-awareness, with calm and composure, is extremely productive, as your brain absorbs and process information, at a much faster rate and with greater accuracy. Thus, Sedona Pro PEMF elevates your capability for data processing, problem-solving, and multitasking. It also helps you to prolong your attention-span and avoid distractions.

4. It alleviates anxiety and stress

Research suggests that individuals who incorporated PEMF therapy as part of their daily routine experienced significant changes in their body’s ability to manage stress, as well as the response towards stress. Sedona Pro PEMF acts on important elements of our body that are responsible for dealing with stress, like the endocrine and the nervous system. Furthermore, Sedona Pro PEMF is capable of altering and managing the responses of the body, if you happen to encounter prolonged periods of stress.

5. It enhances bone density and accelerates recovery

Sedona Pro PEMF therapy has proven capable of accelerating the pace of recovery from bone injuries. It does so by enhancing the quality of calcium that gets generated and is responsible for mending bones. Thus, Sedona Pro PEMF is effective in repairing damaged bones, whether the damage has occurred from a surgery, injury, or disease.

6. Decreased Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural and essential process. It is an indication of the hyper-activity and resilience of our immune system, while it fights against a disease or illness. However, if inflammation persists for long, it may start hurting and harming even the healthy cells within our body. This is a condition known as chronic inflammation. Persistent inflammation can cause intense chronic pain. Sedona Pro PEMF treatment has proven advantageous in controlling and alleviating chronic and profoundly harmful inflammation.


Is PEMF therapy safe?

There have been several studies that have been conducted to investigate the safety aspect of using PEMF therapy. Even with the same studies being replicated, the conclusions still notably, does not prove that any express harm or damage is caused due to the use of PEMF treatments. For instance, a Bio-electromagnetics study examined 11 varied trials pertaining to PEMF. This study intended to accurately evaluate the level of therapeutic effect, alongside probing into the safety aspect. A few of these studies observed the effect of PEMF on osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, or pain perception. Whereas, other studies concentrated on the effect of PEMF on skin ulcers, fatigue related to multiple sclerosis, heart rate variability, and general health and well-being.

Researchers eventually suggested that more research should be pursued to conclusively determine the effectiveness of PEMF in mitigating various health conditions. However, they also reported that there were no acute adverse effects noted. Many similar studies came to the same conclusion that PEMF is a safe treatment option.

What is a PEMF therapy device and how does it work?

 Devices concocted for the purpose of PEMF therapy involves a simple mechanism. Electrical current is made to travel through a copper coil, that enables the generation of the magnetic field. This methodology is imbibed by several different kinds of devices. The full-body therapy mat is considered the most beneficial and easy-to-use device, and therefore, the most popular.

The mat allows a person to just lie down and relax, whereas, in the case of other devices, they are to be placed in the area of the body that needs therapy.

Magnet-based therapies have a broad-ranging effect on the body, thus, one must anticipate a little discomfort in the beginning. However, the large majority of the reactions, if there are any at all, are often mild and temporary in nature.

Generally, issues can be resolved by making slight adjustments in the therapy.

Contraindications in PEMF

 There are not that many contraindications to PEMF. However, the following persons must avoid PEMF treatment without prior consultation with their doctor.

  • Persons using a pacemaker, cochlear implants, intrathecal pumps, or any other kind of electrical implants, primarily because the magnetic field will interrupt with the functioning of the devices, and can even turn then down.
  • PEMF has not been proven completely safe to be used during pregnancy, so it is recommended that pregnant women should avoid therapy.
  • Individuals suffering from active bleeding or haemorrhaging conditions or during heavy menstruation should also avoid using PEMF.
  • Persons who have undergone organ transplants on immunosuppression must also avoid the use of PEMF.

Current Landscape of PEMF application

The most common use of PEMF is seen in the orthopaedics domain, primarily for the treatment of non-union fractures and failed fusions. In the case of bone repair, PEMF uses electrical energy to transmit magnetic pulses through the injured tissue. During this process, every magnetic pulse infuses a small electrical signal that encourages cellular repair, resulting in elevation of the oxygen intake,  enhancement of blood circulation, improvement in sleep, relief in pain, and alleviation of stress.

Well-documented scientific research and medical trials back the utility of PEMF in treating soft-tissue wounds and alleviating inflammation arising from the immune-system responses, at the level of the cell membrane. Both of these effects help reduce pain while enhancing agility in the affected body part.

The effectiveness of magnetic field-based therapies is not hampered by the kind of health condition a body is suffering from. Cellular reactions take place in all bodies, and therefore, the scope of PEMF therapy could expand to potentially include the treatment of several different health conditions.